Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CLOUD ATLAS (David Mitchell, 2004 novel) - extended trailer - Twyker and Wachowskis to direct.

Based on David Mitchell's 2004 novel, CLOUD ATLAS is an upcoming German-made English-language historical/science fiction film co-directed by Tom Tykwer (Perfume, The International) and The Wachowskis (The Matrix Trilogy). The 'unfilmable' narrative is a multi-character multi-timeline affair that's been described as "like no film you've ever seen".

The film's cast includes:

Tom Hanks
Hugh Grant
Halle Berry
Jim Broadbent
Hugo Weaving
Jim Sturgess
James D'Arcy
Ben Whishaw
Susan Sarandon
Keith David
David Gyasi
Zhou Xun
Doona Bae

Best shot of this Extended Trailer: Tom Hanks, back in pre-history carrying his daughter(?), running from the marauding horde. You know he'll try his best to protect his love. You know the gang will catch them.

Literally tears pouring down my face.

"Our lives are not our own; we are bound to others, past and present," I think the message is, "Enjoy the time you have TOGETHER," but I can't be sure there's ANY resolution to this complex story.

CLOUD ATLAS is scheduled to be released in October 2012.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dream - football riots in London?

I NEVER dream about football, did last night though.
I was 'again, trying to get from A to B' (a common theme in my dreams) and there were (aren't there always) OBSTACLES IN MY WAY.

Sometimes, it's flooding. Sometimes it's confusing urban mazes. This time it was a street riot. QPR was mentioned. Hammers was mentioned. Warring factions were in the streets, police were there. Queens Park Rangers and West Ham fans were having violent street battles. Molotov cocktails, running confrontations and such.

I've just checked the Premier League Fixtures 2012-13 website and QPR play West Ham on 29th September 2012.

I have no idea what this means, as always.

OLYMPICS CHEMTRAIL NEWS - Oxford - July 30th 2012

I'm not the kinda guy who believes in miracles but IOC might have just performed one as, since the 2012 London Olympics started a couple days ago, the skies over Oxford have been absolutely clear of these pesky 'persistent contrails' otherwise known as...


It's true, even in the simulated sky to the right of this text, you can see Oxford at the bottom and an Easy Jet commercial airliner flying overhead - not even a short contrail coming out of it, just...


And don't get me wrong, we've had our share of cloud-spotted skies. In fact, this morning, there are clouds in the sky and yesterday, a torrential rain storm shot through. So, there's water vapour in the air i.e. a 'persistent contrail' could have been supported by such atmospheric conditions.


The sky's exactly as it was during the week-long downing of commercial aircraft into and out of UK during the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption of April 2010. And what happened the day the commercial flights recommenced? Yeah, a sky of rippling CHEMTRAILS going about their geo-engineering work. Is this what we're destined to see on the day after 2012 London Olympic closing ceremony?


And don't think that there are no commercial airlines in the sky this morning, I can HEAR THEM. They scoot overhead every ten or fifteen minutes at about 20,000 feet on descent to Heathrow and Gatwick. And you can find them. They're like tiny white crosses against an azure curtain. You can SEE THEM. But nothing belches out the back of them...


Like a miracle happened.

ELEVEN DAYS LATER: the miracle continues. Only way to tell if this 'chemtrails theory' has any validity, is watch what happens to UK Skies after the end of the Olympics i.e. in THREE DAYS TIME. Will it go back to this?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 London Olympics opening ceremony - 1:42 recap

it was encouraging to see The Sex Pistols on last night's Hobbits-became-Slaves wanxtravaganza, but would you really wanna sit through three bum-numbing hours when you could get just as much information from this 1:42 recap from Taiwanese 'animation' outfit NMA_TV?

No, I don't understand why it's in Chinese, rather than Taiwanese, either.

STARLOG SUPPLEMENTAL: here's a press release from Occupy London about last night's Critical Mass cycle demonstration in The City (like, what did they expect?)

A peaceful good natured mass cycle that has happened on the last Friday of every month for the past eighteen years was met with police aggression, pepper spray, violence with truncheons used, kettling and multiple arrests. Red London buses full of confiscated bicycles present a very different image of what this city means to the people who live in it in 2012.

Today (Saturday) Occupy London will join more than 40 groups protesting against the Olympics for the ‘Whose Games? Whose City?‘ demonstration, organised by the Counter Olympics Network. Assembling in Mile End Park in East London at noon, there will be a march to Wennington Green for a family friendly event including speeches, entertainment, alternative games and children’s events.

There is no intention to cause disruption to the games. We hope that the police and other interested parties including LOCOG, the ODA, the IOC likewise respect people’s sacrosanct right to assemble, travel and protest peacefully.

Of course there's no news of this event on mainstream media - why would there be?

Oh, I did find the 'blond girl driving the Mini with the half-cast child who sits outside on his mobile phone' a little insulting. And why was the Queen of England starring alongside KNOWN MASS MURDERING PSYCHOPATH aka "James Bond"? And what's the SATURATION of Illuminati imagery? Or is it 'light workers'?

I wonder if Danny Boyle was the right man for the job of Britishness Ambassador; I couldn't work out whose side he was on. Or if he knows what he's done.

777 UPDATE: I only just found out today that a) Akram Kahn's dance tribute commemorated the 52 victims of the July 7th 2005 bombings of three London Underground trains and a double-decker bus and b) this tribute was CUT by American broadcaster NBC who ran a brief interview with Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps conducted by "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest instead.

Well, that's the second time the 777 (July 7th 2005, numerologically) bombing has been highlighted by A GLOBAL SPORTING EVENT, the first time was, of course, during the Beijing Olympics Handover Ceremony at the end of the 2008 Summer Games.

Terror and Sport do not mix, guys - sorry, it's sick, and twisted.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

CLEANSKIN - Hadi Hajaig - film review

Well, by eck!

CLEANSKIN (made by the UK Film Studio) has a lot of balls doing what it just did.

This privately-funded little film “Cleanskin” starring Sean Bean, Charlotte Rampling, James Fox and Michelle Ryan takes the standard 'lone vigiliante tasked by MI5 to take out a domestic terror cell' story (as described in this wonderfully misleading trailer) and flip it on its head.

Sean Bean stars as the lone vigilante, Charlotte Rampling his controller. It was a very strange film to watch because slowly, like a prolongued water torture scene, you realise ... you realise that this film's playing with your mind. The good guys are painted bad. The bad guys are painted a vague editorial colour to suit the film's ulterior motive.

That ulterior motive being to SUGGEST QUITE PROFOUNDLY that 'not all terrorist acts' are cut + dry, black + white, them vs us. There are some lovely structural sub-plots going on, and some wicked betrayals. The film makes you feel, "Wait a minute, haven't I seen this sort of reporting of events before? On mainstream news?"

You think of 'spent assets' like Gareth Williams, Jean Charles de Menezes, Dr David Kelly and others, taken out and the scene CLEANED PROFESSIONALLY. Hell, you could think of the way all the steel was removed to China from the WTC crime scene of 9/11 Manhattan if you want. You could remind yourself that all the CCTV didn't work on the morning of 7/7 London. You could remember the deportation of cleric Abu Qatada. You could think of Tony Blair's landslide victory in 2005, if you want.

Or even the top of the Red London Bus peeling off during the Beijing Olympics handover ceremony in 2008, if you want. It's all there, in the film, like a battery-acid spectral flavour. Very odd, strange, unnerving dimension that lifts this brave film above the usual dross.

