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Guest Blogger - Cameron Day - dethroning the psychic ankle biters

Ancient Gnostics identified inter-dimensional consciousness parasites that have been secretly manipulating and oppressing human consciousness.

The Gnostics called them Archons, which means "Ruler" or "Lord" but this title grants them far too much respect. I prefer to call them ankle biters, as this annoys them and makes them easier to intuitively discern.

They have been harvesting and feeding on low-frequency emotional energy generated by humans for many thousands of years, far beyond our current understanding of human history.

As part of humanity's great awakening, we need to reclaim our power and energy that has gone to these consciousness parasites, and to dismantle their "dark control grid" that currently surrounds our planet. The techniques to do so are covered in this article, with links to guided energy-clearing meditations for you to study and practice further.

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(c) 2012 Cameron Day

MOVING ON - please have mercy on us - diebold accidentally release 2012 president

Yeah, it's THE ONION, but -- ooh, oh, so painfully PAINFULLY close to the eternally-barked knuckle of what we so comically call Democracy!

Eyes wide shut, people... eyes wide shut, by design.

Day Later Update: I love the way Romney has won TAMPA by almost-exactly the 48% in the spoof Deibold report above - good guess Onion.

Cold War 2 - WikiLeaks founder to host Kremlin-funded TV show

Interesting news report here from Reuters India,

WikiLeaks founder to host Kremlin-funded TV show
By Nastassia Astrasheuskaya
MOSCOW | Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:11pm IST

Jan 26 (Reuters India) - Kremlin-funded English language channel Russia Today has given WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange his own TV talk show, the station said this week.

Filming for Assange's television debut is already underway from Britain, where he remains under house arrest outside London while appealing an extradition order to Sweden, it said.

Russia Today - considered a Kremlin exercise in image enhancement by critics - said Assange will invite 10 "key political players, thinkers and revolutionaries" for interviews on a show dubbed "The World Tomorrow", due to air in mid-March.

"Everything we do on the air is different from the English-language mainstream, that is something we have in common with Assange," RT's editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan told Reuters.

The thing that sticks out here is the Cold War reference to KREMLIN-funded, like Assange was (and always will be) an Anna Chapman-like insurgency agent to crumble the American Way of Life - a way of life that's been INSTITUTIONALISED (nee bastardised, amorally remarketed) so that all you enthusiastic Players of the Capitalist Game are NEVER TOLD the terrible truth that WEALTH means 'in most parts of the world, most people are waking up cold and hungry'.

In case you haven't read it already, I'm now gonna direct the reader to an earlier post about the Battle against Marxism via Corporate Conglomerate Fascism.

Ready to live?
Ready to learn?
Ready to protect what should have always remained a FREE PLANET?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mike Philbin's goodreads short stories and interviews.

In case you've missed Mike Philbin's goodreads page, here's the short story/interviews content:

Another Beautiful Day in the Corp (Horror)
1 chapters — updated Jul 11, 2010 11:44pm
Description: here's an excerpt from my latest story at Decomp Literary Magazine - it surreally dramatises the story of the corporate slave trade - get ready for eye-gouging action.

how to sell the apocalypse? (Literature & Fiction)
1 chapters — updated Mar 29, 2010 04:34pm
Description: Silverthought staffers Mark Brand and Andy Laughton put Philbin over the coals about his new novels Bukkakeworld and Planet of the Owls.

hating the reader (Literature & Fiction)
1 chapters — updated Mar 29, 2010 04:34pm
Description: What are your books supposed to be saying about your view of the literary world, or the financial world, or the moral world or the religious world?

1 chapters — updated Mar 29, 2010 04:33pm
Description: what the hell has happened to planet Ergot, Livinia?

Bukkakeworld (Literature & Fiction)
1 chapters — updated Mar 29, 2010 04:33pm
Description: Bukkakeworld by Mike Philbin, published by Silverthought Press of New York.

Planet of the Owls (Literature & Fiction)
1 chapters — updated Mar 29, 2010 04:33pm
Description: Planet of the Owls by Mike Philbin, published by Silverthought Press of New York.

AN END TO CORPORATE WAR - The Sigma Protocol by Robert Ludlum

Thanks to the Vinooram999 for making that cheesy youtube homage to Robert Ludlum's 2001 novel The Sigma Protocol.

The Sigma Protocol was the last novel to be written solely by Ludlum prior to his death, was released  a couple months before September 11th 2001 tore up the False Flag rulebook, and was intended to be enjoyed merely as a piece of fiction and has no relation to political/corporate reality.

It's just that this entire excerpt from the book (pages 389 - 390) really bugs me with its ... oh, what's the truly horrific word ... plausibility?


For a long moment he was silent. And then he began to talk, slowly, mesmerizingly.

"The story begins before me. It will continue, no doubt, after me. But its origins lie in the closing months of the Second World War, when a consortium of some of the world's most powerful industrialists gathered in Zurich to determine the course of the postwar world."

Ben flashed on the steely-eyed men in the old photograph.

"They were angry men," Chardin went on, "who caught wind of what the ailing Franklin Roosevelt was planning to do - let Stalin know he would not stand in the way of a massive Soviet land grab. And, of course, it's what he did do before his death. In effect he was ceding half of Europe to the Communists! It was the grossest betrayal! These business leaders knew they would be unable to derail the disgraceful U.S.-Soviet bargain at Yalta. And so they formed a corporation that would be a beachhead, a means to channel vast sums of money into fighting communism, strengthening the will of the West. The next world war had begun."

Ben looked at Anna, then stared off into space, hypnotized and astonished by Chardin's words.

"These leaders of capitalism accurately foresaw that the people of Europe, embittered and sickened by fascism, would, in reaction, turn to the left. The soil had been scorched by the Nazis, these industrialists realized, and without the massive infusion of resources at key moments, socialism would begin to take root, first in Europe, then throughout the world. They saw their mission as preserving, fortifying, the industrial state. Which meant, as well, muffling the voices of dissent. Do these anxieties seem overstated? Not so. These industrialists knew how the pendulum of history worked. And if a fascist regime was followed by a socialist regime, Europe might be truly lost, as they saw it.

"It was seen as only prudent to enlist certain leading Nazi officials, who knew which way the wind was blowing and were also committed to combating Stalinism. And once the syndicate had established its political as well as financial foundations, it began manipulating world events, bankrolling political parties as if from behind a curtain. They were successful, astonishingly so! Their money, judiciously targeted, brought to life De Gaulle's Fourth Republic in France, preserved the rightist Franco regime in Spain. In later years, the generals were placed in power in Greece, bringing to an end the leftist regime that the people had elected. In Italy, Operation Gladio ensured that a continual campaign of low-level subversion would cripple the attempt of leftists to organize and influence national politics. Plans were drawn up for the paramilitary police, the cambinieri, to take over radio and television stations if necessary. We had extensive files on politicians, unionists, priests. Ultraright-wing parties everywhere were secretly bolstered from Zurich, so as to make the conservatives seem moderate by contrast. Elections were controlled, bribes paid, leftist political leaders assassinated and the strings were pulled by the puppet masters in Zurich, in conditions of absolute secrecy. Politicians such as Senator Joseph McCarthy in the U.S. were funded. Coups were financed throughout Europe and Africa and Asia. On the left, extremist groups were created, too, to serve as agents provocateur and guarantee popular revulsion toward their cause.

"This cabal of industrialists and bankers had seen to it that the world was made safe for capitalism. Your President Eisenhower, who warned about the rise of the military-industrial complex, saw only the tip of the iceberg. In truth, much of the entire history of the world in the last half century was scripted by these men in Zurich and their successors."

"Christ!" Ben interrupted. "You're talking about..."

"Yes," Chardin said, nodding his hideous faceless head. "Their cabal gave birth to the Cold War. They did. Or, as perhaps I should say, we did. Now do you begin to understand?"

