Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anonymous Revenge: Interpol site down after hacktivists arrested

The Interpol website has reportedly become the latest target of the so-called 'Hacktivist Anonymous group' which advocates Internet freedom. The attack came as Interpol announced it arrested 25 suspected hackers from the movement in Europe and South America.

Or ANONYMOUS is being scapegoated by 'both sides of the Corporate War Machine' that's the East and the West in collusion.

Lockerbie: Case Closed - new evidence proves a miscarriage of justice?

The Lockerbie Bombing took place on the 21st December 1988 when the wreckage of Pan Am Flight 103 crashed into the town of Lockerbie after a bomb exploded during the flight. The 270 victims (259 on the plane and eleven in Lockerbie) were citizens of twenty-one different nations. One man was convicted of the bombing, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi; later released to Libya on compassionate grounds.

This documentary makes it sound a lot like Tony Gauchi, the key Malta shop-keeper witness in the case,  a) described a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MAN from Megrahi who entered his shop on the wrong date b) was heavily 'groomed' to identify El-Magrahi in a line up and c) was 'paid' upwards of two million dollars U.S. for his 'cooperation'.

While this documentary goes to great lengths to suggest that the fragment of the Lockerbie Bomb timer is not made of 'pure tin' as would have been a similar fragment of the real timers shipped to Libya from Swiss company MEBO, there's no investigation into where such 'tin/lead fragment' timers came from.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jim Stone - Electronic Stalking and Mind Control - testimonies of the destroyed.

Jim Stone, the freelance journalist behind the 'earth-shattering' (pun-tended) FUKUSHIMA report, has finally gone and done it. He's publicly outed the use of Electronic Stalking and Mind Control via an 'amplitude modulated microwave frequency'. Is he talking about the proliferation of WIFI?

Anyway, it's the wackiest thing I've heard of late, and as we all know Free Planet is suddenly all about the wacky. So, leap in, the water's cold and forbidding but you'll get used to the ice-cubes once you think of a cleaner world that's been re-wilded through the Custodian up-rising of seven billion sovereign individuals and all your sins against Mother Nature have been absolved by positive corrective action.

Here's the introductory segment to Jim Stone's E.S.M.C. report.

I will post a couple quotes from this report, and then link to it. I never use single source material on my site, my standards require cross checking from multiple sources but I assure you from my own experience Nicholas Kirkland is telling the truth here, and knows EXACTLY what he is talking about.

"In recent years, scientists have learned how to locate by remote, focus on, and lock into a person’s brain to manipulate that person’s thoughts and thus his actions. Mind control assaults now loom as one of the main challenges of the 21st century. The targeted person often never discovers that he has become a mind control victim, and he ends up hurting others, taking his own life, or simply becoming another “Alzheimer” statistic. This paper discusses some of the elements of what I call Electronic Stalking and Mind Control (ESMC)."

- my notes - I have experienced this technology myself. The sound fidelity of what I experienced is AMAZING and exceeds the quality of any device which has to move a diaphragm to make sound. You can't get speakers that good.

"While writing this paper, the people who monitor me electronically and continually interfere with my computer and emails and tap my phones, often entered my PC to make changes in the narrative to discourage me and try to make me look crazy. Keeping the paper intact and ensuring accuracy has been a constant battle. Even now, after finishing the paper, when I go back to add a salient point, I often find that a portion has been altered or deleted. Powerful forces do not want papers such as this one written and disseminated."

- my notes - This happens all the time to me. I always have to go back through my reports and get rid of inserted idiocies; it's part of my daily routine. However, once online they tend to remain the same, but not always.

Also, Nicholas does not make this point in this particular report - The most common method of interfacing with the brain used by governments is an amplitude modulated microwave frequency. Though your brain cannot recognize or do anything with a 2.4 ghz signal or anything similar, that signal WILL penetrate into the brain and turn into electricity once it penetrates a full wavelength ( in the case of microwaves that's a few centimeters).

The Six Principles of Global Manipulation

Two years ago, Free Planet reported on Adrian Salbuchi's twelve transitional triggers that lead to global manipulation ... but this one's even more concise, more convincing.

Remember, "If you want to defeate your enemy, bring up his children."

SEC's Mary Shapiro - there is no deterrent for predatory bankers

According to the New York Times, the Security and Exchange's Committee's Mary Shapiro can't expose the criminal bankers to the threat of civil liability.

The chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission defended the agency’s record of settling fraud cases with Wall Street companies, saying on Wednesday that she believed the agency’s practices “clearly have deterrent value,” even though firms were often charged repeatedly for violating the same securities laws.

Mary L. Schapiro, the S.E.C. chairwoman, added that repeat offenders remained a problem because “people have short memories” on Wall Street. That forces the commission to bring many of the same types of cases “so that people don’t forget that they have these obligations and that somebody is watching and somebody is willing to hold them accountable.”

"Oops, we stole a million dollars while holding up your street-corner country with a greasy .45 and you're only asking for $100,000 back?" cool, says criminal Wall Street/City of London bankers, "We got another country to bankrupt this afternoon. Gotta keep our SWAP INSTRUMENTS on the move, so nobody can see what absolute garbage it all is."

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Reptilian Controlled Media - Earth forcefield - D.U.M.B. is the word

now, you'll have heard about fake-alien invasion Project Bluebeam and the Reptilian Controlled Media from Tinfoilhatters™, and as far as you're concerned, this is a load of bullshit. And I'll agree with you, as per my corporate programming. It is a load of bullshit and should not even be entertained, it's all a game. Forget about it. Look away.

Dear Meat and Fear Sources,
just in case this plot to snack on mankind's flesh and soul is NOT BULLSHIT... If in fact it's not all a game... Here's a lovely, patient, concerned and convincing warning from Peggy Kane about the likely events as they're about to unfold in 2012.

Information and disinformation are your friend and your enemy - breaking the game is the only way to discover which is which.

Did you get that? BREAKING THE GAME is the only way forward for Free Planet.

and because you love this crazy shit so much, you can have this little treat from Peggy Kane about EVP that's Electronic Voice Phenomena:

Mu Boyan - Chinese political sculpture - The Fatty Series

My fascination with Chinese political symbolism in art continues with this short feature on the amazingly poignant The Fatty Series of sculptures by Mu Boyan, born in 1976 in Yunan China.

Free Planet - close down the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE - for good

Now that is proper sexy, right? You wanna play with it and find out all sorts of ways that sleazy monster can benefit your boring life, right? The garishly-shaved prostitutional subjugation of the world's assets and indigenous is the spice your boring life needs, right? Who, in their right mind would want to give that up? For what?

But this is exactly what you have to do, as seven billion awakening citizens of FREE PLANET.

Yeah, it's alluring to think this barely-leather-clad over-scented virtual-money mascot of inexorable give-give-give is the way your world should work but it's not.

You're thinking, fifty quid slammed down on the table, "I'd fuck that. Hell yeah." but you're an idiot. You've not spotted that evil glint in her eye. You've not noticed that she's a killer with a deadly weapon. You don't realise she'll, "Shit you out of bed with zero warning." She's all about missile-mounted eye candy. She's all about mind control of the masses. She's all about lies + spies, in financial collusion.

This vampiric high-class hooker known as the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE needs you to believe that lie, too. It needs you on board, a willing participant, or it crumbles to dust. It has to convince you, like this, by using your base desires, your reptilian brain, your panting genitalia, that it's the thing you'd wanna spend the rest of your ambitious life with. But you can't afford her. She (literally) costs too much. You (and your planet) will be ruined, desecrated.

If you want to live on a truly FREE PLANET, you have to en masse declare an end to the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE.


But, Mike, you're being so harsh on the war mongers and the game players, have you no spunk left in your scrotum? Have you lost all sympathy for the Global Chess Game? What about your career of enterprise and adventure? The bankers need their soaring PROFIT MARGIN and the governments can't but roll over onto their backs and piss on their downy-soft stomachs in the name of acquiesence to THE GAME OF RISK™ and the loss of Creativity, Passion and Kinship.