We see how everybody is expendable in CLEANSKIN's Grand Chess Game against You The People, and T.H.E.Y. (aka The Hierarchy Enslaving You) would have succeeded, too, if it weren't for the 'loyalty' of one lone nutter to his country. The film ends with a rain-soaked suicide by wrist slashing in the woods. You can't make this shit up.

BONUS MATERIAL: here's an interview with the film's director Hadi Hajaig.

LIGHT devolves to radio waves - what is the rate of entropy?

that image, there, it's from some 'learned paper' on Expansionist Universe, you know, Big Bang. It is used to illustrate how light from an expanding-universe source will have light that's redshifted relative to its distance from us.


Remember, energy systems (and what is light other than an energy system) propagating an influential wave through a medium are governed by ENTROPY. In terms of the above illustration, this means LIGHT will always tend to dissipate its energy towards the LOWER ENERGY END of the spectrum over time i.e. the red-shifted end, the place where (eventually) radio waves live.

Take this image (below) we can clearly see the Light Spectrum in the context of the more energetic expressions of electromagnetic radiation; from gamma rays on the right down to radio waves on the left.

can we use this graph (not to speculate about an Expanding Universe, sourced from a 'fantastic' Big Bang, and instead use it) to show how all em radiation will tend to longer and longer, redder and redder wavelengths over its life?

I contend that 'local' light i.e. that which we receive here on Earth, from our sun, hasn't had long enough to show us its red-shifting property before it carries on into space or is absorbed by materials here on Earth. How about this experiment for tired light.

And please don't insult me with, "But, Mike, you're not even a scientist," as everyone understands (or they should) that all marbles roll DOWNHILL. I mean, it's not that hard to com.pre.hend, right?

Let's say that LIGHT DEGRADES OVER TIME via the law of entropy.

Let's just assume that light from distant stars is red-shifted because it's old. We know the SPEED of light, but what is the RATE OF DECAY?  Surely this gives a better example of how far that light has travelled?

And this leads us onto the nature of the COSMIC MICROWAVE BACKGROUND RADIATION that Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson detected with the Holmdel Horn Antenna in 1964. Look where MY THESIS says 'old light' would degrade to.

YES, that's right, the longer wavelengths end of the spectrum i.e. down in the microwave arena. In fact, I contend that LIGHT or any electromagnetic radiation would eventually degrade to RADIO WAVES, right down at the dullest end of the electromagnetic spectrum.

When we look at CMBR we're not looking at a Big Bang scenario, we're looking at a STAR MAP of very old light. We need to completely re-examine our entire scientific belief system, and examine the FACTS of TIRED LIGHT. In fact, if you look at this footage before, and imagine that the CMBR is showing you star data, you're looking at a SINGLE MASSIVE SUPER SPIRAL (or donut-shaped) GALAXY all around us made of tired light from millions of galaxies spreading all the way back through time.

But not to one Creationist 'big bang' moment.

NIBIRU INBOUND - The John Moore Show 7-25-2012 - Special Nibiru 2 Hr Presentation Part 1

well, whatever this info/disinfo GAME might be, they've finally announced it, via Department of Homeland Security, US Navy and Foreign Intelligence Sources according to Mike Harris on the July 25th edition of the John Moore radio show.

NIBIRU INCOMING, and it's BIG, and it's going 'real fast' -- it's due to crash through the asteroid belt and pass within the moon's orbit on or around August/September 2012.

"Get building your ARKs, Noahs," that's the 'very strange' message this revelation's suggesting.

Project Bluebeam (i.e. fake alien attack to bring in Global Martial Law) is the first thing that comes to mind, but this "WHAT'S REAL? WHAT'S BUNK?" question needs an answer. Any southern-hemisphere amateur astronomers (yeah, I've read the Rodney Gomes statistical analysis but I mean actual observations) tracking this so-called 'enormous inbound object'?

Man, I hate having my chain pulled by these mind-fuckers - URL ME.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the PG-certificate horror of the watered-down Alien franchise?

some have complained that the Alien film is about a 'sexual pervert' who roams around trying to rape the crew of the Nostromo.

But not all HR Giger's work is sexual.


Ya know, anyone who has anything negative to say about the Alien's sexuality just doesn't understand how MUCH MORE SEXUAL the original Alien film should have been.

And fuck your Alien Queen - she's the ultimate superfluous over-exploited 'mother' of a red herring. The Alien was actually a sexually transgressive sharer of his/its unique metamorphic potential. Nobody ever seemed to get that, it was NEVER a horror monster, it should have always been THE BEST SEX YOU'D EVER HAVE.

You might not survive, but what a way to go. NO director has EXPLORED in GRAPHIC SALACIOUS DETAIL what a 'relationship' with a xeno might be like, how hard it would be to wake up from such a slaughterous-dream when your Adenine your Cytosine your Guanine and your genetic Thymine are being split wide open, gaping hydroxyl bonds, and rewired like steel pouring through the nerves of your teeth, blood and snot and puss mixing in your brain and you can't escape, every atom is a mega-cancer of grotesque lusty need.

Seriously, Giger's alien creation (from the depths of his nightmares rendered on waking) would literally make your GENES pregnant and the gestatory experience is (should have been) like no other in cinematic history.

Following Scott's artistic stab at the subject, what did Cameron give us? Shrieking bonehead termites (literally) who run towards gunfire when they have the ability to THINK and POSSESS and PHYSICALLY BLEND WITH THEIR ENVIRONMENT, as did the original alien. You would put your hand on a resting alien and not even know it was under your hand, as Ripley did in Alien.

Until it moved; until it wanted to share its INSANE WORLD OF PLEASURE with you.

DAY LATER UPDATE: of course, last night, I had a lovely dream about the Giger-alien using its second set of jaws to scrape the frown lines from my furrowed brow. Calm, Michael, calm.

Sky News - UK a Banana Republic?

banana republic n. A small country that is economically dependent on a single export commodity, such as bananas, and is typically governed by a dictator or the armed forces.

That's the definition of BANANA REPUBLIC we're all familiar with, it's a term usually attached to South American countries, but in this most recent Sky News interview UK Chancellor George Osborne is confronted with the question of whether this makes UK a banana republic?

Chancellor George Osborne

"Is banking our bananas, or is it luxury cars?" frankly, I can't work out what this interviewer's REALLY trying to get Osborne to say.

Bourne Legacy runs parallel to Bourne Ultimatum?

this second official Bourne Legacy (2012) trailer appears to be running (at least some part of the implied narrative) directly parallel to events, characters, backstory that took place in Bourne Ultimatum (2007) using shots/action taken directly from that film.

You'll know what I mean if you've seen Ultimatum; the naive Guardian journalist, the psychopathic Noah Vosen et al.

Rubs chin, hm....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

JUMPER - slots in timespace - happens in childhood.

I'd seen this film before (and really enjoyed it, despite the negative press it garnered because Hayden Christiansen was reputed to have RUINED the first three Star Wars films) and I saw it again last night.

I'm talking of course about the film JUMPER, based on the 1992 novel by Steven Gould.

"My first jumper event happened when I was five years old." and Andrew D Basiago who claims to have been part of Project Pegasus as a child and the Mars Jumproom as an 18-year old even uses the phrase "JUMPER" when he's interviewed by Project Camelot (below).

Mentions the Denzel Washington film DEJA VU, which shows us that ALL SURVEILLANCE is good, even Minority Report surveillance through the future. Key phrase "NAVY WHITES".