I mean, I'll say nothing of the out-of-left-field climax of this book, which seems a bit of a writerly dalliance in the extreme, but the histrionic build-up? Ludlum's books are nothing more than throw-away pieces of mass market entertainment? You're totally convinced of that? You've never heard of parallel synergy?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Free Planet - creativity, passion & kinship - part three

Kinship is not about Brotherly Love or some hippy-like Kumbaya hugging thing... except that it is, via PATENTS.



You mean those pieces of paper that assign OWNERSHIP to ideas?

Yeah, patents.

It's time we realise that ALL OF MANKIND'S INTELLIGENCE is ours to share; all. of. it. Seriously. On a Free Planet, there's no longer any need to make profit or enslave others to do so. The world is free, from one God handed down to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE SEVEN BILLION UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS ON THIS HOMEWORLD.

Why don't you realise this?

Why haven't you clicked that you're not supposed to be AT WAR with the need to generate finance? You're not supposed to live or die at some slave driver's behest. You're not supposed to owe your life to some overlord. You're not supposed to pay some self-appointed prince to live on his land.


Kinship, where does that tie in then, where there are 'pack leaders' and 'minions'? Well, simple human society (as we've been spoon fed it) tells us that, "This is the way it is."

WELL, FUCK THAT. And I'll address this to a small collective of several thousand money-makers who think they own this planet. FUCK YOU. We're beginning to wake up to your corporate tyranny, we're beginning to realise that this state of affairs has existed before in recent history.

The 'commoners' forced to live in destitution.
The 'aristocracy' don't pay any taxes.
The connection lost between reality and THE GAME that the 'elite' are playing.

Sound familiar? It should. It's THE EXACT SET OF CIRCUMSTANCES that led to the 'Marie Antoinette eats cake' French Revolution with its guillotining of the royal families and sub-families of France. Okay, it took a lot, it always takes a lot to push You The People to start to stand up for themselves, that's the way of a beleagured public majority who've been trained in the ways of Corporate Compliance.

But this is coming to an end, this is the real revolution, this year, ON A GLOBAL SCALE, real Kinship will bond together those who thought they owned the place with the REAL OWNERS of the place i.e. every body else. The patents will be released from their private prisons. The elite haven't even taken this outcome into account, they're the ones that are TRULY ASLEEP to the potential of mankind and the power of kinship.

Get ready, it's gonna be a great time for EVERYONE.

See also: part two and part one

Free Planet - Custodianism - the third age of man

you might think we've already HAD the third age of man, the Industrial Revolution, or maybe this post is about some christeo-judaic Age of Aquarius spiritual-awakening bullshit. Well, you'd be wrong on both counts.

back when mankind was a baby (historically) he was a manic animal, forever pumped up on adrenalin, looking for every and any way to not get killed by every living thing that snarled in his general direction. Man was like one of his neighbourhood of wild animals; untamed, spontaneous, alive.

There were less than a few million 'humans' worldwide (made up of the diametrically opposed tribes of the Cro Magnon and the Neanderthal) and we've come to call this age of man THE HUNTER GATHERERS, because they hunted (and hoarded) like their lives depended on it They gathered fruits and berries and herbs to fill their bellies. They were AT WAR with each other and with nature.

approximately nine thousand years ago, in 'Jericho', man learned how to cultivate crops and domesticate some breeds of wild animal. This is known as the beginnings of the FARMING AGE. Communities evolved around the products and owners told (imported or drafted) workers what to do. Now, most historians will tell you that the next Great Age of Man was the Industrial Revolution when time and motion studies, new materials and automated methods of manufacture greatly sped up our evolution, as a race.

The Farming Age never ended, it just went global.

What happened was this; intellectuals noticed that the farming idea worked so well, coercing innocent animals that grazing was good until they were wholesale slaughtered for the benefit of the few, that it was ordained as a way to control Empire. In an Empire, man is disposable, chattle, a slave to industry. Either entertainment for the elite or a foot soldier in some Corporate War Machine.

The Farming Age never ended, but now we are the domesticated cattle who earn the crust for the wealthy landowner. They give us TV and sports and fast food and beer so that we'll SHUT THE FUCK UP and do as we're told. We'll pay our taxes, and like it. We've grown flabby, both physically an dmentally. We've lost our edge. We're cornered in. We're ready for the wholesale slaughter that World Wars periodically bring upon the herd to benefit the PROFIT-hungry banking houses.

The Farming Age now contains seven billion sheople, worldwide, members of the farmed flock. Oh, as I missed to point out earlier on, the HUNTER GATHERERS never really died out; they became the hunter gatherers of humans. They became the slave drivers and the debt collectors, the jailors, the secret agents. Government and industry interviews and employs these aggressive psychopaths every day to manage the flock, as 'Jesus' called it - 'religion' being a brilliant master-stroke in the forced compliance of mankind to the hunter-gatherer dictat of the Farming Age.

forget spiritualism, forget salvation - surely Auschwitz and Dachau and Bergen-Belsen taught you that.

You can pray and pray to any God you want, you can pray until your eyes bleed and strange little sores appear on your inner thigh. And it won't matter. You 'victims of the global religious campaign' out there, you Jews, you Christians, you Buddhists, you Sikhs, you Muslims, you 'Aquarians' fighting the belief war, you 'believers' are a really good reason why this whole planet is so eternally fucked up. You're told to Turn the Other Cheek and other such nonsense. Remember VATICAN CITY is the richest place on earth outside the banking/financial world. You all fell for the con.

So, Philbin, what's the REAL third age of man?


A Return to Nature-ism ... though it's not really. It's about taking our acquired Farming Age skills i.e. technology. It's about allowing all of mankind to experiment with and benefit from the last ten decades of PATENTED research into things like solar energy, the only viable non-polluting energy source, and genetic production methods. It's about no longer leaving a footprint on the natural world, unless it's to improve the air and the land for our children's children.

Custodianism is about immediate purge.

Just like the Inquisition. But instead of it being for some religious purpose of control of the masses, it's about the revitalising and rewilding of a REAL PLANET that Industry (the by-product of the Farming Age under the auspices of the Hunter Gatherer Age) has allowed, due to unethical military-industrial-congressional-complex practises umbrellad by anti-lawful non-disclosure agreements and National Security, to ruin. Well, near ruin. And I'm not talking about a world full of zoos here. We've had enough of them. For both the animals and the humans (prisons or corporate sweat shops).

We need to take back this planet, as our own. We are the Designated Custodians of this world. You, me and everyone in your social network. It's our responsibility to PURGE, literally strip, this world of poisonous thinking, poisonous technology, poisonous political policy. It's time that the new age, the third age, the Age of the Custodian allowed this planet to heal, to rebuild from the ground up, to re-nature-ise our homeworld for the benefit of all our children's children.

And what about the original HUNTER GATHERERS of Industry? I'd be tempted to say they be re-assigned the task of helping us tear down the walls of Empire. I'm tempted to say they be re-assigned the task of clearing out the wild beasts from our societies, pitting them against each other so that fewer of them exist. But I'd be WRONG.

Remember, as the Second Age (Farming) lives in us, so does the First Age (HunterGathering) live on in us; as evidence by our FORWARD FACING eyes. None of these 'supposedly separate' ages ever ended, they just became something else, some other mindset, some other global movement; within us, OF US. And it can happen again. We can use our inherited farming and huntergathering skillsets, our heritage, to advance a new era for mankind; a Third Age (Custodianism) where a Free Planet of Creativity, Passion and Kinship can flourish.

Randy Maugans - James Martinez - Media, Money, Mind Control and YOU, THE PEOPLE

Randy Maugans of OffPlanetRadio talks with James Martinez about Media, Money, Mind Control and YOU, THE PEOPLE: major subject marker FREEDOM.