Have you slave-labouring drones learned NOTHING from the false flag enhancement of The Korean War via the ousting of France, and other such investment opportunities? Don't you realise your governments shit on the memory of their own soldiers with the same vehemence as they shit on the innocently-torched villages of indigenous women and children during their Chessmaster financial campaigns?

What the fuck has happened to You The People? Where is your soul? Your honour?

BELIEVERS of all creed and colour, do you really think THIS is what your God thought was good for his people?

NON-BELIEVERS or agnostics, do you really think GUNNING THE WORLD TO DEATH and POISONING THE ENVIRONMENT in the name of fiat-currency and commodity manipulation is a decent way to spend your life?

HUMANITY, have you lost all ambition? Have you truly given away all that you're supposed to hold dear: your life, your family, your homeworld? Is the only thing you can do is buy all the shit that's produced in the name of ABJECT POVERTY for 99% of the global populace? Is the only thing you can do is eat food and drink liquids that are PATENTLY bad for you? Why do you accept POISONS in your drinking water? Why won't you solve the CHEMTRAIL issue? Or 9-11, or 7-7, why do you let that lie lie? Why do you continue to pay for the CRUMBLING EMPIRE with your daily toil, hammering baby skulls for the evil overlord?

Why are you wasting your entire life supporting the amoral CORPORATE WAR MACHINE?

The time to act is NOW. Today, you are being given the opportunity to step back, take stock and realise, "We don't want this evil any more on FREE PLANET." we are free humans and we love our fellow man, we love our FREE PLANET upon which is all the basis for a creatively rich, a passionately lived and a kinshipfully buoyant shared experience. There really are no limits to man's ingenuity, there are no restrictions on where a united populace can go, the things it can discover, the great ideas it can benefit from.

All seven billion of us.

Supporting THE SPY GAME, THE LIE GAME and THE DEATH GAME of the ASBTRACTED PROFIT AND LOSS MERCHANTS is no way to memorialise your race. Come on, live a little this year. It's 2012, the Year of Custodianism. Get out on the streets. Get yourselves on local radio. Speak to the press. Tell your friends and neighbours. Say, "No!" we will not take this anymore. "We want our (god-given) FREE PLANET back."

Wikileaks - The Global Intelligence Files - five million Stratfor emails

Thanks to help from its 25 global media partners, WikiLeaks has started publishing The Global Intelligence Files – more than five million emails from the Texas-headquartered "global intelligence" company Strategic Forecasting Inc aka Stratfor.

The emails date from between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal's Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defense Intelligence Agency.

The Stratfor emails reveal a company that cultivates close ties with US government agencies and employs former US government staff. It is preparing the 3-year Forecast for the Commandant of the US Marine Corps, and it trains US marines and "other government intelligence agencies" in "becoming government Stratfors".  
Stratfor's Vice-President for Intelligence, Fred Burton, was formerly a special agent with the US State Department's Diplomatic Security Service and was their Deputy Chief of the counterterrorism division. Despite the governmental ties, Stratfor and similar companies operate in complete secrecy with no political oversight or accountability.  
Stratfor claims that it operates "without ideology, agenda or national bias", yet the emails reveal private intelligence staff who align themselves closely with US government policies and channel tips to the Mossad – including through an information mule in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Yossi Melman, who conspired with Guardian journalist David Leigh to secretly, and in violation of WikiLeaks' contract with the Guardian, move WikiLeaks US diplomatic cables to Israel.

There's one initial email that should catch your eye, one imagines, is from Stratfor's founder and CEO, George Friedman, about the company getting funding from former Goldman Sachs managing director Shea Morenz to start a hedge fund called StratCap.

Day later update: Julian Assange: "Stratfor is a Private Intelligence Enron" 

According to this morning's edition of Reuters, Stratfor has refused to answer questions about this email dump, allegedly stolen from their servers by Anonymous hackers, but have suggested that some of the content 'may be forged, altered.'

March 7th update:  in a revelation that seems to support Syrian Girl's unbelievable claims of INSIDE JOB on the Arab Spring, INFOWARS reveals that...

A shocking email leaked as part of the Wikileaks Stratfor data dump reveals that the Pentagon is planning to direct terror attacks and assassinations inside Syria in a bid to topple President President Bashar al-Assad.

The email, written by Reva Bhalla, Stratfor’s Director of Analysis, contains details of a December 6 Pentagon meeting attended by members of the USAF strategic studies group along with four military officers at the Lieutenant Colonel level, “including one French and one British representative.”

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lord James of Blackheath Exposes Geithner-Greenspan "Federal Reserve Cabal"

I have featured the Lord James of Blackheath's FOUNDATION X announement in 2010. Anyway, here's an excerpt from his latest (possibly ham-fisted or maybe just terrified) revelations as recorded in Hansard:

I believe that this is now such an important issue that I have put everything that I have got on the subjecton to a 104-megabyte memory thumb. I want the Government to take it all, put it to some suitable investigative bureau and find out the truth of what is going on here, because something is very seriously wrong. Either we have a huge amount of tax uncollected on profits made or we have a vast amount of money festering away in the European banking system which is not real money, in which case we need to take it back. I ask for an investigation and for noble Lords to support my plea. [source Hansard (Citation: HL Deb, 16 February 2012, c1016)]

But what's the honourable fellow wittering on about, you may ask.

Here's the eleven minutes youtube'd version below.

26th February update:  there's a FULL ANALYSIS by SirRataTap entitled Corrupt Banking at the highest levels that might, or might not, interest some of you. It's lengthy and quite in-depth and I have no idea if it's legit or factual or just 'part of the NEED TO KNOW game we're all suffering from'. Anyway, here's the closing summary:

Blackheath has laid out a full report on his investigations and is asking parliment to step in and set up a committee to look into this.

Hardly anyone from parliament stayed to listen to him – wonder why.

Riyadi says he was scammed and did not take 500M for his 15T in Treasury Notes – Who would?

The Federal Reserve has 15T to loan on books from the Riyadi transfer so it does a loan to Barlcays Bank of London and the Royal bank of Scotland of London

Blackheath does some unearthing and produces original copies of documents supporting his claims of this money transfer.

Money could not have been transferred through IMF if guidelines were followed and Treasury is not aware of this kind of transfer yet receipts for this transfer are real.

No one seems to know where the money is but it is on the books an potentially undermining London’s banking system and being used as leverage for a payout – to who is the question – the Federal Reserve????

Some things to ponder. Just last week a CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland resigns. The IMF director was replaced by Christine Lagarde not long ago. Iran just stopped sales of oil to the UK. It is suggested that the UK and the Federal Reserve have a relationship deeper than a mother and a daughter. Put this together with the fact that this is just one of how many of these that have or are going on and you might now know why so many bankers are resigning. Fraud is being exposed and arrests are happening all over the globe as we speak…….. Most importantly, if Riyadi was frauded and wanted to turn in his 15T for cash out immediately, who would be bankrupt overnight? Who would own the US?

Hope this helps you understand some of what 6th floor has been doing for a while now and is still doing. It is a major house cleaning going on and had to be done before our RV. Otherwise the bad guys would have the ability to further their agenda with the RV windfall – ain’t gonna happen. You have yet to hear the names of the US folks that are going down and soon…….You will be surprised!!!!

Me, I'd just like JOURNALISTS to 'do their fucking job' with a little more scrutiny than they have been doing since Corporations started to 'pay for the way the news is reported'.

Telling the Dream Time - 07:17 a.m.

you know, and it's not even like I believe that we live a parallel dream life or there's such a thing as Astral Projection or Non-linear Timestreams or whatever appears to be going on here. I'm just reporting THE FACTS as I observe them. And that's really all we can do, "Interpret the data stream."