Worrisome (potentially) that even mainstream media like THE HUFFIINGTON POST and THE WASHINGTON TIMES are handling this material now.
2103 NOTE: in the light of PRISM and the Edward Snowden revelations about global surveillance, it's interesting to note that the 'original enemy' of Jumper's central character David Rice was an NSA agent by the name of Brian Cox. The Paladins never existed, they were made up by the script writers of the film adapatation. What on Earth is Hollywood (propaganda machine)'s sick fascination with Good vs Evil?
"It was always you, ever since we were five." David to Lilly, in the film.

Free Planet - we create the world in which we live.

We create the world in which we live. Sounds a simple enough basic premise. But it's not. I thought that we reflected the world around us through our personal mood filter. You know, if we view the world through a sunnier disposition, it doesn't seem as bad as it could be.

Well, that's what I've always thought.

And it's not unreasonable. That the world was outside my physical control. That I was a witness_to and not a moulder_of reality. Then three specific things happened that have suddenly lead me down a different understanding where global change is one function of the brain's link to the conscious entity we know only by the science term GRAVITY.

1) I took my rain coat to L.A. in the middle of a May drought. It rained the day after my arrival. Just luck, right?

2) I astrally projected to one of a group of people. The next day I asked the group to say what was "red". Only the person I'd projected to said, "A rose". Another case of the luck lottery?

3) Sitting bored at a Spiritualist church, I said inside my head, "Now let's come to the person at the back in the green jumper." The Spiritualist then said, "Now let's come to the person at the back in the green jumper." What???

So, here's me thinking I'm reflecting the world around me. In (3) I thought the worst I could have done was to 'peek into the future a bit'. But the more I think about these three examples, it's evident that WE STRONGLY PROJECT OUR WILL ONTO THE WORLD. This came as a great shock to me being an uber skeptic in all things supernatural. Maybe we CAN all do this. Maybe you've found that the sun follows you around, or (like me) maybe you control the rain. LOL.

Question: what sort of world do you REALLY want, knowing you can have it?

FREE PLANET, tell everyone.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Den of Geek - Man of Steel - trailers ahoy miharties

DEN OF GEEK have run their first 'trailer analysis' article of Zack Snyder(Watchmen & 300)'s forthcoming Superman reboot MAN OF STEEL, and it's a corker.

Much like the teaser to Batman Begins back in 2004, this short trailer is clearly designed to undercut audience expectation of a movie featuring this character. As with the original Begins clip, what we get here is in effect much more of a mood piece than any sort of indication of what the story is likely to be.

Initially eschewing the bucolic Norman Rockwell tones of Superman’s earlier incarnations, the teaser opens with a number of defiantly non-heroic shots.

There’s water crashing against rocks, washing fluttering on a line, a gull circling a wind-swept cliff-top home and a fishing boat safely moored in dry dock. It’s here that we get our first glimpse of Clark Kent (Henry Cavill). Bearded, tired and scruffily dressed, the proto-Superman is shown feeding a dog in a back alley before we cut to Clark working a shift on the same fishing boat from earlier. Struggling with casting nets and soaked by the crashing waves, this version of Kent is clearly being framed as far more ‘human’ than any previous onscreen incarnation.

THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSTRA, with its UberMensch pontificating, similar to where Prometheus was headed, receives a rather ominous and royally trumpeted fanfare.

You know, I saw the opening credits on this trailer, the mention of Snyder and listened to the Elitist TONE of the piece, THEN the name of producer Christopher Nolan appeared, and I knew, just knew, this is how T.H.E.Y. make us believe in a Free Planet (run by them).

I quite like the (properly cynical) way they portray Superman as a MILITARY JET in this trailer - and is that a MONARCH butterfly trapped in the chains -  who watches the Watchmen, indeed?

This is not what we want, a Corporate Tyranny (while 'decapitated' by a gifted SuperSoldier with mindless dependents/followers) that fundamentally and structurally still exists and seven billion living, breathing, working people are STILL SLAVES TO PROFIT and victims of CORPORATE WARS for global ASSET ACQUISITION to fuel an EXTINCTION ECONOMICS MODELS that promise to fuck this Earth good.

Free Planet don't want such a(n Empire) Hellhole no more.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guest Film Review - The Dark Knight Rises - Chad Goulding

by now, you'll all have heard of the terrible act of James Holmes, lone gunman at the centre of the Denver Midnight Batman Showing massacre.

Below is a review of Christopher Nolan's latest movie The Dark Knight Rises from Cardiff-based film buff and photographer Chad Goulding. From the Get Go you can see that Nolan appears to be using many of the cynical Mind Control tricks he employed in his amazing corporate head-fuck Inception where I too was watching the transfixed audience and in particular the person I was watching the film with.

Chad makes some valid points in this SPOILER RIDDLED film review about The Coming Winter Storm - you were warned, or pre-programmed (it's so hard to distinguish the two these days), shoeple. You are officially fore-warned.

It is well known that Christopher Nolan's directorial style is to pack his films densely. Every scene is thick with plot. There is no downtime. You can't surface for a quick breath halfway through. At a running time of 2h44m there is a *lot* going on in The Dark Knight Rises. Because of this, I'm not going to discuss how Blake stole the show, or analyse the overt symbology of 'The Pit', or ponder on Alfred's heart-wrenching monologues, or the (predicted) cinema massacre, or even lust over how good catwoman looked riding that bike (both meanings intended).

Nope. Instead, lets talk about the audience.

It should have been clear to me a few weeks ago. I was in the cinema waiting for Prometheus to begin. The trailers were running. People were chatting, milling around; not yet settled for the main feature.

And then the Batman trailer began. Suddenly the crowd fell silent. Everyone transfixed. It's fair to say that if Nolan can command such obedience with a trailer, then during the actual film, he can do what he like with you. And sure enough, last night at a 10 o'clock showing I sat in the corner of a packed theatre for 3 hours watching the audience. I was stunned at a level of concentration I'd never witnessed before. Occasionally the sound would dip in volume confirming that immersion was absolute. For a long movie I was expecting a steady stream of people going to and from the bathrooms. But there wasn't.

The first act of the film was essentially a transition from the previous two films into the real content of Rises. Nolan knew he couldn't just prop up another super villian for batman to take down. Instead, he made us think he was going to do that, but then opted to do something far more epic. Namely, give the viewer a discourse on revolution and protagonist transformation. The protagonist thread maintained a deep emotive state in audience. That all made sense. But the revolution bit. Something was off there. What was it? ...

..oh, I remember! It was completely inverted! I was watching a film about the realisation of Free Planet from an Illuminati perspective. Good was bad. Up was down. Summer was Winter.

Bane isn't one of the 1 percent. He arrives in Gotham and makes the network of tunnels underneath the city his home. Hordes of passionate followers are with him in the tunnels, working, building, doing. Its a clear analogy for the internet-based activism. Wasn't there that senator who described it as "A series of tubes"? At the start of the second act, Bane rises to the surface. The goverment get wind of an impending terrorist attack. The heart of which takes place at a sports stadium (an effective tool for population control). As Mayor Garcia and his team enter the building he says something to the effect of "If anyone asks why we're here, tell them its a training exercise". An explicit nod towards 9/11, 7/7 et al. What the audience then sees is a series of controlled explosions across the city. To say it is evocative of 9/11 would be an understatement. Nolan transports the audience back in time. Suddenly I feel like I'm there again. Watching it happen again. For one woman in the audience this was too much. At one point she starts crying uncontrollably.