This conversation came about after James' two-pronged announcements of the pending release of commercial cold fusion and the new global economic structure on January 1, 2012. These two announcements---taken on their sheer potential magnitude---demanded examination, as well as a glimpse into the spokesman's own mind and work.

At this time, James has stated that no further comments or information are available on the global economic restructuring, but that information will come in the opportune days ahead. All other subjects were open...and we "go there": Walther Bowart, Marshall McLuhan, the Hollywood mind screw, consciousness-raising, "becoming gods", and the energy revolution that upturns the world.

As with any conversation, listen carefully...more than once. There are powerful messages embedded in the nuances.

"The clockless now-ever  / feral nostalgia / the message of the taste of chaos," indeed.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Source Field Theory - FEAR IS THE KEY to your subjugation, humanity

ever wonder why we're kept in a CONSTANT STATE OF FEAR by T.H.E.Y. -- you know, terror on the trains, terror in the air, terror from foreign diseases, terror from foreign religions, terror from thieves, rapists and murderers IN YOUR STREET looking at your homes, your wives, your kids with salacious intent?

This two-hour presentation of David Wilcock presenting his Source Field Theory (if you can forgive his obvious Christian leanings)  might give you some understanding as to why we go along with all sorts of insane manufactured/manipulated behaviour in the name of SOCIETY. A gimmick to get you to remain a FEAR-SLAVE for the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE of profit and asset stripping; a private club you're not a member of.

Wilcock is convinced that the Pineal Gland is a STARGATE connecting all persons, their consciousness and the structure of the universe to the Universal Source Field. This concept of The Collective Source Field is CERTAINLY important iff institutionalised fluoridation of water calcifies, i.e. disrupts the function of, the (third eye-like) pineal gland... or iff this pineal gland is monkeyed around with by the vast soup of electromagnetic radiation modern man is slowly boiling to death in.

The DNA Teleportation material (2011 scientific proof) is very interesting... and it was a theory of interstellar travel used by one of the characters in Whitley Strieber's THE GRAYS novel, btw.

The Source Field is essential to the propagation of FREE PLANET thought into our consciousness through 2012 and beyond to a rejuvenated, rewilded, reborn homeworld of Creativity, Passion and Kinship.

Visual Addendum: it looks like Novus Ordo Seclorum frieze in the dome of the Capital Building in Washington DC, depicting the moment when Cortez met Montezuma, has a Mayan Calendar / Stargate in the background.

Why do I say that?  Well, look for the identical 'letter A-like' sygils (or Chevrons) on the Mayan Calendar in the above image, and you'll see the seven KEYS of the Stargate (from Roland Emmerich's 1994 film), even though the Stargate keys are pointing in the other direction.

SEVEN keys but NINE chevron; i.e. TWO are always locked.

Stargate Addendum: you don't need the SEVENTH chevron to 'lock in the source point'. I mean, think about it. Okay, it might be an interesting 'plot device' in the original that, you know, they had to find the seventh sygil, bring in the failed Egyptologist. But there's only a finite amount of sygils on the machine, 39 to be exact. They could have EASILY random-tested each sygil as the seventh. That's not too hard, right?

But even beyond that, the seventh (origin) sygil is surplus to mechanism. Think about where those CONSTELLATIONS are 'being drawn from'. The specific LANGUAGE of constellations is only valid from Earth's orbit. This particular stargate, this one, the so-called Milky Way Stargate, with these specific constellations on it, will always ONLY be the Earth-destination stargate. It's embed'd in the substance of the stargate that it's is its own origin point in the dual-share functionality of stargate conjoinment. Each stargate has a UNIQUE set of constellations on it, a new language for each device.

Plus, the earth ORBITS i.e. it's not a 'seventh point in space' to which you can attack a twin-pair stargate in another part of your galaxy. So, the earth-stargate COULD BE ANYHWERE in the solar system. Put this stargate on Mars or Jupiter and it'd still work. You'd still link stargates successfully. The seventh 'earth' sygil is symbolic, literally is defunct and pointless.

And I realise chevron 8 and chevron 9 got opened in later episodes of SG1 and Atlantis, but IT'S ALL JUST FUCKING TELEVISION. That's what I'd missed during this whole (ludicrous) addendum, "It's all just fucking television."

Sorry, programming.

Bees in the mouth... and the Monsanto super-bee.

Me, I love coincidences, it's how our Planet tells us that something's not right.


Had a dream this morning where I was being held in some stone dungeon. It was dank and damp, and there was an 'infested puddle' over a square drainage grid of some sort. There were like these flies or something buzzing around, annoying me. I spat one or two of them out. But they kept coming, no matter how far away from the puddle I stood. I pulled one fly out of my mouth.

It wasn't a fly.

I looked in a dirty box mirror that was over a sink and saw that I couldn't close my mouth. Bees were in my mouth. I could spit them, one at a time. But there was always another bee in there.

I used my fingers to carefully edge the bee out of my mouth. They were honey bees with big black legs. I edged another bee out of my mouth with my finger without getting stung. At one point, a bee CLUNG ON to my lower lip with its big black legs. I woke up due to the mental trauma of this WAR OF TERROR that I knew would never end.

This same morning, in my email inbox, I receive this Before It's News 'story' about the Monsanto Super Bee - couldn't resist sharing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Choi Xoo Ang - Flying Hands - Crowded Faces - Tiny Human Beings

For those of you who like the hyper-realist sculptures of Australian artist Ron Mueck, these ultra-realistic down-scaled figurative sculptures from Korean-born artist Choi Xoo Ang are just gonna blow your mind.

According to Dixie Rose of KlosetKase, these gorgeously lifelike sculptures "symbolize abuse in Korea. If art is not relevant, in response to the society we live in, to some it may serve as meaningless. But even when someone claims something as not having any meaning, to others, nothing is always something or an effect from a cause."

Haywire - just more everyday/profit-crime on our streets?

"The CIA trained her," and now they can't stop her.... yadda yadda yadda... sounds like every 'gone rogue' film narrative Hollywood's ever schpat out.

But Soderbergh's new film HAYWIRE got me thinking, "Just how much of what we consider everyday/profit-crime on our streets is just chess pieces on the global NEED TO KNOW chess board gone a.w.o.l. or being effectively 'eliminated from the on-going game' for whatever arbitrary middle-management reason?"

I'm thinking (maybe) of the continuing intelligence mystery that is GCHQ-coder Gareth Williams, but on a more general-crime basis. What percentage of shit-on-our-streets is 'clean up' of missions that have gone (collaterally) tits up? Has anyone looked into the figures, ffs?

May 23rd update: the film itself (which I've just watched) felt very strange. Remember those band-touring movies where you get some sort of incidental music over the preparations for each of that night's set? A sort of cobbled together travelogue montage, followed by the sweating details of The Performance?

Well, that's exactly how this film felt.

It was completely DEVOID of ANY emotional content. Of course, Carano's emotional range extended to 'biting her lip' and 'looking away'.

Montage/music followed by Fight/no_music. Again and again. Then the film ended. Real abrupt and ... well, not very enjoyable. Not 'fulfilling'. Just .... and it's not the first time Soderbergh's pissed me off. Watched his last-but-one release (here in UK) Contagion which, as the film progressed, seemed to be saying, "Ignore all the freaks on the internet who're trying to bring you the truth, and TRUST IN THE GOVERNMENT as 'we're your saviours'". Really?

Is this like before or after raping a land of its tangible/natural assets and killing thousands of foreign women and children in the name of Global Profit PLfuckingC?

RT - Poland - anti-ACTA protest march

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) (which sounds a lot like the America-specific Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that caused such a ruckus among American activists) must still be ratified by the European Parliament but has been mired in controversy over its secret drafting.