This morning's dream.

I've no idea what the dream was prior to this moment but 'I go into the kitchen' (our kitchen, at home)  to look at the time and the digital readout on the cooker blinks 07:17 a.m. This is just before I wake up, for real. The wife wakes up beside me. I ask her the time, as the clock is on her side, "Seven twenty," she says. Her clock is a couple of minutes fast, as a rule.

And don't ask me what this image is about, I did a search for 07:17 and the Bali Bomb Monument in London popped up. Shrugs, I dunno ... seriously, I don't know. It's all too odd.

The Third Way - Byway of Deception - Machen sie Krieg?

this is my rifle by alex pardee
if you're a history buff, why the hell didn't you WARN THE PEOPLE before?
Why the hell didn't you tell your fellow man about the way Empires need chaos to 'rectify a colony' under a Fascist regime?
Why the hell weren't you on street corners like latter-day prophets warning of the false flag 1Q84 world to come?

If you're a history buff, here's your chance to back me up NOW.

"Vietnam" goes back to the end of the Second World War, through the 1950's when it was occupied by the French, disputed by the Communists and 'insurgenced' by a Third Party who appeared to have been funded through the CIA.

I watched an interview with film director Philip Noyce, on the SALT dvd, and he was going on about his dad being in the Australian Secret Service ... then he went on to talk about a film he did that I'd never seen (now remedied) called The Quiet American starring the rock-like Michael Caine, an excellent remake of a 1958 film. There's a Global Democracy plan doing the rounds, in the form of what started as The Arab Spring and, if you watch it with a weather eye, it's just like the THIRD WAY INSURGENCY of what happened during the French Occupation of Korea.

In fact, I was commenting to my (French) wife the other day that the situation that led to the fall of William Wallace in Scotland, an Anglo-French military alliance that cut off Scotland's links to the German trade states, may also be playing out again what with last year's Cameron/Sarkozy military pact on the eve of Scottish Independence talks, and North Sea Oil.

Anyway, back to THE THIRD WAY, and this quote comes from a blogger called Centurean2 on the subject, WHO IS REALLY BEHIND RUSSIA TODAY?

It is important to remember that communism was born not out of Russia, but the operational centers of the international banking elite who work primarily out of New York and London. Communism was sicced upon an unwitting Russian people to create an antithesis to the thesis of capitalism, and a bogeyman that has been used to push a fascist/totalitarian globalist agenda. The people of the West could never know that the real enemy existed within, so the global elite used Russia as their scapegoat by funding the rise of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.  
Many people still believe that Russia exists outside of globalist control, but nothing could be further from the truth since Russia has been under the control of the bankers since the 1917 revolution. It is simply Russia’s purpose in the dialectic to appear as a looming threat to “western democracy,” when it is controlled by the same people who control the US and the rest of the world from behind the scenes.

Communism was designed to have the appearance of spreading outward from Russia, to eventually ensnare the world in its proverbial net. The supposed fall of communism is one of the biggest ruses in modern history that was perpetrated on the people of the world by the globalists.  
While communism was once used as an overt threat (bogeyman) to bring us closer to global governance, it has since been transformed into a covert threat to carry on the same agenda as everyone looks to the Middle East as the latest manufactured threat to “world peace.” The goal has been the eventual creation of a global fascist system that would be the synthesis of capitalism and communism, resulting in a system that is neither of the two but rather completely new altogether, called the Third Way.

Aside: let us observe that "Pyle" (in Graham Greene's The Quiet American novel) might be the figurative namesake of "Private Pyle" who shot himself in the mouth in Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket, about the Vietnam war.

"Byway of Deception - Machen sie Krieg?" did you like what I did there with the title of this blogpost? It's a play on 'the western interpretation of' the old (Israeli Intelligence Agency) Mossad motto. But it's not. Not really. The old Mossad motto translates to: "For by wise counsel thou shalt wage thy war."

By the way, the new Mossad motto, taken from the Old Testamen, is "Where no counsel is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety." (Proverbs XI, 14).

So, my suggestion, and it's only a suggestion, is that the By Way of Deception Shall You Make War is not the motto of 'one arm of the global intelligence agency' but may in fact be the motto of THE THIRD WAY MAGICIANS. The Belief Makers. The Chess Players. The Global Tacticians. Muddying the waters of Creativity, Passion and Kinship on a Free Planet. Pitting him against her, black vs white, muslim against christian, red vs blue, east against west, communist vs democrat, north against south, us vs them, so that we'll be too pre-occupied FIGHTING THAT FIGHT to notice that we're all having the rug pulled from under us by The Purse Men.

Those amoral RISK players who 'fund both sides of any major conflict', control the global mindset and ensure that PROFIT (and dividend) is their only goal on this sick nightmare of a financial-idiot planet we've orchestrated for ourselves. We don't need to 'follow the money' to find out who the culprits are, there'd be nobody to punish anyway as the whole world is complicit in the game. We actually need to 'excise the cancer' of profit from the future world we want to bring our children's children up on. Cut out the 'growth' from the core of our planetary oneness. We can never be proud of our homeworld when profit (or conquest of one's competitors) is the sole driving force. War will always dictate and our Fascist sins will never be forgiven until we renounce Fiat Slavery.

FREE PLANET is the only alternative to what we've become, the only THIRD WAY.

Friday, February 24, 2012

LIT MOTORS - C-1 - monocoque gyroscopically stabilised electric motorbike

We all know how I'm a real big fan of Peraves E-TRACER all-electric enclosed motorbike, and a California Bay Area start up also seem to have 'been inspired' by this lovely two-seater monocoqued motorbike from Switzerland.

Lit Motors' twist on their (uglier, single-seater) design is the addition of a clever gryoscopic stabilisation method that keeps the bike upright, even when it's parked; or in a crash.

My take on this is, "You've got the stability issue conquered but E-TRACER still 'looks better' even with the ugly pop-down stabilisers it uses for parking, or when stationary in traffic. Imagine both of my hands pointing towards each other, fingers outstretched. My left hand is the gorgeousness of the E-Tracer's two-seated delightfulness. My right hand is this amazing gyroscopic stabilisation technology of the C-1. Watch how my the fingers of my left hand and the fingers of my right hand interlink in beautiful double-handed union."

"I am the weaver," Bill Hicks 1992/3

Hope and pray that your C-1's battery pack has been fully recharged prior to parking Lit Motors C-1 in public for more than an hour or so, especially on days with high winds.

Sarah Harvey - Ripples and Swirls.

Sarah Harvey was born in London in 1981. She completed her education at Chelsea School of Art and Newcastle University, graduating in 2004. She has a studio at the Bow Arts Trust in East London.

She does exactly what I like most about being an artist, she paints what it means to be UNIQUE. She says of her work, "I am greatly influenced by Francis Bacon's Carcass and crucifixion paintings, and of course by the work of Jenny Saville. Both of these figurative artists are intensely intrigued by the imagery of flesh - in both ugly and magnificently beautiful ways."  

Here are a few of the paintings from her RIPPLES AND SWIRLS collection.

and here's a very informative youtube feature on Sarah Harvey from DW-TV:

Dear Custodians of FREE PLANET

do you get what I'm doing here?

or am I totally out of line with this Free Planet idea?

is a dumbed down populace ruled over by tyrants actually that bad?
is a financial system that cripples creativity, passion and kinship actually that bad?
is a totally controlled prison planet wage slave subsistence actually that bad?

it's great that this blog now has upwards of 30,000 unique readers per month and 300 Followers. You are great. You are the trailblazers. The pioneers... the real Custodians.

But now it's time to REALLY OPEN UP FREE PLANET to the slumbering masses.