Bane then does two things. He creates a new society within the confines of Gotham. He doesn't lead this society. A people's court is erected and one shot shows him standing back in the crowd. Soon, the people hold the 1 percent to account. This is portrayed as an evil act. Those poor poor bankers. As much as they want to show this new society as inherently bad, narrative cracks begin to show. A new paradigm emerges that the writers attempt (and fail) to suppress.

The second thing Bane does is that he starts a nuclear device countdown, due to detonate in 5 months time. The film was released on 20 July 2012. Five months later would make it one day prior to 21 December 2012. An alleged date 'of concern' for the NWO.

At this point we're deep into Illuminati propaganda with a captivate audience. Much more takes place in The Dark Knight Rises, but hopefully I've given enough of a flavour to communicate my point. I didn't leave the film angry, or sad, or frustrated. I felt encouraged. At no other point in recent film have we seen a hand shown so clearly - to the point of revealing the owner's tactics and evident misunderstandings of their target.

So, sounds like just more ARAB SPRUNG-like control of the minds who think they can convince You and I to sacrifice the top elite of the Global War Machine and simply allow new tyrants to ascend Christ-like into global positions of salvation, like nothing ever changed.

Or a CLASSIC CORPORATE TAKE-OVER decapitation of the ruling echelon. Remember, that in this country, and across Europe, we have non-elected COALITION governments who 'decided among themselves' how our 'global control region' should be run. Is this the dream of Democracy, gone awry?

What really needs to happen is we need to protect this Free Planet from LEADERS, or those who would enslave an entire world (and its people, animals, resources) in the name of PROFIT.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Masonic 20-12 Olympic Games?

now, here's a particularly juicy visual mish-mosh for you.

Legend has it that the Mayan Calendar (and the geo-paranoid world?) is due to end this December on or around the 20th.

So, that's 20-12, happening in 2012. Oh, just like the London Olympics, and there've recently been LOADS OF WACKO THEORIES (including The Dark Knight Rises) about what's gonna happen in a week or so; you know, other than a global sport event.

That is a series of Capped Pyramids. The first from Ancient Egypt. The second from the American Dollar Bill. The third from the Olympics Stadium in central London - Illuminati illumination - you'll notice them in the main image of this post, lining the top of the old City of London wall that encloses the Global Religion of the Banking System of Slavery via PROFIT-based Mercantilism and Chinese whispers.

You'll notice that the City of London is where the Olympics are being held, right?  Wonder how this relates to T.H.E.Y. aka The Hierarchy Enslaving You?

and who really cares if GAMEs are being played?

Back to sleep, sheople - it might not be important.

COMPREHENSIVE BBC FINANCIAL OFF-SHORE-ISM NEWS UPDATE: James Henry, in a new article on the BBC website, suggests that
the global super-rich elite had at least $21 trillion (£13tn) hidden in secret tax havens by the end of 2010, according to a major study. The figure is equivalent to the size of the US and Japanese economies combined.

The Price of Offshore Revisited was written by James Henry, a former chief economist at the consultancy McKinsey, and commissioned by the Tax Justice Network. He said $21tn is a conservative figure and the true scale could be $32tn. A trillion is 1,000 billion.

"Private wealth held offshore represents 'a huge black hole in the world economy'," Mr Henry said.

Your life in a holding pattern?

mu boyan, fat series

I'm hearing this more and more from people, "Mike, it's like my life is LOCKED in some sort of holding pattern."

Now, this term 'holding pattern' comes from the commercial aviation industry and describes the way an aeroplane will circle and airfield waiting to land.

Spoke to my mum on the phone last night and had a very interesting 'religious' converstion: for example, I didn't realise my mum practises a sort of Catholic Buddhism and says her prayers, every night. She's being doing this for the last nine years apparently. And that's totally fine.

She believes that we're here on this earth to "live good, wholesome lives," and if we don't, God reprimands us and sends us back to 'retake the exam' (my paraphrase). At some point the topic of conversation meandered onto my chosen atheism.

For me, Atheism is merely a way to get PERSONALITY and INTENT out of the God equation. I've never been a really big fan of 'like some ghost or bloke dictating how man should comport himself' while 'down here on earth'. I just can't have some (benevolent or tyrannical) dictator in space launching arbitrary dictats at the Human Race. I just can't allow that to be true, and therefore I atheise my universe.

We can't allow one 'fallible' soul to rule all.

Now, back to my spirituality, or lack of it. And I conceded, I might have a 'view of spirituality' that will allow 'afterlife' or 'soul' but it's like nothing you're taught in schools. See that image above, Mu Boyan's fat series sculpture of a big round fat man undergoing some sort of Cupping Therapy: he's had the air evacuated from a glass cupping jar with a flame and this 'vaccuum' has been placed on to an area of his skin to pull the skin into the cupping jar and cure some illness or imbalance. This image above, and my 'theory of the spirit' if you will, is all about balance. Equilibrium. Doing right by.

Now, in my atheist view of existence, and I've seen this happen to dying people, it's like they're dragged back into the void at the moment of their demise. Imagine this big fat man in the image. Now take away his personality because that's got nothing to do with this equation. Now take away all his physical human features, because we should be viewing this simulation as a sphere. I'm not sure whether it's a moving sphere or a vibrating sphere or a sphere that straddles multiple dimensions or time.

I don't know.

But this is my idea of what happens, when the brain starts to form in a human embryo, this fatness starts to pour into the proto-human. As this child grows up, more and more of this fatness pours into him until, at about the age of five years old, the brain has all of the fatness in it, it needs.

This gives me a dilemma. I don't think this process of vaccuuming the random area of a big round blob of 'spirit' into the brain (or the carbon atoms of biochemistry) is unique to humans: if anything it's connected to neurones. There seems to be something about brain cells that makes them 'create worlds' or universes. I'm always tempted to say every atom has some vaccuum of this spirit-blob in it, but I'm not totally convinced by that.

If anything spiritual exists at all, it's that the neuronic brain animals have somehow acts as a multidimensional connector between OUR PHYSICALITY (our personality being a reflection (or refraction) of our environment) and THAT LUMP OF SOMETHING out there somewhere across the dimensions.

But this still doesn't help, I'm still an atheist; for me, there's still no God, no Lord, no Law-giver. I know the difference between right and wrong, and so do you. I have to live this life like it's my only life, and so should you. Yes, life seems like it's 'locked in some kind of holding pattern', live with that. I have to try to Do Right By Free Planet, it's all I can do. It's all YOU CAN DO.

Soon, our landing slot will arrive.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Louis Lefebvre - I, Pet Goat II - Heliofant

a film by Louis Lefebvre

Based in the beautiful Laurentian mountains just north of Montreal, Canada, Heliofant is a nascent independent computer animation studio focused on creating experimental and challenging content. Bringing together artists from the fields of dance, music, computer animation and visual arts, the company is very interested in exploring the common ground that underlies many spiritual and philosophical traditions in a lyrical form. [source HELIOFANT]

I'd seen mention of this wonderful (and politically charged) 3D animation, directed by Louis Lefebvre, but got distracted by other things. Many thanks, therefore, to Matthew Hunter for his email reminding me that I, PET GOAT II really is something Free Planet should be featuring.

So, who is Louis Lefebvre?

Well, by the power of the internet, here's an in-depth interview with the director of I, PET GOAT II at 3D World Mag, where Lefebvre explains (among other things) that, "The idea started to germinate probably in 2005. As I said I kept seeing the central figure on his boat. I never thought it would take so much time. At first I wasn't aiming at such a high quality and the story wasn't as elaborate. But as time went on it just kept pulling me in further."