ACTA aims to prevent counterfeiting and piracy, and introduces tougher sanctions on copyright theft. It has already been the subject of street protests in Poland (video below) where politicians put on masks to support hacker group 'Anonymous'.

The Anonymous group itself says it is now preparing to mount a ‘huge operation’. The European Parliament has also previously voted against ACTA, saying that its negotiation has been undemocratic.

The obvious summary is that A.C.T.A. was the succesful O.O.D.A.-loop response to the 'sacrifice' of S.O.P.A. and P.I.P.A. - again, superb gamesmanship from the Global Gamers. I mean, yeah, you gotta love a good gamer, right?

But remember, "Free Planet doesn't like your game," any more.


Dear inhabitants of Free Planet,

you might not have realised how important this decision to effectively erase the term COUNTRY from your vocabulary and return to a floating world of tribal Diversity would be ... but it really worked. And it's not about being a forced multi-cultural hellhole. It's not a blacks issues. It's not a whites issue. Nor any melanin content inbetween. It's about BEING OWNED by the place you call home.

Without COUNTRY, there were no borders you felt compelled to protect.
Without COUNTRY, there were no rulers to fight in the name of.
Without COUNTRY, there was no-one to hate or belittle.

Those extremists who staunchly protected this concept didn't realise that with no borders to protect, with no ruler to fight for and with no one to hate or belittle, you agreed (as a global race) to get on with your wonderful lives, explore real cultural Diversity and work out ways between you to bring this planet back from the brink of corporate ruin. Letting global governments dissolve, freeing up the patents for everyone's benefit and disbanding the Corporate War Machine, these were all master strokes. And so obvious, once you put your mind to it.

Well done, everybody.

Mummu and daddy have told me that, at the time, the inhabitants of 'prison planet' were 'struggling to make ends meet', slaving away for a pitiful wage from a tyrannical master, but I'm looking out at this healing landscape tonight, from the window of our floating family modular home, connected to our chosen Diversity. The fields are growing again, the beasts have returned in their hundreds of thousands (grazers and hunters), each person is a part of whatever cultural experience they wish, and even new species are flourishing in the plugging up of the murder hole left by man's insane urge to consume all in the name of profit. I love this resplendent panorama so much and time is always LOCAL, it's so great to see how far we've come, as a race.

Without COUNTRY, you became a ruthless global populace who suffered no fools. Protected no clandestine secrets. Decided to make this homeworld the most amazing PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE. You wouldn't believe how unworthy this endless war planet used to be. Well done, my Free Planet friends, I love living in a world based on Creativity, Passion and Kinship. We can go anywhere we like, we do anything we want, we are anything we care to and we're all inspired to make this planet the best place to bring up our future children.

"Do right by Free Planet," it's like a song that we sing every day.

It's in our collective interest to shine this homeworld like it's never shone before. Vibrant, exciting and yes dangerous - but that's what humanity needs, life. Diversity. Living, again, after decades of Consumerist Slumber where we were told how to think, when to breathe and how much to pay. Why didn't we do this millennia ago? Anyway, cheers, guys, you did the right thing breaking the chains of your corporate bondage.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fractal art - The Icon of Hecate - ~silverb

most of what is termed FRACTAL ART (to me) comes across as absolute. bullshit. coding. accident. tedium.

This particular fractal artwork however The Icon of Hecate by ~silverb really has 'something special' about it that has a refelction of mankind's angelic anatomical symmetry about it that somehow transcends its mathematical origins.

talking with big white cat in living room

I know, I know, but it's what happened, 6:30 this morning, in a dream.

I was stroking (and talking to, in English) a big white cat in my living room. It was exactly like a normal white cat (maybe slightly larger) but its arms were more like the white cat in the image I painted back in the nineties (illo) but it had 'sheeplike' fur on its chest bone and extremely strong arms. It propped itself against the sofa, casually leaning back on the floor.

Very weird things were said by it...

It didn't mind me stroking it as it purred, but physically pushed me away when I asked questions about its origins. Didn't wanna know. Just stopped talking. Super strong intention and centre: imposing.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Joel & Jack - Kinectimals enhanced - now with bears!

I started watching this lovely video review of Microsoft's cute KINECTIMALS animal friend game.

And then the cute teddy bears appeared.

And then...

Seriously, I haven't laughed SO MUCH in quite a while. That was a sheer joy to watch, and rewatch again and again. Thanks Joel and Jack, you creative geniuses. Still chucklin'


Wow, is that really our global future - AN END TO MARKETING?

Of course that's our Global Future.

More and more people are coming to the understanding that if there are no State or Private trade secrets to protect you don't need to be sold something 'you might not need'.

MARKETING is defined as "the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising."

Well, if there's NOTHING TO SELL to the 'punter' on a Free Planet, what's the point in employing people to market 'some inferior product' to them for private profit?

Absolutely none.

And we can extrude this out of the incestuous Buyer/Seller back-bedroom into the open sewer of DOGMAS and DOCTRINES.

No longer will 'supposed' organised religion be able to hammer home their insane theories of how their corporate world should work in the classrooms of the mind-crippled masses, the god-carroted donkeys of social programming.

No longer will politicians be able to spend barrowloads of (their own or others') money to make their 'election' as ruler appear somehow worthwhile.

No longer will ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH and UNETHICAL products, gadgets and quantum technological advances (i.e. a miniscule update rather than real advancement) be shoved down the punter's throat every three years of every human's life.

So, in the Free Planet future, you will not be looking through a tiny window slit of screen acrage left by the infiltration of insidious online advertisement strategies - whatever th'Internet physically becomes, and I say this with a northern accent - th-Internet will be a full-screen virtuality of Creativity, Passion and Kinship as it was always intended to be. A place where TRUTHs are SHAREd with YOU THE PEOPLE.

There will be no need to bombard You The People with 'great ideas' and 'things you should invest in' as that's got nothing to do with Free Planet, anybody who's interested will find out about it by word of mouth or by personal research. If you don't need to know about it, you'll have no need to go out and find out about it. You'll rediscover what it means to WANT TO LEARN SOMETHING REAL, rather than being taught how to appreciate something fake.

In summary: in our Free Planet future, there will be no Commercial Competition to Maximise Return and no Commercial Advantage from Corporate Espionage in the name of Patent/Copyright Protection. There will only be that desire, that personal empowerment, to "Do right by Free Planet," and (together, as seven billion sovereign individuals) make this profit-ruined homeworld a better place. Get rid of marketing and you get rid of the desire to constantly out-Jones the Joneses.

It's dead simple, really.

Adrian Salbuchi on the David Duke Radio show.

You can listen to main stream media (MSM)'s corporate sock puppets and pre-arranged script readers of live events if you want, or you can listen to REAL PEOPLE talking facts.

Here's Adrian Salbuchi sharing all sorts of facts with David Duke on his radio show.

TOTAL CORPORATE WAR TAKE-OVER, one country at a time - is that why we're here on Free Planet?

Further reading:
Adrian Salbuchi's article War for Total Control: Planning the Ultimate ‘Big Brother’ Surveillance Society  (quoted below) also relates back to my surveillance amnesty thread of yesterday.

“Romas/COIN” is a super hi-tech military civilian mass surveillance and data gathering project supported by US private defense contractors (Northrop Gruman, notably), think tanks, and the US military and civilian intelligence community, with electronic capabilities to monitor and analyse millions and millions of conversations, sort key data and then re-build it to reflect specific behaviour patterns amongst individuals and groups of people, which enables projecting their future plans, whereabouts, goals and actions. This will make “preventive war” and “preventive arrests” that much easier.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Free Planet - call for global digital data amnesty.

de-e-tattoo humanity
"Why would global corporations want recorded access to every email, every tweet, every phone call, every blogpost, every GPS route, every text?"

You're expecting an answer to this question, I bet.