Every Follower of this blog, do this now -- pass the URL of the FREE Free Planet EBOOK to all your friend lists, email lists, MySpace, Facebook, Stumble Upon, in your work places, in your universities, in your colleges, your schools, your homes; whatever you want, wherever you want...

Tell your 300 friends to tell their 300 friends that this is a FREE PLANET and, like a huge number of self-replicating reality-awakening Agent Smiths, SEVEN BILLION human beings will soon realise what a massive CORPORATE WAR GAME their blood, sweat and tears are a part of and that THEY HAVE THE PLANETARY POWER STOP THE TYRANNY by outing the architects of industry, profit and the tyrannical mind-control methods that have been used on You The People for centuries.


In just a few months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds we can claim back that which is rightly ours, a FREE PLANET.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weather Channel suggests Chemtrails are $4Trillion Solar Umbrella?

Blatant much?

Apparently so, here's a stunning mainstream revelation from The Weather Channel's FORECAST EARTH briefs.

See, everyone who's my age, or at least (cough) thirty years of age will remember the mainstream furore about Acid Rain from coal-burning sulphur dioxide-emiting power plants and Chloro-Fluoro-Carbons from household fridges in the upper atmosphere destroying the ozone layer and causing a massive Greenhouse Effect where mankind is boiled under glass like baked tomato plants.


You all remember that ... now, what's this utterly insane SPRAYING  man-made-volcanoes or chemtrails of sulphur dioxide gas out the back of commercial tanker jets to deflect the rays of the sun?

How this sprayed sulphur dioxide is less greenhousy than sulphur dioxide (and CFCs etc) that makes its way into the air by convection currents and jetstreams and such is any one's guess. I mean, it's like I'm watching another episode of commercial lampoon show THE ONION.

Afternoon update: as posted on Business Wire, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and all other mainstream news channels in the Conglomerate at the start of 2011, E.L. Rothschild LLC Acquires a Majority Stake in Weather Central, LP

sounds like E.L. has bespoke weather-management software guiding his Global Warming/Climate Change agenda - that's still Carbon Tax to you and I, dear friends.

Whatever happened to Thorium Reactors?

At the height of the Cold War, both sides of the Corporate War chose Uranium/Plutonium reactors rather than Thorium reactors because of their extremely-valuable military by-products; Enriched and Depleted Uranium. Poisoned bullets are way better for so many cynical reasons, PROFIT-wise. In fact, everyone knows that you can build entire protection/maintenance industries around toxic materials like uranium, mercury and fluoride in our environment so that 'we the Consumers' pay and pay and pay to have this crap removed from our world.

The Conspiracy against the much safer nuclear option THORIUM reactors is all methodically laid out in THE THORIUM ALTERNATIVE by Ben Daviss from Trends Research. You can read that and/or watch this 30-minute documentary from The Thorium Energy Alliance, it's up to you.

Forget the traditional fiat-dollar devaluation instruments like GOLD or SILVER or COPPER, it's looking like THORIUM may soon become the 'must invest in' raw material for a potential nuclear future for mankind.

Either that or SOMETHING SENSIBLE, something ethical - like PHOTOSYNTHESIS machines.
Ya know, something natural - ethical, self-sustaining.
Think... Live.... Dream!

Kick out the financial terrorists - Iceland gets uprated to INVESTMENT grade

2009 - saying "NO!" Iceland-style
You all remember 2009 when Icelanders kicked the bankers out of their country, right?
You all remember how 'terrible a thing that was seen as being' at the time?
You all need to read this new report from Business Week:

Icelanders who pelted parliament with rocks in 2009 demanding their leaders and bankers answer for the country’s economic and financial collapse are reaping the benefits of their anger.

Since the end of 2008, the island’s banks have forgiven loans equivalent to 13 percent of gross domestic product, easing the debt burdens of more than a quarter of the population, according to a report published this month by the Icelandic Financial Services Association.

“You could safely say that Iceland holds the world record in household debt relief,” said Lars Christensen, chief emerging markets economist at Danske Bank A/S in Copenhagen. “Iceland followed the textbook example of what is required in a crisis. Any economist would agree with that.”

So, those 'corporate entities known as 'countries'' who are being aggressively pursued to accept self-assaulting Austerity Measures should just say NO. Refuse that DEBT-leveraged IMF 'bailout loan' so that they won't go bankrupt under the all-seeing-eye of Banksters. You can't pay back a debt by incurring more debt. Excise that incurable cancer from the 'body politic' of how your country runs.

A survival strategy encouraged by this report from Zero Hedge:

While Greece and Europe continue sinking ever deeper into the colonial quicksand of Pax Goldmania, Iceland, which blew up, pushed its banks into bankruptcy, and arrested its corrupt bankers, is well on its way to being the world's only normal country.


Too bad the Goldman colony of Greece (and soon everyone else - thank you first lien "bailout" debt) will not see headlines such as these written about it any time in the next century.

So, stand up and do what's right by Free Planet - that seems to be the financial message. Local solutions for global problems - let's carry that through to 'all aspects of our lives on our homeworld'.

"David Cameron, why do you harbour financial terrorists in the City of London?" Max Keiser goes apeshit this morning on his RT show.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CITY CAR - how you transport corporate prisoners from workcell to workcell

The CityCar is a foldable, electric, sharable, two-passenger vehicle for crowded cities. Wheel Robots—fully modular in-wheel electric motors—integrate drive motors, suspension, braking, and steering inside the hub-space of the wheel. This drive-by-wire system requires only data, power, and mechanical connection to the chassis.

With over 80 degrees of steering freedom, Wheel Robots enable a zero-turn radius; they also enable the CityCar to fold by eliminating the gasoline-powered engine and drive-train. [source MIT]

I love the way that red Audi nearly bumper-scrapes the back of that car as it pulls out from its parking space - I'm sure that was intentional.

I sorta love the way it's a front loading two-seater, too, i.e. not offspring friendly.

But the basic fact here is, it's both a science piece and a design piece since Science loves Cities - that's where they design PROFIT from mankind's gluttony for new gadgets.

Wasilla, Alaska - Warrior Within - banned for blatant vagina-ism

As reported in Alaska's foremost newspaper Frontiersman, this 'blatantly phallus-like' sculpture "Warrior Within" by Jim Dault and Shala Dobson has been PLACED UNDER TARPAULIN three days after its 'erection' outside Wasilla High School in the Mat-Su Valley by censors claiming it 'looks like a vagina'.

Rapid double-takes, "A vagina?"

“We poured our heart and soul into that piece, worked on it for nine months,” Jim Dault said of their Percent For Art Program public-funded effort, “We are proud, and I think there needs to be some time spent with it, as with any piece of art."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Localised Domain Law hits Free Planet - ccTLD is among us.

We all know that links to Free Planet posts are banned, as par for the course, on Facebook. Now, there's something even more sinister that could affect EVERY SINGLE BLOGGER on this e-planet.

Localised Domain Law:
I just noticed a linking directly to the content of my blog. Had someone set up a specific private redirect to my blog? Had someone just cloned my RSS feed for the purposes of sharing the know? I didn't much care as long as this meant I got my message of Free Planet to more and more readers. But that's not what this is about at all. It's a direct action from Google itself, who host the Blogspot machine.

The changes, which will be taking place over the next few months, Google claims "will allow us to continue promoting free expression and responsible publishing while providing greater flexibility in complying with valid removal requests pursuant to local law." The result of this is that content removal, and the taking-down of blogs can be managed on a "per country basis".

Although it states that blog readers may search a specific country version "by entering a specially formatted 'NCR' URL stands for "'No Country Redirect", it is not clear whether content removed by localised domain law will still be viewable.

Further explanation of  country-code top level domain, or "ccTLD" exists on  Google's own support page.

Though I can't guarantee it for all your Corporate Sub-divisions, let's hope your 'country' is seeing the whole picture, as promoted by Free Planet and not something like a cut-down version, annotated maybe, censored, or worse, rewritten.

