Monday, October 29, 2012

Do I haunt 37 Elizabeth Road, Haydock, Merseyside?

I spent a lot of my earlier life in Haydock, Merseyside. At 1b Elizabeth Road, down near the shops. In my later teens (after living in various locations in Colne/Earby and Nottingham) I returned to Haydock and spent about ten years living at 37 Elizabeth Road.

Some of my most creative painting/writing/life experiences took place during this time. Many of my most vivid 'conflict resolution' dreams now seem to take place in that 'setting'. I have no idea why I seem to be so drawn to the place, as it was; all those years ago.

And it does feel like a setting or a stage, something left over from my past that is ready when I need it to be a backdrop to some night drama.

Many a dream, I'll be 'working something out' in the combat mode of my thriller content, in the back yard (with its coal scuttle), in the kitchen (with a focus on the old pantry), in the living room (with its old coal fireplace), in all the upstairs rooms (always too cold), especially the back room and the master bedroom.

For me, 37 Elizabeth Road, Haydock, Merseyside is like 'my own private dream zone' where all sorts of conundra, both personal and 'group' (i.e. visitors not local to that time or era) get thrown about and cogitated via the dreaming process.

But I know NOTHING about the effects of this dreaming process on those people who might now live there. I can only hope my nocturnal activities (in the parallel world where my memory's old rendition of the place is situated) aren't affecting the current occupants of the residence; today, twenty or more years later. I hope nothing 'bleeds through'. I hope it's not a troubled or worrisome place.

I hope 37 Elizabeth Road, Haydock, isn't considered HAUNTED.

FIVE DAYS LATER UPDATE: in this morning's dream, I was food shopping in whatever became of the Kwik Save, on the Woodside Road site. There was an alarmed evacuation, and we didn't have to pay for our goods. Then the police were setting off percussive tear gas canisters by the Public Library there at the junction of Woodside and Johns. Ran through towards my old home... could have been on a kid's scooter.

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