Well, I don't have one.

But there are LITERALLY terabytes of cross-referenced information stored ABOUT YOU on some server somewhere, depending on your 'online footprint' or 'activity'.

Why would corporate media want access to all that?
Why would corporate government want access to all that?
Why would corporate war-mongers or intelligence-agencies want access to all that?

I have no idea - but there'll be some 'insidious PROFIT-making scheme' attached, fershur. Or worse, the erosion of your final freedoms in the name of WW3 Gulag Earth.

One of the helpful steps that'll help up we're going to progress towards a Free Planet, as a race of unique individuals with personal and artistic needs beyond what sort of fucking corporate trainer, fast food or brand of car, solar panel, house improvements to invest in, would be a TOTAL GLOBAL AMNESTY ON ANY DATA COLLECTED ABOUT YOU.

We don't need some Mega-Corp snooper nosing around in our social affairs for THEIR PROFIT, at the expense of our identity.

Just get that shit BANNED from our world. Fly free, on 24k ram. Be you, in all your amateurish glory. Become The Custodians of our fragile homeworld.

2013 UPDATE: I can't believe I wrote this almost a year-and-a-half ago. But it's still relevant today, even more so with the corporations/governments looking more and more the same - yes, like Robocop: Verhoeven knew, or was 'nudged in the right direction'...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Solar Flare - Incoming - Fear makes you a slave.

This lovely aurora (photographed by Bjørn Jørgensen from Tromsø, Norway) was the result of the measly 3.5 M-class flare that hit the other night.

"This was amazing," he says. "It was a wonderful experience to see these stunning auroras."

According to SPACEWEATHER, proton density has been dangerously high for most of today and the Coronal Mass Ejection from a nearly-X-class 9.0 M-class flare is headed this way for 'some time Tuesday morning' such that Fox News has a re-routing airlines article bannered SOLAR RAGE to scare the bejesus out of its clergy such that one wonders if the satellites will be falling out of orbit come Wednesday/Thursday.

Dr Terry Onsager from the United States Space Weather Prediction Center said, "When it hits us, it's like a big battering ram that pushes into Earth's magnetic field. That energy causes Earth's magnetic field to fluctuate."

"We've been hit by strong proton storms before, but [never so quickly]," says solar physicist Robert Lin of UC Berkeley. "Proton storms normally develop hours or even days after a flare." This one began in minutes.

Tuesday 24th Evening Update: well, nothing happened. Of course, there were X25 M-class flares in 2003-5 and nothing of great global import happened then either. It's overcast in UK, so no view of Aurora from Oxford. And no satellites even rebooted, from what I can discover, let alone hurtling back to earth with melted innards.

Anyway, here's another pretty picture from Norway.

"The display lasted for a solid hour before pushing south." says Ashton Seth Reimer.

Be afraid, sheople.
Listen to MSM, propaganda.
It's your assigned corporate role, slave.

getting lost in the corporate mezzanine - looks like London City Hall

this morning, again round about 5:55 a.m., like all the other recent extremely vivid dreams, I had this very strange, very interesting, JOB INTERVIEW dream.

In the dream I got lost looking for Floor 18 in a very big mall-like multi-storey Corporate Building that looked like London City Hall (pictured), hugely ascending open-plan foyer that seemed to spectacularly span the entire height of the building. Offices and businesses sprouted off the spokes of a central elevator (drop points) with escaltors criss-crossing, spiralling up and around.

And this is the weird part.

I was in this building, not knowing why I was there, but in my head was "JuJo", a name that I believed related to a corporation (there is a game corporation called KuJu but don't think there's any relation, as I know, to this real company). I got lost. I ended up on floor 19. Basically, something happened while I was in the lift (elevator). And I could barely remember what I was doing in the building. I should have walked out of the building and forgotten JuJo but I carried on trying to discover 'my mission'.

I asked a barman (I think) about the JuJo company, as it was the only thing in my head, and he directed me to Floor 18 (which turned out to be some sort of mezzanine accessed by a sliding walkway just off a floor below). The vertical layout of this building didn't seem to be a linear series of floors, 1, 2, 3 etc... i.e. there were MISSING FLOORS. Floor 18 was one of these missing floors ... but I've always had 'trouble' with elevators in dreams - they always do weird things when I'm in them, in dreams.

I ended up in this lovely smoke-glass corporate waiting area with long flat leather sofas, awaiting SOMEBODY. I was lying back on this one sofa when my interviewer came in. At this moment I realised, I had on a very old business jacket and I had no C.V. or PORTFOLIO to 'show my potential' or 'reinforce my credentials'. I was basically up there naked, and (in all honesty) this was never an issue throughout the very strange interview.

Instantly, I realised that something very weird was going on 'electromagnetically' or 'psychologically' in this room and I was straining to control my right hand which was (limply like a claw) shaking quite badly. The interviewer pointed this out, in passing, but I got it under control. Half way through the interview, I sat up into a seated position, having spent the first half on my back on this leather sofa.

Then they brought in the tech guys, with a monitor, and showed me a list of 'characters' that I'd be expected to help in making, they said they were using Houdini (a package which I hate, on the principal that the 'interface' is a code window) and all seemed well.

Everybody seemed very happy with my 'responses'.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Democracy Now - Chris Hedges - Sues Obama Admin Over Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Approved in NDAA

Okay, this is American news but, you know it's a Corporate World and the American War Machine is being (brutally) attack-doggish in their 'policing of a so-called global terror war', so what goes around will eventually come around ... to us all.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges has filed suit against President Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to challenge the legality of the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes controversial provisions authorizing the military to jail anyone it considers a terrorism suspect anywhere in the world, without charge or trial.

"It is clearly unconstitutional," Hedges says of the bill. "It is a huge and egregious assault against our democracy. It overturns over 200 years of law, which has kept the military out of domestic policing." [source DEMOCRACY NOW]

2,300th free planet post - how old is a photon?

well, are we talking about an earth-resident photon or a deep-space photon?

1)  an earth-resident photon:
that's a strange way to put it, "Earth-resident photon," but it simply means a photon that's generated HERE on this planet and might very well be reflected around by bouncing off (or being refracted by) neighbouring objects.

This sort of photon is exactly as old as the last reflection/refraction event. This sort of earth-resident photon is known as a TIME COLLAPSED, TRAPPED or RESET photon because it hasn't existed for long enough for its ABILITY TO DEGRADE into a more red-shifted photon to become evident. Its 'tiredness' is an UNMEASURABLE VALUE because of its regularly-reset age. We need to look at deep-space photons to see what a really old photon might look like...

2) a deep-space photon:
to understand why deep-space photons are SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT from earth-resident photons, we have to look at how these 'photons' as they're known are created.

a GAME OF TETRIS at 670,616,629 miles per hour

There, now that you've read (and absorbed) that, you'll know why older light is degraded. The very fabric of spacetime is UNSTABLE ACROSS THE AEONS...  that's why our distant view of our universe offers us such an exotic view of the stellar objects that Big Bang Theory says existed back then. Which is total bunkum. A singularly-insane spacetime-generating event has nothing to do spacetime's instability over time, which is what we're really seeing with red-shifted light from really old stars.

Sure, this still means these really old light comes ONLY from stars that are really distant with no spacedust or planets in the way. The real difference is, THAT STAR IS GOING NOWHERE i.e. it's not racing away at anything approaching the speed of light the insane Big Bang Theory might suggest. In fact, it's doing just what it normally does, sits in a galactic cluster adherent to the laws of physics, has planets and dusty-icy remnants of its stellar creation disc.


And, obviously, this will be easier to spot in the less knotted 'photons' than in tightly-knit 'matter'. But even matter decays over time. Protons are said to have a 1036 years half-life, but so what?  Red-shifted light is a vivid illustration of this same old relaxation effect. Really old photons (i.e. the structure of spacetime that allows the super-fast game of SPACE TETRIS to take place) effectively degrade, or unravel, over time -- get old and tired; just like you and me.