The Banking Cartel - Anonymous - Final Solution for Financial Terrorism?

this video is from November 2011, so forgive me for regurgitating old news, old propaganda, but in light of the likes of ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone getting on the 'Hang a banker a week until the others improve' band-wagon, which just inspires More Elaborate Civil Defense Budgets and tyrannical strategies from governments quaking in their banker-owned boots about millions of disgruntled people on the streets, 'certain phrases in the above video caught my attention'.

banksters are the scum of the earth:
There is no way you can blame a professional for playing a game. And that's all Global Finance is. A game. That's why wars are fought. That's why people are murdered. That's why countries and birth certificates exist. It's the Game of Finance that needs to end.

open season on banksters:
You'll enjoy it for a bit, bringing those who you think are responsible for your slavery, but then you'll realise YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for your own slavery. Nobody made you do it. You tacitly agreed to taxes. You tacitly agreed to paying for everything. You tacitly agreed to slavery as a mode of life.

banksters, get out of our lives:
You say you want a world without money but you'll have to unite as a populace of SEVEN BILLION FREE SPIRITS and fully embrace a Free Planet - a place where our children's children is more important than a Corporate War for PROFIT.

CHAAANGE THE GAME is the only real way to rid the Earth of these Financial Terrorists.

Think about it, Anonymous may 'not be your friend'. They may, in fact, be an Ultra Left/Right Wing arm of the 'intelligence services' with an agenda to isolate you as a terrorist. You'll never really know. You've been programmed to worship HEROs since you were a kid, so you'll accept the 'valiant attempts' of 1984's Anonymous to 'usurp the tyranny'. You'll even accept ruthless VIGILANTE tyranny, in certain cases ... you'll become the executioners (the terror-ists) yourselves ... but where to go after the blood has been shed? Who is going to judge the executioners' errors of judgement? Who's going to be your New Ruler? Who's gonna pay to have your investment world rebuilt, your prison cities repaired, your prison-cell homes protected, your CCTV lifestyle reinforced?

I'm not totally convinced ANONYMOUS (whoever or whatever it is) has thought about a Free Planet, where ethical local solutions to technology, shelter, water and food for EVERYONE means a 'world without money', a leaderless world, a prisonless world, a patent-freed world, a borderless world, a world of Creativity, Passion and Kinship.

Afternoon update: if this shit interests you at all, you gotta take a look at the second half of today's Keiser Report where Max Keiser interviews Zeus Yiamouyiannis about Greek tragedies and Greek solutions.

Note Yiamouyiannis' comment about the 'Relentless Maximum Growth' meme, a notion that's very close to my Free Planet heart.

I quite like the bit where Yiamouyiannis explains how Greece was too deeply in debt to get a Bank Note to buy 'western' oil (make of that term what you will) that it had to go buy oil off Iran, direct. Then, knowing this, United Nations sanctions meant non-sale of Iranian Oil. Knowing this would TRASH Greece further. Ruthless fuckers much?

Monday, February 20, 2012

What role will China play in Extraterrestrial Disclosure?

Here's footage from the Chang'e-2 lunar orbiter that claims to have found MOON BASES (plural and nuked to bits) on the Far Side of the Moon.

I was sent some pictures by a source who claims China will be releasing Hi Res images taken by the Chang'e-2 moon orbiter, which clearly show buildings and structures on the moons surface. [source ADG]

Ready the debate machine!

More images to be released as, "China is moving toward full disclosure of the Extraterrestrial reality. If these images and future ones are verified genuine then NASA should be investigated for fraud and treason." ADG, UNQUOTE

UK Parliament - John Baron - Backbench Business: Iran (Motion)

You'll have missed it, because you were all busy reporting on the Theresa May admission that UK Border Agencies DON'T DO WHAT THEY'RE TOLD by Ministers ... but John Baron, the Conservative MP for Basildon & Billericuy, is encouraging The House to debate whether we should send another army on another Iraq-invasion quest based on 'some intelligence' that Iran is planning to make nukes to kill the west.

According to John Baron's opening statement, Israel wants to make an air-strike on Iran ASAP. I'd never heard it so simply put. Shocking, indeed. And we'd be idiots to forget that there's a MASSIVE Israel Lobby in both the UK Parliament and the US Congress/Senate.

He seems to be suggesting that POLITICAL POSTURING has regularly got in the way of Actual Facts re: enemies among the jackals, in respect of certain/questionable WMD-Iraq and 911-OsamaBinLaden claims that led to invasion and assassination respectively.

Very important point about the 'misquoted translation' that attributed the terrorist quote, "Israel must be wiped of the map," where a more direct Farsi translation would be more about Regime Change being needed in Israel rather than some insane Global Annihilation master move. Is Farsi really that more complicated to translate than 'any other language'?

John Baron ended his opening comments by suggesting that UK could tell USA to tell Israel to back off  from an insane air-strike policy on their arab neighbour (do we have that power?) and then he cites President Nixon's 1972 visit to China. Baron's basically saying, "Let's not go to war (again) on heresay or rhetoric." Very interesting TV, for once. And then Rifkind stood up...

And everyone's missing the real answer to the Iran issue, "There's no such thing as a justification for war based on what weapons a country has."

Anyway, you were all looking the other way ... as usual the Great Magicians took your eye off the ball. As you were, slaves. As you were.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

FREE ROBERT GREEN - one year in prison for 'handing out pamphlets'.

I was watching BBC's The Culture Show last night on the resurgence in the Art of Pamphleting, and (apparently) it's just like being back in good-old Victorian England, mideers. All the best writers/journalists are doing it. Pamphleting's a great platform from which to launch a controversial viewpoint or get across a non-mainstream or publisher-unfriendly opinion. It's the latest thing, darling, dontchaknow...

Well, Robert Green is the man behind the Justice for Hollie Greig case; the Down's Syndrome girl who claims to have been systematically used as a child-rape-toy by prominent members of the Scottish establishment. I met Robert at last year's Abel Danger "victory meal", at the Kings Arms here in Oxford (which I arranged) and found him to be a lovely man; soft spoken, considered. He even gave a short interview on camera to Sue Freeman's which was 'live streamed'.

Here's an excerpt from Robert Green's last blog entry before his (kafkaesque) trial:

This week it was announced that Liam Gibson, described as one of Scotland`s most notorious purveyors of child pornography, was spared a jail sentence despite Lothian & Borders Police discovering 50,000 images of child pornography at his home.

In 2009, Douglas Haggarty QC, a senior member of the Legal Aid Board with the responsibility and influence in deciding if I should be granted legal aid, was found to have committed a sexual act with a 17-year-old male prostitute in the public toilet of British Home Stores, St Enoch Centre, Glasgow on a Saturday afternoon at a time when the store was full of families out shopping. Mr Haggarty was not only spared prison, but was allowed to retain his lucrative job in a position of public trust.

In 2001, when Elish Angiolini was busy covering up over Hollie`s allegations, in an unrelated case, a 22-year-old man who admitted to raping a 10-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy was allowed to walk free. This was reported in The Times and The Telegraph in May of that year. Angiolini was subsequently forced into a public apology for her incompetence. This monumental blunder did not prevent her climbing to the highest office in the justice system.

Pamphleting, or handing out information such as this, in the streets now carries a ONE YEAR jail sentence, as handed down (not by a jury trial) but by a single judge acting on behalf of all judges, one imagines, Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen. Well, Judge Bowen came down on Robert Green like a TON OF BRICKS and handed out a ruthless one-year jail sentence for Green's heinous public pamphleting campaign of terror. And let this be a lesson to you all - no one wants the truth out. And they will arrest, detain, claim terrorist on ANYONE who gets in their way. Got that, slave?

Robert Green is currently being held at HMP Aberdeen and he's suggested that people contact his Member of Parliament (David Mowat) at to get this matter raised with the proper authorities, like that'll do much good.