There is a glosary of surrealist terms or iconographical explanation for this film on Heliofant's Gallery page, if you wanna know what the hell it's supposed to all be about.

ALEX JONES UPDATE: Alex Jones of INFOWARS has a full-length interview with Louis Lefebvre about I PET GOAT II.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

U.S.-backed Syrian Opposition Linked to Bilderberg, CFR, Goldman Sachs & George Soros

now of course this maybe utter fog-of-war counter-intel global-obfuscation bullshit, but, according to Alex Newman writing in The New American

U.S.-backed Syrian Opposition Linked to Bilderberg, CFR, Goldman Sachs & George Soros

The foreign-financed armed rebellion and the Western-backed opposition to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad has been falsely portrayed as a spontaneous uprising of “democracy” activists since violence first broke out more than a year ago. But according to a recent investigation published in the U.K. Guardian, top figures in the “regime-change” coalition — most notably the Syrian National Council (SNC) — have intimate links to the highest ranks of the world elite: the shadowy Bilderberg conference, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Goldman Sachs megabank, billionaire financier George Soros, and, of course, the U.S. government. It is all out in the open, too.

On top of that, the report suggests that much of the war propaganda being used to promote international military intervention and “revolution” is actually slick public-relations gimmicks financed by large tax-exempt foundations and even the governments being asked to intervene. And there is big money behind the spread of the disinformation. Consider the seemingly never-ending reports about “civilian massacres” blamed on the Syrian tyrant — almost always from anonymous “activists” — that continually prove to be exaggerated, fabricated, or even perpetrated by the Western-backed rebels themselves, and then blamed on the regime.

Rather interesting (and Arab Spring-Summer-inflammatory) claims, don't you think?

Don't you, think?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chocolate is bad for your penis - so is vanilla, strawberry and natural.

NB: for those who appear confused by this 'chocolate/penis' post, it's about cancer-causing N-Nitrosamine used in condoms, geddit?

The Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Institute in Stuttgart said on Friday it had found the carcinogen N-Nitrosamine in 29 of 32 types of condoms it tested in simulated conditions.

The condoms, which were kept in a solution with artificial sweat, exuded huge amounts of cancer-causing N-Nitrosamine from its rubber coating. Researchers measured amounts of N-Nitrosamine, that were way above the prescribed limits for other rubber products such as baby pacifiers.

"N-Nitrosamine is one of the most carcinogenic substances," the study's authors said. "There is a pressing need for manufacturers to tackle this problem."

And for all those taste-freaks, those kink-swallowers, the chocolate variety's THE MOST CANCEROUS?

Beate Uhse taking no chances

Germany's biggest erotica company Beate Uhse however, has decided to play it safe.

Shortly after the results of the study were introduced on Friday, the group banned chocolate-flavored condoms from its range. That was because the study had show that condoms laced with a chocolate flavoring had overwhelming high levels of N-Nitrosamine.

Yeah, I know, you're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't.

Apocolympic art diversion - Ogilvy & Mather - published October 2011

make of this shit what you will, but it looks a 'little ominous' in terms of the pre-destined 2012 Olympic Apocalypse.

Ogilvy & Mather are a massive advertising firm with 450 worldwide offices in major Corporate Territories, so what are they doing getting involved in this sorta dirty business, especially that last one?


jobs buries assange
gadaffi buries mubarak
winehouse buries will & kate

FURTHER VIEWING: here's another corker from above illustrator Ricardo Salamanca.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Reader audit - what is it you're reading - who are you?

the topic of this post is YOU THE READER of this Free Planet blog.

I've never really done an AUDIT of the Free Planet readership before and it's thrown up some very surprising results.

1) United States, 2) United Kingdom, 3) Canada, 4) Australia, 5) Germany, 6) Russia...

1) Whistleblowers, 2) Fukushima tsunami/power plant 3) UFOs, 4) Prometheus, 5) Big Pharma, 6) Russell Brand's ELITIST ATTACK...

At no point do any of the several hundred specifically-Free Planet topics rank anywhere near the top 30. It's clear that a) the Earth (this planet we're all brought up on) can SUPPORT LIFE and b) mankind is STUCK in some sort of for-profit game that shits on all that is beautiful, bountiful, and good. All Diversitiy is slaughtered in the name of greed. All empathy for man's fellow man and fellow beast is kicked into touch (rugby term) because the RULES OF THE GAME override basic human goodness.

I still believe we could self-rule: I still believe each person REALLY knows the difference between right and wrong. And this may be the only point of living; that we REALISE that our lives are pointless; all the warring, the competition, the worship UNLESS we regain our basic human empathy for all who share this planet with us.

"So, Free Planet follower/reader, what is it you want?" it's clearly not a Free Planet - it seems to be more of a Conspiracy/Lunacy bewilderment planet you're after. A trivial diversion to take your mind off your real existence as a slave to work. Something that'll leave the corporate-war status-quo intact and not tax your slave intellect too much.

Am I right?

If so, I should close this blog down for a while and have a really long head-scratch about where such an informational ideology described as Free Planet might journey in the future.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Mass (mandatory?) Vaccination Propaganda Exposed! - 25 June 2012 update - Jane Burgermeister

I must admit, it's been a while since Free Planet had a Jane Burgermeister update, this one's a fucking corker where she makes all sorts of claims about the 'alternative media'.

This is after my THIRD meeting with Actor Arrenay yesterday who started his conversation with, "Aren't you just loving these Weather Wars?" indicating the roiling sky with utter disdain.

Actor Arrenay is still adamant, stating that he worked on the GLOBAL MASS PRION INFECTION plan that will be triggered by release of a tainted flu virus or vaccination for such. He also restated his OUTRAGEOUS CLAIM of bead-of-glass mind-control STIMOCEIVERs that are planted under the side of the skull.

This place is far more 1984 than even the 'conspiracy theorists' believe, eh?

Freeloader Planet - what will you bring to the party, mankind?

there's been what may be considered a MAJOR BACKLASH to the Free Planet idea from those who I thought were my allies in this quest to rid Planet Earth of Corporate Slavery, Profit and Tyranny.

The basic argument is this, "Mike, you gotta give people something to do, you gotta give them structure.

People need money.
People need jobs.
People need arbitrary lawsets to guide their moral fibre.

Free Planet will fail because people will get too bored and/or too lazy and waste their time on the planet if everything is given to them."

To which I say, "I'm not your Mommy. I'm not your Daddy. Do right by Free Planet and Free Planet will do right by you; the responsible adult. Bring something (of yourself, and your experience, your passion, your kinship, your creativity) to the Free Planet party."

Let's examine this motivational carrot a little.

You might be lying naked on a hillside all day, smoking or drinking some hallucinogenic concoction, looking at the clouds stampeding across the sky, watching flocks of screeching swift duck and dive to avoid the anti-grav transport pods of your fellow man, the only hint of their presence the spherical refraction of their force fields, maybe you're having insane psycho-sexual intercourse with any number of fellow skins, maybe you're talking through some great invention or idea with any number of like minds, maybe just taking in the re-wilded view of herds of herbivores below being preyed on by the predators... who cares... slumming around is something every single on of us wants to do, it's something every single one of us has the right to do, after all it's a Free Planet.