We're all decaying, nothing is forever.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Orly Taitz won, or so she says.

"I won!!! I won!!! I won!!! Judge Malihi ruled in my favor. Obama’s motion to quash my subpoena is denied! He has to appear at trial and present all the documents that I demanded to produce in my subpoena!"  that was the shrieking peal of Dr Orly Taitz on her website cunningly titled World's Leading Obama Eligibility Challenge Web Site.

Moldovan by birth, Orly Taitz got her dentistry degree from an Israeli University in 1981 and was admitted to practise law in the USA in 2002. She also seems to have a second-degree blackbelt in Taekwando and can speak five languages.

Along with other 'birthers' such as Alan Keyes and Philip J Berg, she has been petitioning judge after judge to make President Barack Hussein Obama  present his full birth certificate in a court of law thus proving that he's not 'some Kenyan-Indonesian usurper', as per the written terms of Eligibility as written down in the American Constitution.

You'll see from volume of her victory shriek, she's the first 'birther' to get this far.

Oh, and while we're scrabblign about on the floor looking for ammo, let's not forget that President-in-prep Obama screwed up his (public) Oath speech and retook it (in private) sorta like the same way Messrs Bush and Cheney appeared before the 9/11 Commission, in private. Surely this'll all be resolved in a proper and fitting fashion at some point down the long dark myopic tunnel-vision syndrome subtly termed THE NEED TO KNOW GAME. Yeah, riiiiight.

Three Days Later Update: according to THE ULSTERMAN,

This past week saw Georgia Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi rule that President Barack Obama is to appear in court this Thursday regarding a hearing that refutes Obama’s eligibility to run for president. It appears the Judge’s order will be completely ignored by the administration.  
What, if any repercussions will face the president are unknown. Presently, it appears his administration has little fear of reprisal as the mainstream media continues to ignore the case.

Reminds one of the Karl Rove incident, where he was subpoenad to appear at a House Judiciary Committee meeting (also on a Thursday) and he didn't turn up, claiming, "I'm immune to subpoena."

Your planet is BROKEN.

I don't know whether you realise this or not (maybe you're too busy to think) but your planet is completely BROKEN, and it's been broken for centuries.

In fact, the term YOUR PLANET is a glaring anathema.

If this was your planet, you'd care a lot more about what shit goes where, you'd try to stop illegal raping and pillaging of one 'country's resources to the benefit of a few business-game players.

It's the whole GAME you're playing.


You're being led by the nosering, by professors of Learning and captains of Industry and generals of Corporate War, to believe that YOU ARE THE BEST.

But this is not reality, this is a crass invention.

You are the worst of all possible solutions, You The People are (seriously) the inertia-crippled stain on what should be 'democracy' but which is (in fact) Corporate Despotism or the Shogunate/Clan system of ancient Japanese rule.

Several elite GAME PLAYING families who hold all the land, all the stock, all the resources, all the gumption (it seems) making all the rest of You The People do the grunt work, take all the risk, do what they say. Not because they're cleverer than you and they've put a lot of effort into HOW TO MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR ALL, but just to help them play their game. They are (technically) psychopaths, and by this I mean they have lost (or had eradicated) all their empathy for you, the common man, the everybody.

Every now and then, usually when living conditions are too desperate to do anything else, You The People rise up against this HIDDEN-IN-PLAIN-SIGHT TYRANNY and topple the Emperors and the the Kings.

If you do that again, and if you do it soon, please remember that PROFIT and OWNERSHIP and ENEMY have nothing to do with a Free Planet.

If you do come to your senses, and you see this whole planetary GROWTH MODEL lie for what it is, please try to use Creativity, Passion and Kinship in your vision of a reshaped future.

If you are able to understand what I'm saying, around the utterly cynical depth of your corporate programming, please educate your fellow man, your family, your children, all around the world. Tell him/her/group/Diversity that, though a storm is coming, there is shelter in the global wreckage that mankind has wrought upon itself in the name of PROFIT.

We should never again consider ourselves gormless RULERS or idiot GAME PLAYERS - we are only Custodians of this delicate natural balance organism hurtling through space, our replenished and re-wilded Free Planet.

Internet Rising - you are the pushed button

Points to note:

1) the internet is not controlled from one single computer
2) 'influence' drives global opinion

3) by logical deduction, THE INTERNET IS YOUR WORST ENEMY if you're a weak-minded weak-willed weak-backed Consumerist Slave Drone with no idea of how History is re-written by the Victors.

Remember that, as you watch this 'edu-mentary'.

doe, a deer, a female deer ... a dog-boar and two fawns - dream

I have no idea is this is connected to yesterday's the sun is an interstellar messaging device post, so I'll not add this as a Day Later Update to that. It's 06:25 and I've just awoken from a very strange hyper-realistic dream...

I'm walking along a residential street after a nature walk I usually take to get home, there ahead of me, in someone's front garden, close to the road, eating the roots and snuffling about, a very strange beast, gentle yet threatening, like a wild boar (but mixed with a bulldog somehow) happily getting on with its rummaging feast.

As I passed, it looked up at me, then I saw in the part of the front garden right near the house, a female deer, and near her a fawn. I clicked my teeth, because I'm stupid and that's something I always do, to horses and squirrels and birds.

The doe didn't dash away as I expected. But the dog-boar started to notice me. I walked on, intent on not being spotted by the dog-boar thing which suddenly felt ultra-threatening. I could hear hoofbeats behind me. Following me.

I turned around, quickly.

It was the doe. Standing tall and curious, just like the deer in the photo. I noticed one of her stubby horns was broken, chipped. Then she turned to her right and dashed away. Revealing one following fawn, then another dashing second fawn, which raced across the road in the nature walk direction.

No sign at all of the dog-boar thing.

May 24th 2012 update: met this exact same deer IN REAL LIFE outside our house this morning. Spotted it dashing down the side of the house, having found its way in somehow. Chased it away. But not before experiencing that lovely SILENT moment when deer sees person and person sees deer. A truly wild connection. Nothing shared. 'Cept living itself.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Free Planet - the de-industrialisation of time - solar vs atomic leap seconds

Traditionally, when somebody asks you, "What time is it?" you might look at your wristwatch or your mobile phone and say, "It's four o'clock."

They thank you and go about their business.

But let's back up a minute -- no pun intended -- and remember we're on a Free Planet here, so we can adopt whatever version of time we see fit as a 'roaming' of global Diversities.

Think of a course or club your pre-teen son or daughter goes to. It's from 6pm to 7pm every Thursday, say. Nothing wrong with that. Until. In the winter. It can be DARK all the way through your kids time away from the home, introducing another working life time+motion complication.

So, we'll invent British Summer Time, in the UK (Daylight Savings Times, in the USA) and that shift of an hour will iron out many of the crinkles in the non-uniformity of day length at the higher latitudes.

But this is just DAFT in the sense that a) it's like having a minor jet-lag twice a year as your body clock tries to adjust to the extra or stolen hour and b) no industrial system of compromise will ever work - the farther north or south you live, the later the sun will rise and the earlier it will set. This is a fact you decide to live with based on geographical choice.

And there's that RIDICULOUS quarter day per year we add onto the end of February called a Leap Year. Isn't it obvious that the Earth goes round the Sun in a four-year cycle? Our years should be 1461 days. That way we finally end up at the same point in space on a whole day. Or we just FORGET the quarter day, and by that I mean we just fold the excess part-day into the per-year recalculation.

Maybe we'll even add a LEAP SECOND/hour/day further along the planetary timeline to re-synch earth-time to atomic-time but did no-one listen when Einstein suggested that TIME ALTERS BASED ON POSITION TO GRAVITATIONAL SOURCE and this even applies to the activity of caesium (aka nuclear-time) clocks.