February 22nd update: Deek Jackson of refreshingly-open FKN NEWS went into 'gratuitous detail' about The 'Holly Greig' Big Picture back in April 2010, so it's well worth revisiting that material, in case you've never seen his particular eye-opening brand of 'investigative journalism' before.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Superbowl XLVI - the High Priestess of Pop - satanic ritual

I love these insanely paranoiac articles of analytical indoctrination that keep you afraid: we're supposed to believe that DURING SUPERBOWL XLVI (Roman numerals for 46) past-it pop-legend Madonna performed a Grotesque Satanic Ritual to appease the gods of the underworld, LOL.

I know, it's purely codified synthesis for a mind-controlled audience of (allegedly) 113 million beer-guzzlin' viewers of 'a game of American Football' but here are the satanic highlights of this VLP (visuo-linguistic-programming) for those who missed it.

Roman Procession Leading In the Goddess

Notice the sinister glowing eyes of the dark sphinxes flanking the throne.

Many people have compared this image to bat-winged god Baphomet.

The Roman headdresses of her cohorts include blatant ram's horns on the right.

The winged disc is a classic symbol in Egyptian, Babylonian and Sumerian mythology.

The Eye of Horus appears as a swirling vortex when Madonna sings "I close my eyes" in Like a Prayer.
The lights above the stage reveal the same shape -- triangular beams with a central vortex.

The Eye became fully formed over several seconds as it swirled -- and appeared to be made of stars and nebulae.

Madonna's headdress resembles the Sumerian goddess Ishtar. Notice the all-seeing eye on her belt as well.

Images and captions courtesy of Divine Cosmos's FINANCIAL TYRANNY page.

Second world war German propaganda minister Josef Goebbels knew all about MAKING THE LIE AS BIG AS POSSIBLE and repeating and repeating and repeating it.

And never forget, sheoplezzz, "SATAN IS LORD," circa 1992, William Melvin Hicks.

ADDENDUM: "Sanri" emails me to remind me that the fifth image in that (above) stack, shown below in its proper form, mirrors exactly the Twin Towers pose of Alasteir Crowley - gah, it's all smoke & mirrors, shirley.

Iron Sky - film trailer - it's gonna get Nazi!

I've kept a weather eye Iron Sky's 'independent' (i.e. distributed freelance render/animation donations, private finance donations) development model for a long number of years and the final trailer is absolutely wicked. Iron Sky premieres at the Berlin International Film Festival in February and opens in theaters in April 2012 with Finland opening on 4th of April and Germany on the 5th of April. Other countries will follow soon after.

Oh, and as far as I can tell, this film has nothing to do with City Wide Surveillance system: Iron Sky.

I suspect the geo-political guts of this film's UFO-invasion-narrative have more to do with the all-conquering Corporate War Tacticians at the B.I.S. EuroReich rather than some 70 year-old Dark Side of the Moon aryan conspiracy of der schtomping jackboots.

I mean, "Have you ever seen a 'Neu Velt Ordnung' message so blatantly delivered, schweinhunds?"

Seriously, these film-makers have their razor-blade right on the vein of the collective eyeball -- slice it wide open!

"All Presidents who start a war in their first term get re-elected." UNQUOTE.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Haruki Murakami - 1Q84 - book one and book two

the mundane banality of assassination,
the mundane banality of re-writing,
the mundane banality of Air Chrysalises, Maza's, Dohta's and Paedophiliac Sexual Rituals involving Total Body Paralysis, the Little People and some weird religious cult Leader under a Second Moon.

Yes, it's all here in Haruki Murakami's new novel "1Q84" (ichi-kyu-hachi-yon, books one and two) translated by Jay Rubin. Each of the two books in this hardback version, released separately in Japan as was Norwegian Wood and Wind-up Bird Chronicle, sold ONE MILLION copies on release. And for those of you who don't know what the title means, Q is the Japanese way to say Nine, hence an allusion to George Orwell's novel 1984; the date of the novel's setting at least.

640 pages, which I read in a few days, so page-turnery and delicious was the lunacy of the ride. His depiction of TRUE EVIL in the form of the stalking aura of paedophilia which permeates the novel like a lingering noxious fume is wonderfully banal and mundane; matter of fact. Properly horrific. The book galloped (was horse-whipped) to its open-ended 'climax', and I was thinking that this is going to be another After Dark part-story-not-yet-resolved, and there, right on the inside back of the dust jacket, "...the surprising Book Three, which will be released as a separate volume."

I don't read dust jacket blurbs before plunging into a book as they generally tend to spoil what I'm about to read. Further research tells me book Three got the Philip Gabriel translation treatment, a translator who I respect the most in that he seems able to wring every single ounce of angst from the writer's original text and isn't too funky with his wording. Book Three is ordered and on its way...

BONUS MATERIAL: on the subject of Murakami's insistence on wedging-in this fantastical supernatural imagery in his otherwise dour-realism novels, I'm gonna quote a relevant section from an excellent 2004 interview with Paris Review:

"We are living in a fake world; we are watching fake evening news. We are fighting a fake war. Our government is fake. But we find reality in this fake world. So our stories are the same; we are walking through fake scenes, but ourselves, as we walk through these scenes, are real. The situation is real, in the sense that it's a commitment, it's a true relationship."

Do Right by Free Planet - one unifying song.

DO RIGHT BY FREE PLANET is the mantra of this anti-corporate-war-global-awakening movement and it could be the driving force behind a brand new view of life on this planet. I've never expounded upon it before, it's just been a subtitular phrase for the Free Planet blog. But that time has come and You The People need to share what this mantra means for you and your Diversities, moving forward into a PROFIT-free world. Share this message with the world, "Do right by Free Planet," has arrived.

For far too many centuries, mankind has been a conquering race. Making war for asset and geopolitical advantage. But this ego-centric empire building legacy has given us nothing but a ruined rock orbiting a variable star we call our Sun.

For a FREE PLANET to truly work, there has to be a global shift from "the needs of industry" to "the needs of the planet" and our active role in that equation.

This can be achieved by adopting one simple mantra, one rule or, one unifying song, "Do right by free planet, and Free Planet will do right by you."


Your energy needs are catered for:
Geothermal, wind, solar, magnetic - you don't have to PAY for any of this.

Your manufacturing needs are catered for:
Resources are already accessible by the previous free energy clause.

Your intellectual needs are catered for:
You are free to study any branch of FACT you care to explore. There is no political wool pulled over the eyes, no agenda, no exploitation. Basically, whatever you set as a worthy goal (keeping in mind the ONLY rule) is totally acceptable. It's your world, after all. Your life. Your challenge.

You don't need PROFIT:
Growth is a made-up concept. How can you put a bottom-end on your valued participation in the human arc?

You don't need to work to live:
Slavery's a scam. That's how Corporations make profit, and control your time.

You don't need religion:
Mass 'mesmerism' is how Corporate Society controls and regulates the masses.

You don't need punishment or jails:
Most people who are in jail (and this also means 'factories of financial need') are victims of the above two clauses aka the need for MONEY and a warped sociological UPBRINGING.

Grow up already, people. This is your chance to use that big brain.

You have no one to tell you what to do. That's over. You must come to terms with the fact that no man would want to live in someone else's sewer. Make this world YOUR HOME, not your prison. Just concentrate on the ONLY rule as your guide. People who are in jail are generally resourceful and creative, we should allow them to flourish and shine as active members of our free'd race. Not shun them behind walls of metal and concrete and drug-enhanced dogma.

Living on a Free Planet is akin to living in a Personal Olympics environment where everyone is striving to excel themselves in their chosen life path (keeping in mind the ONLY rule). A 'be the best you can in your chosen field' mentality. There are billions among us who would actively strive to make their world a better place and refurbish it with all the life that's been crushed from it under the demands of the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE (for profit, asset and total global domination).