But at some point (some more often than others, clearly) you're gonna want to help (and maintain) the planet to be a better place; and you'll probably end up doing it for purely personal, egotistical reasons. And that's alright. You can sleaze around if you want, I would, but you won't last long on Freeloader Planet. The simple facts of hunger and cold and boredom and misery will be unbearable for most of the sheople - yes, the majority of people go along with stuff, there will always be sheople, even on Free Planet.

There have to be sheople, that's the way of mankind, the trundling-along masses. But there are ways to convince these Sheople to pull together in Diversities of communal effort that align with their personal requirements. You can choose whatever party you wanna go to on Free Planet, you just have to BRING SOMETHING TO THE TABLE to enhance the trip.

Most people are SPECTATORS to revolution, cheering on the 10% who really blaze a trail and show how freedom can be achieved. These same Sheople will be the slackers and hangers-on of a Free Planet once it's in place, and that's okay. But it's even more important to encourage these same Sheople to take an active role in their re-beautifying planet; not just a back seat critical role while it's taking place. This way they might realise they really enjoy re-vitalising the planet.

And RECOGNITION FOR EFFORT is paramount - the real motivating factor - a real integration of every person on the planet in the saving of Free Planet for future generations. The proverbial GLOBAL GROUP HUG.

I can also see this impetus naturally selecting moral codes also: those Diversities that don't support active improvement of the Free Planet will naturally die out and the members will move on to more relevant 'parties' to Diversities with more relevance to their personal liking and their concerns for their children's children.

I'm convinced that SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE (current population) want to see REAL, EXPANSIVE BEAUTY return to this ruined corporate husk of a planet, and it's possible to re-invite every living being into the expansive human equation. Screw the law-makers. Screw the slave-drivers. Welcome home humanity. Where have you all been for so many hundreds of years?

Re-localised solutions - de-militarised freedom - non-conscription ruleset.


It took a profit-free free planet t-shirt, a free planet ebook, a regularly-updated free planet blog and the threat of a 2013 free planet novel to make people understand that I was really serious about this 'free planet' idea.

It is your world, after all. We all agree on this, right? This world belongs to the creatures who occupy it, not the lords who (legally) rule it. We're agreed on this, right; at least in principle?

I know those canny lords and ladies and kings and queens have their insurance policies, their arbitrary lawset, their conscripted armies, their work force, but it's just a game.

People are starting to see the shit-smeared under-belly of this game, in the form of austerity and bailouts and too big to fail.

People are beginning to question what they've been taught not to question; the entire militaristic mindset of 'education leads to profit' (as long as you shut your worthless mouth and do your fucking service to our game) is being challenged finally in the open arena of democracy.

And we don't like it.

We also don't like what this money game has to do to 'secure its borders' or 'shore up its defenses' or 'dig in'. We're starting to see the sickness of the motives of the game, the win at all costs, the dog eat dog, the shit on their territory, their dreams, their hopes and wishes; massacre their ambition.

END WAR FOR PROFIT and all the associated systems, regulations and penalties that support such a Corporate Gulag Planet.

All our technological know-how must now be pushed towards these three local goals: food for all, water for all, shelter for all. Notice my use of the word local in there. Why's that there? Anyone? Anyone? Yes, metering.

Or rather freedom from metering in the name of profit, rent and continued slavery to the corporate machine.

If you have local ethical technolgical solutions to energy, heating, lighting, water, food, waste management, then the current players of the money game have no control over how you run your life; no way to force revenue from your labour. And don't worry, you're not as thick as they make you sound; free planet will not result in mindless civil wars or complete and utter anarchy in the streets.

For one, there'll be no streets, no orderly rows of slave housing, no reliance on the state, no need to prove your credentials to any official.

Yeah, imagine that. No empire = no need to maintain an empire = no cities, no sewers, no bridges, no roads, no overhead that might cripple a planet's wealth in the name of some conquering idealism.

You'll have moved beyond such petty games, once you've adopted a free planet as the only way to move your planet forward. You'll have 'evolved' into the realm of local solutions to global concerns. You'll have excelled (finally) as a race of diversities intent on exploring the three aspects of (what should be) life on earth, namely: creativity, passion and (most of all) kinship.

Kill me for that, but first help me, "Protect Mother Earth from the relentless hunger of the Corporate War Machine".

Do Right By FREE PLANET, today.

Kevin West - 7/7 Kollerstrom & Farrell Are Dead

Featuring former principle intelligence analyst for the South Yorkshire Police, Tony Farrell, and Nick Kollerstrom, London based academic and revisionist, this latest project from West Film Production "7/7 Kollerstrom & Farrell Are Dead" offers new insight into the 7/7 London Bombings in 2005.

Kevin West's new film has been specially made to mark the 7th anniversary of the 7th July 2005 London bombings. Based on an idea by Tony Farrell, sit back and watch Tony and Nick deal a pack of cards itemising many of the key points overlooked in the discredited and chaotic so-called 'official story'.

Surely, this testimony is Kollerstrom and Farrell's Life Insurance Policy against future assassination for their brazen claims.

BONUS MATERIALS: News from Paul Joseph Watson about being stalked by the BBC to take part in yet-another-hit-piece documentary, this time about Olympics 2012 false-flag conspiracy theories.

The BBC is making yet ANOTHER documentary about "conspiracy theorists," this time focusing on the London 2012 Olympics. They want me to be the "icing on the cake". Why is the BBC obsessed with conspiracy theories when very real and urgent information (from Lee Hazeldean) about G4S Security being prepared for an evacuation of London, foreign troops and body bags is being blacklisted by the establishment press in Britain?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Solar World GT - electric car travelling the globe - free energy device

the team that designed and maintain the Solar World GT electric car consists of 30 students from the University of Applied Sciences Bochum, Germany.

The Solar World GT uses solar batteries mounted in removable panels on the outside of the car, has a slippery drag co-efficient of 0.14, a top speed of 62 mph and weighs just 260 kg (without occupants).

Since its start in October 2011, the SolarWorld GT has covered a distance of around 5,000 kilometres through big Australian cities, spectacular deserts and impressive mountain landscapes, past thousands and thousands of sheep, across the scenery of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy in New Zealand. Another 30,000 kilometres, four continents and two equator crossings are still ahead of the team before it will end its journey back in Australia probably by early December 2012.

I'd like to see LOCAL SOLUTIONS like this, for more basic things like waste management, sewage, water collection, heating and accommodation.

Solar-Powered Hydroponically-fed locally-resource-managed Floating Homes, free to roam wherever they wish?


NOTES: this visual idea for a rotary transportation system from BENAVIS would intrigue me more if it concentrated on a HANDS FREE i.e. automated gps-driven taxi-like swarming component.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Free Planet - the video chronicle - thus far

just watched 4thought, an opinion segment aired every evening after the Channel 4 News, and thought, "I should do that, get on the show, share my feelings about a Free Planet."

Before I do so, here are the Free Planet videos I've put together so far, with others still to do:

and this one's specifically about the Free Planet novel "Custodian" that charts the efforts of a group of Oxford University's finest minds to 'rewrite how your corporate slave world works' - due for release in ebook, Kindle and paperback format June 2013.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Muad Dib 2012 - 7/7 Ripple Effect 2 - Cleanskin mentioned

here's a new two hour 2012 update to Muad Dib's seminal November 5th 2007 release 7/7 RIPPLE EFFECT, and it utilises the counter-intelligence term Cleanskin.

Personally, I can't believe THE JUSTICE SYSTEM is leaving it to this one man, this Muad Dib, to present worthwhile evidence against the Official Story ... surely this is the time to open a Fully Independent Inquiry into this event.