I mean, come on, we're an advanced race by now. For example: why are we refering to the Roman Empire and their pantheon of gods to name our months and the Nordic/AngloSaxon gods to name the seven days of our weeks. I know you can say, "It's just the way it is, leave it be." But the whole point of Free Planet is, "Leaving it be doesn't work," as proven by empirical failure curves and untried crimes for asset/profit we call war-mongering.

And the other salient fact here is TIME HAS BEEN INDUSTRIALISED and the majority of you are fitting your life on this planet around an arbitrary 9-5 clock punch mentality of mindless production of bullshit products for corporations who don't give a shit about real creativity or the welfare of you and your planet. They're ruthless criminals and you're their wage slave. Fact.

And all that old ancient mariner TIME ZONES, that chop the planet into irregular twelfths - a nomadic-life country-eradicated Free Planet doesn't need that any more.

I don't necessarily care about the technicality of how Time is De-Industrialised (that's up to scientists and philosophers) but I propose Free Planet agrees on some sort of local Diversity time that relates to one's physical position on this near-spherical planet and revolves around that day's projected high point of the sun. And yes, I realise there's a technicality with extreme northerly/southerly latitudes who have only sun or no sun for several weeks of the year, but that's where the fun starts.

As a living being on Free Planet I want to be able to say, "It's two hours to the sun's high point," and it'll make sense whereever you're stood on the planet or "My son/daughter's class is from two hours before sunset to one hour before sunset, throughout the year."

That's it. Nice and simple.

only a handful of private individuals own planet earth

due to conquering armies,
due to intermarriage among tribal family heads,
due to exploitation of the world's resources,
due to murder plots, assassination plots and company take-overs plots,
due to ancient languages foistered upon the conquered,
due to downright amoral empire building,
due to nuclear weapons and the threat of global annihilation,
due to PROFIT,
due to terrorism,
due to PRISONS,
due to taxation,
due to LAWS,
due to money,
due to COUNTRY,
due to prisons,
due to campaigns of racial prejudice and ethnic cleansing,
due to water rationing,
due to food and seed manipulation by huge corporations,
due to land lords and heads of state and royalty,

due to the the prostitution of clever individuals among their number drafted in to help enslave the less-well-educated and dupe the more vulnerable members of our global society, only a handful of private individuals own planet earth.

Or to put it more bluntly, "No they fucking don't."

This is not their planet.
This is not their country.
This is not their religion.
This is not their people.
This is not their oil.
This is not their wealth.
This is not their accounting chart.
This is not their battle ground.
This is not their mindset.
This is not their GAME.

I mean, "Who the fuck do these deluded imbeciles think they are?"

Big business has failed.
Patent privacy has failed.
Corporate government has failed.
Espionage and assassination has failed.
Empire has failed.
Taxation has failed.
Trespass has failed.
Communism, capitalism, socialism, zionism, fundamentalism, TV-evangelism, creationism, Big-Bang-ism, atomism, LHC-ism, 2012-ism, Facebook-ism has failed - the human race's potential can not be constrained by cheap impersonations of THE TRUTH.

This planet is OUR DEFENSELESS CHILD, that needs caring for and protecting from the likes of you and your GAME OF DEATH.

Planet Earth is the 'property' of all seven billion individuals, as custodians, as friends and colleagues of Creativity, Passion & Kinship. We shall not stoop to pimping it for you, the supposed controlling elite. It belongs to all the human race, as a gift from God (if you like), a celestial rock spinning through the infinity of existence.

This is our FREE PLANET.


in light of recent news that "all UK prisons are overcrowded", FREE PLANET contends that 'most people in prison now' are victims of the seasonal arbitrariness of Global Governance served up as Obedient Local Crackdown, where 'situational survivors' are termed 'true evil' to be punished forever, branded OUTLAWS or PUBLIC ENEMY or CRIMINAL.

Think of how Soviet Russia used to Siberia their great thinkers, their 'heretics' of Communist Idealism. Think of how the Roman Empire used to rout their enemies by forcing them into Gladiatorial Combat against skilled soldier or wild animal for the entertainment/closet-subjugation of their people. Think of all the great creatives who've languished in debtors prison, who've been tortured in thinkers prison, who've been man-handled and mis-represented in social prisons.

It's time all these great and wonderful innovators, who we're currently incarcerating in jails of all sort all over this sinister world of control, were allowed to actively contribute to a FREE PLANET stripped of the need to be labelled a criminal because they don't ascribe to some randomly bizarre and arbitrary ruleset.

These thinkers, and more importantly these doers, are exactly the decisive and dynamic individuals who can PROTECT PLANET EARTH from global tyranny, they will stand under no arbitrary ruler and will support no ridiculous Financial Bubble-makers. Time shift only a few centuries and morals change dramatically - those that are now 'criminal' would be hailed as masters of social mastery, great leaders and powerhouses of debate. Oh, and before this goes any further...

by the term PRISON, I'm talking about ANIMAL ZOOs
by the term PRISON, I'm talking about CORPORATE N.D.A.s
by the term PRISON, I'm talking about DEBT
by the term PRISON, I'm talking about PROPERTY
by the term PRISON, I'm talking about BORDERs
by the term PRISON, I'm talking about ARMY, NAVY and AIR FORCE
by the term PRISON, I'm talking about EMPIRE SUPER STRUCTURE
by the term PRISON, I'm talking about HER MAJESTY'S PLEASUREs

In the same way that Free Planet is all for the release of ALL WILD ANIMALS back into their 'natural habitat' i.e. the verdant surface of the planet, it's also to the benefit of the entire planet that all prisons, all man-made arbitrary controlling structures, are BANNED. They don't work. They always fail. They pop, like clock work. So, let's let them loose, all the ideas. All the innovation. Let's truly explore as a race of global thinkers how ORGANIC SELF-RULE can help share FREE PLANET and express the living will of its people.

Prisoners are REAL PEOPLE like you and I, real people persecuted by a broken system.

It would take only a random twitch of 'global morality' to ACCEPT THESE COMMON CRIMINALS known as You The People as the pro-active saviours of our once-vibrant homeworld, make them heroes.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

thought experiement for tired light - the half-life of fabric of spacetime

I really don't like the Big Bang idea and I suspect light gets 'tired' or worn out as 'the structure of spacetime' wears down, showing the passage of time of a light event across the galactic divide.

I might have come up with a 'testable' Thought Experiment for Tired Light; the concept that light gets tired over time, and space, sliding into red-shifted territory. Red-shift having nothing to do with a receeding universe or Big Bang, just TIME.

Basically, you can't do a 'tired light' experiment on Earth because every time an atom is 'overloaded' the ENTIRE UNIVERSE (light, and other e.m.r's) leaps in to 'settle the debt' - a light wave seems to propagate out...

The light's age is local to every such 'debt settle' and there are countless number of 'settlements' taking place on our planet all the time. The structure of spacetime that is the ENTIRE UNIVERSE  falling in to settle a debt doesn't have time to get old and fritter away into red-shifted territory.

So, we need to think of the farthest thing we've been close up to and measure the light coming off it. Fresh light from a close-up position. Voyager 2, for example, passed by Neptune on August 25, 1989.

Surely, several massive telescopes were pointing at Neptune to measure the same light arriving at Earth some 5 hours later.

We know the relative speeds of Earth-Neptune and Voyager2-Neptune at the exact time of light gather at the respective locations so any doppler shift can be mathematically removed from the calculations.

I bet the light from Neptune from Earth comes out (subtly but significantly) tireder i.e. MORE RED-SHIFTED than the light from Neptune to Voyager 2, simply because it is older.