Do Right By Free Planet usurps the slacker urge because this will be our one chance to shine and leave a better world for our children's children -- we suddenly have THE ULTIMATE MOTIVATION to return Diversity and Plenty to this world.

Imagine a space where the most athletic gather to better themselves. Imagine a place where the most technically minded enhance our lives. Imagine a place where study into the best ways to feed the planet so that it is renewable and scenic and special. Imagine a creative space where nothing is taboo and every aspect of life is open for enhancement and enrichment. Imagine a global race of people who can change when they need to; an educated race, a survivalist race.

Why is that important?

Well, for the last few thousand years, an empire mentality called "Slave City Society" has preached the idea that we live in a stable environment and EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT, well SCS is global and 'everything is broken'. And the 'status quo' mob don't even realise this. The world on which we live was formed by violent interstellar forces and those processes are still active on this planet, on this Solar System. We need to start to be told the truth, as a race, as a people, about life on Planet Earth. We need to know not only that our lives are always in peril but also how to adapt to change. We need the ability and the means to shift WHOLE DIVERSITIES of people at any given time depending on the results of solar activity, bad weather, earthquakes or meteor strikes.

These will still happen on a Free Planet but, if we are prepared, we can cope.

"We are the best we can ever be and this will be our planet." that's what I want to start hearing from all seven billion of you out there. This is your planet and you will do right by it. It, in return, is your salvation, your (literal) Heaven on Earth.

Kurt Haskell - the Underwear Bomber - sentenced to LIFE IMPRISONMENT

three personal updates from the back end of 2011 and into early 2012, in case you thought the furore over the Underwear Bomber had gone away.

Kurt Haskell was the 'legal guy' who was on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 flight out of Schipol Airport NL on Xmas day 2009 claiming that (passportless) Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab "THE UNDERWEAR BOMBER" was helped onto an  by an African-looking 'smartly dressed man'.

first update: Oct 2011

Trial for the Underwear Bomber started this week, on Tuesday. Since neither Kurt or I had been contacted about being witnesses or being sequestered from the courtroom, we decided to head down to the trial in the hopes of being able to observe. Seats were reserved for all victims, and we really wanted to be there as much as possible. When going through security on the first floor of the court, we ran into someone who works for Anthony Chambers, who told us a pre-trial Motion had been filed that morning to exclude Kurt and I from being in the courtroom for the trial as we may be potential witnesses.

second update: Dec 2011

It has now been two years since the Underwear Bomber attack. Once again, Lori and I find ourselves reflecting during the holidays about what happened on Flight 253. The attack, which comprised only two minutes of our lives, continues to shape our thoughts and beliefs. Although the criminal case has ended (except for sentencing which will happen in January 2012), the laws of Michigan allow for a two year period statute of limitations in order for the injured to bring a civil lawsuit.

third update: Jan 2012

Although the underwear bomber trial concluded in October with a plea deal, Umar filed a motion on December 12, 2011 to replace stand-by attorney Chambers. This motion is too little too late since the only matter left in the case is sentencing, which will occur on January 19, 2012.

I really like the capitalised phrase "NOBODY ON EARTH TAKES A PLEA SO THAT THEY CAN NEVER GET OUT OF PRISON!" in that third update.

February 17th 'sentencing' update: courtesy of Kurt Haskell, the man put forward by 'underwear bomber' Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab as HIS ONLY WITNESS on a flight of nearly 300 passengers. Here's the very scary bit (for me) of Kurt Haskell's Victim Impact Statement:

When I attended the jury selection hearings, I questioned why versions of the same two questions kept coming up, those being:

1. Do you think whether you'll be able to tell whether something is actually a bomb?
2. Do you realize that sometimes the media doesn't always tell the truth?

I continued to be greatly saddened at this point as I felt the truth continued to be hidden.

When Umar listed me as his only witness, I was happy to testify, not on his behalf, but on behalf of the truth. I never expected to testify, as my eyewitness account would have been too damaging to the myth that the government and media are putting forward. A mere 5 days after I was announced as a witness, there was an inexplicable guilty plea which exasperated me as I no longer would be testifying.

February 23rd update:  here's an exclusive follow-up video interview where Kurt Haskell again lays out his claim that 'intelligence agencies intentionally put the Underwear Bomber on a plane with an intentionally-defective bomb to simulate a terror threat':

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

art feature - abstract artist - Sean Scully

you all know (or maye you don't know, as I don't appear to have a blogpost about him) I'm a big fan of the abstract art of Mark Rothko -- I should really do a piece about his Seagram Murals (room) at Tate Modern, except it's no longer seems to be there. I do remember (vaguely) wandering into some London gallery one day, it could have been the Albemarl or one of Lord Sainsbury's London Galleries, it might have actually been the National Gallery. I mean we're talking twenty-odd years back. I remember walking into this dark room through a set of oak double doors. I didn't even know if I should be in there, it was only me, and upon the walls of this dark room were these big red paintings. I sat down on the bench, and the paintings seemed to DO SOMETHING to the back of my eye such that their hidden redness, lifted out from the darkness within which they were held prisoner ... a soft silent scream screaming SCREAMING.

Seagram Murals @ Tate Modern ... too bright

well, this blogpost's not about Rothko, it's about another abstract artist that's been growing on me quite a lot in recent years, Irish-born Munich-resident Sean Scully.

Moody's Downgrades Italy, Spain, Portugal And Others; Puts UK, France On Outlook Negative - Full Statement


it's just that overnight (according to ZERO HEDGE) Country Assassination Bureau MOODY's went 'absolutely apeshit' on Europe's ass like it was some wretched and defenseless battered wife.

Austria: outlook on Aaa rating changed to negative
France: outlook on Aaa rating changed to negative
Italy: downgraded to A3 from A2, negative outlook
Malta: downgraded to A3 from A2, negative outlook
Portugal: downgraded to Ba3 from Ba2, negative outlook
Slovakia: downgraded to A2 from A1, negative outlook
Slovenia: downgraded to A2 from A1, negative outlook
Spain: downgraded to A3 from A1, negative outlook
United Kingdom: outlook on Aaa rating changed to negative

Man, this is a real vicious top-down corporate-war game of RISK™ and GLOBAL DOMINATION 1.01 which mankind has to abandon immediately, and adopt a leaderless existence known as FREE PLANET.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sacked by FOX NEWS - Judge Napolitano - What if...

I wish there was someone on MAINSTREAM TELEVISION who would spout the same WHAT IF about the B.B.C. and the red/blue government war game called Parliament, here in U.K.

You bet your life Judge Napolitano lost his job shortly after this wonderful msm rantorial. And you know what, his sacrifice may just be about leading YOU THE SHEOPLE into 'voting for Ron Paul in 2012' even though he might just 'renege on his campaign promises once he's in office' like 'all the presidents before him'. There 'might be' a really VALID reason why 'elected leaders' totally 180 their campaign promises, once in office.


What if ALL 'elected presidents/prime ministers' are just 'selected puppets' of 'some over-arching corporate entity' that 'really runs policy on this planet'?

In matters of reporting THE REAL NEWS, where has the UK-journalist spine gone? Oh, yeah, corporate advertising ... the Corporations OWN the Newspapers, in the form of oodles of advertising revenue. No lucrative corporate sponsorship injection, no newspaper - the News Of The World's rapid closure showed us how fast, "Money Talks."

"Do right by FREE PLANET," that's what I'd say to these spineless so-called journalists.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Monument to all the dead slaves - royal european families

Some things never change, eh, only the numbers of dead slaves of royalty through the ages.

Why the fuck do we need any Royal European Families in 2010? And don't hit me with the, "Royalty brings in a lot of tourist dollars." because once those tourists discover that it's the European Royal Families at the head of the New World Order, then there's gonna be no touristing any more.