Anyway, here's Muad Dib aka John Hill discussing his post-extradition success at court in 2011.

It sounds like he's still promoting a) the stories that these 'terrorist gameplayers' were killed in Canary Wharf and b) someone planted the bombs under the trains and in the bus - Jean Charles de Menezes being a classic hitjob or cleanup. But we'll never know until REAL LEGAL PEOPLE get their independent teeth into a REAL INVESTIGATION, I guess.

BONUS MATERIALS: in addition to mention of Four Lions and Cleanskin, here's another documentary from Kollerstrum and Farrell.

NOTE: in fact this is a film of such importance to the 7/7 Truth Movement that I've moved it to its own NEW POST.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Russell Brand rails against the Capitalist Elites at the MTV Awards 2012

I'd missed it: the MTV Awards 2012 took place in June and nobody told me about this year's host Russell Brand, naughty ikkle wikkle boyman that he is, who went on a MASSIVE anti-Illuminati anti-capitalist anti-New World Order RANT at the MTV Awards.

It was just on terrestrial TV, here in UK.

"Democracy is pointless spectacle where we choose between two indistinguishable parties..."  Brand begins, taking it upon himself to inform the mind-controlled millions of impressionable worldwide yoofees how Twilight was about "powerful vampires suck the life blood out of people weaker than them" and how Hunger Games was about "the misery and suffering of poor people being used to entertain the elites" about the cynical lie of capitalism and commercialism and consumerism...

Here's the VIDEO - thanks to wanny1 on GLP - the anti-corporate anti-elite anti-NWO material starts at round about the five minute mark, if you wanna scroll right to it.

2013 UPDATE:  oh, and you'll like this - Russell Brand then invites David Icke onto his Brand X show and apparently it's one of the best interviews Icke's ever done (according to Icke himself). Make your own mind up. Oh, and Liam Gallagher's an Icke nut, too.


Embrace your Idiocracy.

I mean, I don't wanna come across like I understand this stupid society, this, this thing we all tacitly agree to, in someone else's name, like we're all useless fucks with nothing to do other than lie on our backs and piss on our stomachs like real professionals.

Global politics.
Global finance.
Global warfare.

Aliens, god, spirits, hyper-dimensionality, sexuality, morals, human rights, cults (private or corporate) AND philosophy, psychology, physics, pop culture, permafrost, pornsites.

I have absolutely no idea what's valid and what's not.
I have absolutely no idea what's worth knowing and what's worth not knowing.
I have absolutely no idea what the result of being alive like this will do to the world for my children's children and the survival of our (chuckles) species.

Don't pity me.
Don't pity us, the Human Genome Project.
Don't pity people you never say hello to in the street, on the bus, on the train, those pilchards who are not in your filofax, address book, facebook, whatever social account, and by that I mean each and every one of you. None of you. None of us. No one outside the real NEED TO KNOW game really knows what we should be doing to make this stupid fickle bigotted insane so-called adult world a better place.

It's true.

We're all in the same dumb stupid institutionally uneducated boat, still. That's me. And that's (seriously) you. That's what we all have in common. That's THE SUM TOTAL of all we have in common, you and I. And that's the only (real) way we're going to survive through to the next century, as a global populace. By realising that NONE OF US, that's 99.9% of the global population, doesn't have a clue. None of us has the first idea. And that's a good thing.

Together we can re-learn what it means to be alive, if we're brave and admit our total ignorance, embrace our Idiocracy.

Third whistle blower confirms Obama’s participation in CIA jump room program of early 1980’s

I'm in danger of turning Free Planet into the National Inquirer, but here goes.

I'm taking a punt on this latest direct communiqué from Alfred Labremont Webre, where a third whistle blower confirms Obama’s participation in CIA jump room program of early 1980’s, though I have no real idea where this Conspiracy of Accusation is going.

This new whistleblower, states that (wait for it, wait for it) your President, Barack Hussein Obama formerly educated as young Barry Soetoro on foreign scholarships in American Universities, is in fact a CIA Asset trained in the Mars Jump Room Project of the 1980s.

Obama as a time travel pre-identified CIA asset

Whistleblower Bernard Mendez' detailed testimony that Mr. Mendez not only participated in the 1980-83 CIA jump room program with Barack Obama, but engaged Mr. Obama in jump room experiments such as a flare experiment to determine the location the jump room technology was teleporting to, further bolsters emerging evidence that Barack H. Obama was involved at the early age of 19 in a highly classified, top priority U.S. national security project, and went on to be a life-long CIA asset or operative.

It is logical, then, that the Obama administration would use such a high-level asset as Tommy Vietor, official spokesperson of the National Security Council, to deny, on January 3, 2012, that Mr. Obama was a participant in the 1980s CIA jump room program.

The CIA jump room program, and its origin with a species of Grey extraterrestrials with whom the U.S. government has had an ongoing secret human-extraterrestrial liaison program, is of the highest national security to the U.S. government.

Yup, them is some wild accusations, right there; right?

and there's more divulgence of what this Jump Room's all about on the actual blog report @ Alfred's site, quote below.

1980-83 CIA jump room program

During the ExoUniversity.org seminar, Mr. Mendez explained that his mission to evaluate the CIA’s jump room program originated from discrepancies being reported by the jump rooms on the U.S. east and west coasts, respectively. The east coast jump room was located in New York City, the west coast jump room in El Segundo, CA.

According to Mendez, the jump room technology had been transferred from a species of Grey extraterrestrials to the U.S. government. The west coast and east coast jump rooms were reporting up to 40 incidents of participant injuries per month occurring during jump room “teleportation” to unknown environments in space. Yet, several days after each teleportation jump, the reported injuries to participants had disappeared.

Both the east coast and west coast CIA jump rooms experienced losing power at times when their control room in Ohio was reporting normal operation of both jump rooms. The speculation was that the source of the jump room technology – Grey extraterrestrials – may have been covertly interfering with the functioning of the jump room teleportation technology, unbeknownst to control room operators in Ohio.

President Obama has recently gone on record saying, "The USA has not had contact nor done any deals with Extra-terrestrial races," paraphrase.

My 'Doubting Thomas' impression here is that every time any President talks about ALIENS AMONG US, for example 1987 President Ronald Reagan's ALIEN THREAT address to the United Nations and the military-operational phrase STARGATE, I have a nagging suspicion that they're talking about some military NWO Total Global Domination GO GO GO moment.

I don't like being part of a CCPO or Cynical Corporate Psy-Op against You The People, which all this 'exo-political' business might be but I'm intrigued as to what this series of revelatory whistleblowers' testimony is all about or heading towards?

Any 'real' ideas?
Any 'real' answers?
Any 'real' whistleblowing testimony?

Friday, July 06, 2012

Teri Buhl - Keiser Report - JP Morgan's $9 Billion Problem

In this episode of Keiser Report, Max (now Stacie Herbert's fiance) talks to financial investigative journalist Teri Buhl, about JP Morgan's $9 billion problem and the information about fraud that the SEC is allegedly sitting on.

Teri Buhl's talking about $120 BILLION of potential (whistleblower supported) lawsuits against Bear Stearns and JP Morgan, wow!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Wayne Herschel - Ancient Star Maps - Freemasonry Secrets

as you'll all have noticed, a) I'm an atheist (one not supporting a 'personality god' or 'universe creator') and b) I've been POSSESSED by Prometheus, and the ancient starmap/invitation concept behind Ridley Scott's new film about 'our alien origins'.