And another thought, "Is gravity the opposite of light?" if a HC Unit is pulsing out little excesses that light fills in the gap of, there's a DIRECT RELATIONSHIP. The temporal existence of ight (and other e.m.r's) means something has pulsed out a bit of space, we know this as gravity. For every excess of space energy from an HC Unit, there's an equal and opposite fall-in of THE UNIVERSE. But you can understand how there'd be a vast difference in these (opposing) passing waves when one originates from a pin-prick (gravity) and one originates from the enormity of space (light).

This is why it's then possible to say that, "Things that shine, stars for example, should be HEAVIER than the sum total of their atoms," by design.

Gravity waves, once we can spot them, will also demonstrate TIREDNESS.

TECHNICAL AMENDMENT: of course, a much better experiment would be to have VOYAGER 1 or 2 sample light directly from the sun. Mark a time stamp. Note the separation distances. Send the signal back to base. Do the same from Earth. Image the sun. Analyse exactly the amount of red shift of the hydrogen lines i.e. the  TIRED LIGHT EFFECT, for both samplings of timed sunlight over that 'short distance' difference.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whitley Strieber - Solving the Communion Enigma - book review

"In late December of 1985, I had the most terrible and wonderful experience..."  that's how New York Times bestselling author Whitley Strieber describes his Visitor* experience.  Strieber has explored this experience in several books; Communion (1987), Transformation (1988), The Secret School: Preparation for Contact (1997).  

What follows is a to-camera piece by the author about his new book SOLVING THE COMMUNION ENIGMA.

Look, let me reiterate, in case you think this is a hit piece, "I'm a real big fan of Whitley's creative writing, both his fiction and supposed factual books." I've read most of his novels, and especially enjoyed the Vampire 'Lilith' series. Communion was a great book that scared the shit out of me. Communion the film starred Christopher Walken, so it was an instant must-see. But there never seems to be a CLEAR DISCONNECT between Whitley's fictional and real life - I realise all writers put 'something of themselves into their work' but you can usually tell what's the real stuff and what's the made-up stuff ... not here. Strieber's persistence-of-enigma is proper Unknown Country.

I wasn't really in the mood to cover this material tonight, it's just that I'm re-reading THE GRAYS at the moment and enjoying it a second time and I've just noticed little scratches on my knuckles and wrist and "have no idea how they got there". Maybe I should pay MORE ATTENTION to my peripheral vision, in the coming pages.

Here's a hint: Strieber's most recent novel on this subject is called HYBRIDS, in case you're wondering where mankind is going - according to The Visitor Gameplan(tm).

Oh, and watch out for that FAKE ALIEN ATTACK that Good-ole Global Governance has been threatening us with for 'cinematic and literary' donkeys years.

* I've always suspected that poor Whitley's experience is more likely down to being drugged up and abducted by a Project Monarch/MK Ultra human insertion team with silent helicopters, than an actual meeting with trans-dimensional others. The problem is, of course, there's no proof either way, really; is there? It's back to the old Faith issue, or the old Profit issue. Either. Or.

January 31st 2012 Update: Tarcher/Penguin's Molly Brouilette was kind enough to send me a review copy of Solving the Communion Enigma which I've just read and submitted the review to www.Scene360.com who'll host it.

April 6th 2012 Update: the book review (submitted in February and publish-delayed because of health issues) of Whitley Strieber's Solving The Communion Enigma is now online at Scene360.

Free Planet - You The People - seven billion reliable sources.

whether you're a Signed-up Follower or a Casual Reader of this FREE PLANET blog, you'll notice that I try to bring non-mainstream news about the snapping jaws of the Corporate War Machine that's purposefully intended towards getting the masses to WAKE UP to the financial and geopolitical tyranny that just has to accompany such an invented behemoth.

You The People, the living seven billion inhabitants of this spinning rock orbiting a variable star, are the only ones FREE PLANET can trust to get to the ACTUAL TRUTH of what's going on in the world. How is the Corporate War Machine affecting you? Do you want to keep chasing the measly amount of SLAVE WAGES that'll get you to pay your next mortgage instalment? Do you want to keep paying taxes to Conglomerate Global Government that rapes you for its own unspoken agenda? Do you want to know what's really important in life?




That's all there is. Seven billion of us, all in the same boat. That's all this planet is, at sea. We are the reason why the earth is crumbling under a ruthless and amoral Hunter Killer's mechanized reinforced boot. We are the reason why all the beautiful ways to live our individual lives are reserved for 'the rich'. We are the reason why we are THE PROPERTY OF OUR PRISON COUNTRIES no matter how 'free to travel' we think we are.

But we can stop it, once we realise it is OUR PLANET, not theirs. Once we realise that we have to rewild this place and help bring back a natural beauty to what has become a bulldozed plane of concrete, steel and tarmac.

Imagine a migrating bird lining up to take a TERAHERTZ BODY SCAN at a Country Exit Point: it's utter lunacy! Migrating birds just 'get the urge to be somewhere else' twice a year and go there. Simple as that. So should we. We should want to strip off our old prison life. We should embed ourselves in ANY CULTURAL DIVERSITY THAT TAKES OUR FANCY. We should decalre ourselves no longer slaves of Insidious Conglomerate Gaming.


Corporate Fashion Police making it harder to spot Future Shoplifters.

..like BOTH these American Holocaust adverts ran on MTV (that's the brain-washed mk-ultra'd parents of the future) until someone mentioned 'bad taste'.

I mean, it will happen to people like you, "Are you threatening me, globalist fucker?"

Funny thing about the following RFID-payment-card one is, "They're making it harder (for themselves) to spot the shoplifters," oh, horse has bolted, time to snap-on a new set of legislative nonsense about 'how you can dress in shops'.

Either that or just en masse FULL BODY SCAN everyone, everywhere they go. I mean, you never know what they might be 'carrying', these terrorist criminals we used to call our neighbours and friends. Or (remembering how Harrods in London used to scent-spray you all over their shop) chemical TRUTH DRUG the fuck out of people, you know, just in case.


Remember, EVERYONE IS A CRIMINAL in a New World Order city-prison, "It's the Law!".

Get your greedy hands of my Free Planet.

Monday, January 16, 2012

you realise it's not MY Free Planet, right?

this FREE PLANET belongs to all those who wish to protect our delicate homeworld from Corporate Greed and the accompanying Corporate War Economy that is ruining YOUR PLANET.

People think I'm some sort of rogue-nation despot who wants to 'start a global cult' under his name.

But this is both illogical and ideologically null and void, as has been proven by legions of failed despots before. Anyway, I'm not very long for this world. That's a fact I have come to understand and accept. We all die, and we can't take it with us when we're gone. My children's children might not see their great grandad, but (if we all help each other, every day from this moment forward) they might just see a FREE PLANET put into place. But you'll all have to pitch in and make it something that a) physically takes place and b) continues to be an intelligent method to exist.

An end to money.
An end to slavery.
An end to private ownership of specific land/assets, or the patented ideas of the people who share the planet with us all.

It's not about Mike Philbin's personal ideas of a Free Planet - no, sir, or madam. It's about YOU THE PEOPLE, out there stuck in lives you'd rather not have, stuck in a rut with no hope that it'll ever get better, stuck in a mind set that disallows your own personal Creativity, Passion and Kinship. It's about the world you'd really be proud to give back to your children when your time to pass on arrives. And it will, never forget that...

Only you, all seven billion of you, can free this planet from Corporate Ownership.
Only you, the Global Custodians, can ensure that PROFIT will never be more important than life.
Only you, mother, father, son, daughter, all the normal people who think their contribution is irrelevant, can shift the gears on mankind's spiritual and philosophical advancement.

But you'll have to really want it, and want it SOON, before T.H.E.Y. (that small inter-married community who 'think' they run the world) really fuck up this glorious re-wilded paradise; as it could be.