When people in the military find out that their sons and daughters are being sent to WARS FOR CORPORATE PROFIT that are orchestrated by the Royals using their banker organisers, then there's gonna be no touristing any more. When the tourists find out that the Royal vaccine programme is meant to DEPOPULATE THE PLANET, then there's gonna be no touristing any more.

What makes me laugh, like really laugh, is when these corporate-educated drones go, "My real ambition life is to 'make enough money' to 'buy my own house'." I mean 'get out of slavery' and 'who the fuck are you paying' when you buy that house? I mean^2, this is a Free Planet as decreed by ANYONE WITH ANY COMMON SENSE ... why should I bother paying some baronic landlord any serf-rent for 'my own little piece of England'?  Sorry, this does not compute, not one bit.

Q: Do we need Royals any more?
A: This is a FREE PLANET, let's never forget that.

WIFI cancer danger - Barry Trower

Barrie Trower Autobiography
I trained at the Government's Microwave Warfare establishment in [the] 60’s. I worked with the underwater bomb disposal unit, which used microwaves. 

In the 70’s I helped debrief spies trained in microwave warfare.My first degree is in Physics. (I specialised in microwaves.)My second degree is a research degree.I have a teaching diploma in human physiology.I teach advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College.

Author of the Tetra Report for the Police Federation. I predicted the illnesses, which the officers now complain of. These are illnesses that occurred before my report was published and cannot be psychosomatic.

super three dream morning - successful levitation test

NOTE: these dreams are so ultra-realistic, it's like that scene in the Matrix where Neo leers over the passing 'girl in the red dress' and Morpheus goes, "Freeze programme," or something and it's Agent Smith with his gun out.

1) in an old flat of mine, lying to the new tenant about how I used to live there, to get a tour. I sensed the location changed around me when I wanted to achieve an escape route. Like it was DIFFERENT when I looked back. As I've walked through the flat, it's slightly altered to what it used to be, nostalgia dragging behind me like a scatter of leaves.

2) cycling around a busy dangerous city to make it to an appointment; clue hunting. There was another cyclist who knew more than me, also clue hunting, I followed him, noticed what he found. Loads of traffic, ended up walking across a very busy road, in the near distance to my right a SKULL CHURCH theatre and a massive long black 'batman-like' car whizzed past, longer than a bus. Talked to a man, crossing with me, we both noted the long black car. He said, "I got my first car for £500," this was after I told him that my first car cost £1,200 (true).

3) this is the best one.
Not since 'making my forearms grow really long' have I realised I was dreaming. Happened again this morning - I realised I was in a dream. Intentionally went into MY KITCHEN, where I now live. Everything looked real. I picked out three plates of a pattern of which only one remain (butter fingers). Placed something like frozen sweetcorn kernels, about the size of a yellow pepper, could have been a can of sweetcorn, that sorta size, on one of the plates. Made it levitate --- and it did. It rose about its own height off the plate.

And you know, I'm not certain if I made the yellow thing rise or the entire dream-kitchen descend, by that amount. Me in it. Very odd.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

We all stand together - or there's no Free Planet.

I wanted a version of the Paul McCartney's FROG SONG that didn't show cartoon frogs so that you could a) just 'listen to the words' and b) not be 'distracted by the cheesy green pond life'.

Win or lose, sink or swim,
One thing is certain, we'll never give in.
Side by side, hand in hand,
We all stand together.

Free Planet will not condone any PUNISHMENT of any individuals employed in the financial sector.

Free Planet will not condone any PUNISHMENT of any individuals employed in the military sector.

Free Planet will not condone any PUNISHMENT of any individuals employed in the media, political, housing, corporate, religious sector.

There will be NO WITCH HUNTS, all will be FORGIVEN for working in now-dismantled power positions.

These are not the criminals, they're just the PLAYERS OF THE GRAND CHESS GAME. And the main function of Free Planet is to realise that this is the major ailment on our planet, this relentless war for profit. But we can only do this is we are unified under a common banner of 'Do right by Free Planet'.

We're all in this TOGETHER.

We can't just behead-and-spike some random individuals who we think 'were in control' or were 'one of the rulers of our world'; there are NO RULERS on Free Planet.

When we decide that's it, the empire must end, taxes must end, cities must die, kings and queens are dethroned, private patents must be released into a world of Creativity, Passion and Kinship. Everyone is worthy of living. Everyone is worthy of free breathing, food, water, shelter: once we ALL AGREE on those simple factors of life we can move forward, as a race. But we all have to want it now; today - without delay.

There can be no half measures - anything else, other than total involvement from all seven billion Custodians (that's you all, reading this, and all the friends you inform) of Free Planet, will just be seen as criminal activity by 'the compromised agents of elected governments' who can (legally) legislate against us. We will be picked off, one by one.

The fact is this, "To 'do right by Free Planet' we all have to work together, or there's NO FUTURE, no way out."

Play the game, fight the fight,
But what's the point on a beautiful night?
Arm in arm, hand in hand,
We all stand together.

the sun is an interstellar messaging device

you'd probably have expected me to have illustrated this post with a big picture of the sun from NASA showing some enormous coronal mass ejection or something radiating out of this solar communication device. But that's not how my mind works. You've just seen a short movie of an artificial whale making artificial waves in an artificial ocean. You'll understand the make-it-real relevance of this 'illusion' or you won't.

Now, onto the substance of this blogpost, "The sun is an interstellar messaging device," pretty strong claim but hear me out.

Since I posted about Cleve Backster - Quantum Biocommunication - Primary Perception I've become somewhat obsessed with the implications and the ramifications of such earth-shattering research. Sure, plants reflect their environment. Sure, DNA taken from a donor reacts when you put that donor in an emotional state, no matter how distant the two samples.

But wait, is such quantum biocommunication a one-way deal?

What is the sample taken from the donor could affect the donor?  Well, we are leaving samples of our DNA all over the place all the time when our skin sheds or our hair falls out or... you get the idea. Is whatever happens to those 'spillages of our life essence' able to be picked up by the donor, no matter how distant? Are we connected with all the places we've deposited our DNA throughout our lives?

And that made me think ... we are all stardust.

Think very seriously about that. All that atoms that make up the complex orchestra of our DNA were formed in the heart of our cooling star in its youth, our sun. Since time is stretched at the ultra-gravitational realm, are our atoms still connected to the sun's influence? Or conversely, can we emotionally COMMUNICATE with our sun. And if that's the case, can we use this instantaneous biocommunication to communicate with other stars in our galaxy and can we use that instant connectivity to communicate with other galaxies in our universe, etc and on and on... 

I mean, I know the frequencies will be different; in DNA they're formed by the complex strcutures of atomic interaction across our parent-donated double helix: in the sun they're formed by the purer tones of hydrogen and helium and all the other heavy elements of our parent star. But the important thing is, "We're still samples of our original parent," and that sub-space connection, as evidenced by Backster's research might still be active. Hey, you don't even need a SPIRIT or a SOUL to do these experiments; you don't have to believe in God of follow any Earth Spirit Cult or anything. This is just a physical thing. You just need the bio-organic connection of the aeons, that touch of the 'other world' of our 'multi-dimensional atomic linkage' for this to work.

In fact, it's more likely that the captured HYDROGEN BONDS within the DNA double-helix are more important than the ACGT base paris of the organic material in our cells. It's the HYDROGEN that sings the songs of the stars, after all.

I'd like you, the near-300 followers of this blog, to do a test as soon as you receive mention of this new blogpost, I want you to focus all your creative attention on an image of the blazing sun sitting in space erupting and roiling in its super-heated way, "I want you to concentrate on this image in your mind and send the sun a positive message concerning your idea of a Free Planet," that can therefore be broadcast INSTANTANEOUSLY to all the stars of our Galaxy and by interconnectivity to all the galaxies in our universe.

This act can be like our COMING HOME PARTY.