Now, I know it's REAL EASY to find patterns in random dots in the sky (hell, it's what the human brain does, as a survival mechanism, find patterns) but South African paleo-forensic researcher Wayne Herschel has taken this pattern-finding to a totally cosmic level.

"What's that Masonic key symbol imagery all about, Mike?"

Well, Wayne Herschel claims to have 'decoded' much of the research of Dan Brown's DaVinci Code and Lost Symbol novels etc. and it's not what you think. And he's now going on the record stating that the Scott/Lindelof Prometheus script is accurately describing/plagiarising his findings over the last few decades looking into the ancient (omnipotent) starmap representations.

Dogon starmap being one of the really interesting items.
Stonehenge starmap is also intriguing.
Egyptian starmap being another.

But this goes all over the world, all through time, as explained in Prometheus - and (in Wayne Herschel's universe) they're all pointing to THE ORIGIN OF MANKIND being somewhere off the 'as above so below' position of the Pleiades.

Freemasonry, Herschel suggests, has been protecting its Orion 33 degree Ra truths since ancient Egytian times, and maybe BEFORE. Sure, I'll admit, Herschel could be 'just another one of these snake-oily self-publishing authors who're infesting the internet' and I'm sure this guy was 'inspired himself' by Roland Emmerich's 1994 film Stargate but over the past few years, Freemasons have come from all over the world, quite conspicuously one might add, to attend Wayne’s pyramid star map talks.

There are more movies on Wayne's Youtube page.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero Media interviews Peter Lindberg, Leader of the Dive Team Ocean X

Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero Media interviews Peter Lindberg, Leader of the Dive Team Ocean X and discusses his team's discovery and findings of the Baltic Sea UFO (thanks for mentioning Free Planet, Clyde).

Clyde Lewis interviews Peter Lindberg - click the link - Peter Lindberg himself turns up at the 01:20:00 mark, if you wanna 'cut to the chase'.

It sounds a lot like Lindberg is poo-pooing the whole Nazi UFO idea in that he thinks this very big pillar at 60m diameter by 15m height appears to have been there since BEFORE THE LAST ICE AGE, it's all very interesting nonetheless - and there's still the interference with electromagnetic equipment.

It's potentially looking like an ancient lava column or 'basalt pillar'??? But isn't it interesting that THE SWEDISH NAVY turned up in non-Swedish Baltic waters to see what was going on???

RANDOM THOUGHTS: one problem I have is, "Why the DISC SHAPE of the Baltic Sea Anomaly?" and other UFOs or in this case USOs (unidentified sunken objects)?  I mean, discounting the sperical/plasma ball sightings, if the Military have discovered/invented/back-engineered or 'been given' some amazing anti-gravity engine/technology why are they always reporting this aerodynamic disc shaped UFO design?

Remember the set design for Paul Verhoeven's 1997 film Starship Troopers, Verhoeven was adamant that the space vehicles should be as cubic or boxy as possible ... because?  There's no atmosphere in space, hence no need for an aerodynamic shape.

Right?  But think of the UFO spacetime-bending technology that basically takes these vehicles out of the normal momentum parameters of 'aerodynamic flight' so it doesn't need the squished-lozenge-ness. I'm not thinking Borg Cube as such but cubic or volume-efficient certainly. It's like marketing has already worked this out, that's why we have TETRAPAK, it maximises volume. Wouldn't those who created UFOs also understand this, or are these aliens/extra-dimensionalists more concerned with Artistic Interpretation and the lozenge or saucer shape is the LEAST VOLUME EFFICIENT SHAPE on purpose?

The sheer arrogance of Higher Cognitive Functioning?

Monday, July 02, 2012

Your financial world is CORRUPT TO THE CORE.

some have sneered, "Mike, your contention that PROFIT is the basis for 'most, if not all' crime on this planet is a load of rubbish."

Well, let's look at the evidence of how Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.
  • Parliament: Expenses scandals, Cosy relationships, Special Advisor cock-ups.
  • Banking: Barclays resignations, PPI, RBS sackings over libor.
  • Media: Murdoch's News Corp split up, News of the World closed due to hacking scandal.
  • Police: unwilling to bring any of the above to justice.
  • Religion: just richer than it should be, like God cares how BIG a cathedral/mosque is.
  • Sport: even games are fixed for money, ffs, Tournaments bought.

Corporations are not contained by the LAWS OF THE LAND because the term 'country' and 'person' is usurped by the policies driving global financial domination and the Non Disclosure Agreement slave labour drones sign when they opt to become employees of such. These corporate entities are GLOBAL, not local, not beholding to the land. These 'technical off-shores' where we 'earn our crust' are just SLAVE LABOUR CAMPS bidding for minimum wage by destroying economies before moving in to reap the bottom-line rewards.

All the costs of off-shore corruption are written-off against tax by willing professional defrauders.

I mean, need I go on?

Promoting a FREE PLANET, and yes the entire world will have to be a part of this DO RIGHT BY mentality, is the only way mankind can move forward. Don't give anyone power, share responsibility; protect the Earth from the amoral ravages of the PROFIT game. Learn how to USE YOUR BRAIN again, kick start your evolution as an intelligent, technologically proficient species. I realise this won't be easy, but we have to TRY TO MAKE IT A REALITY.

Local solutions for the global survival of Free Planet.

MEANINGLESS TRIVIA MOMENT: some twenty UK banks are being investigated.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Exclusive Undercover Reporter Infiltrates Security Firm to Expose London Olympics

OUTED FOR HIS OWN PROTECTION: 'Lee Hazledean' -- the whistleblower who exposed how he had infiltrated G4S as an employee and uncovered how security preparations for the Olympics were so poor that they were inviting a terrorist attack, has revealed himself to be Ben Fellows, an acclaimed director who has worked with Stanley Kubrick. Fellows has also appeared in numerous popular television and theatre shows.

The 2012 London olympics start in 4 weeks time. Exclusive interview with investigative journalist Lee Hazledean who is training undercover as a security guard for the London olympics with private security firm G4S. Lee is a filmmaker and investigative TV journalist.  
He has also been involved in major stories on the IRA and how British Army infiltrated the organisation and carried out false flag operations. He has managed to get undercover as part of the security team at the 2012 Olympics with G4S.  
He has found there is a media black out on all major news outlets to do with the Olympics unless the story is broken in a news paper or foreign news agency it's unlikely to see the light of day. Security training and officers are so appaling that the safety and security of the London 2012 Olympics are in jeopardy. [source TONY GOSLING @ BCFM]
Listen right through to the end, after Lee's interview ends, from 39:00 and onwards when Martin Summers wraps up and summarises.


JULY 11TH UPDATE: oh, dear, THE BRITISH ARMY are stepping in to help G4S with their Olympics policing contribution. An extra 3,500 leave-cancelled servicemen, freshly returned from Afghanistan, will be conscripted into Olympic Duty when they were (surely) expecting holiday time, bringing the total troops in London figure to 17,000. It was only at the weekend the the MOD decided to do this. One hopes this 'MOD stepping in' is due to the excellent investigative journalism of the subject of this post, 'Lee Hazledean' aka Ben Fellows.

And there's (still) NO MENTION of this infiltration incident on the mainstream media, NONE.

There's speculation that the whole 'Lee Hazledean' story was a media plant so that G4S could move out of the way and let The British Army police the Olympics, as may have always been the plan. British Army on the streets of England (and surface-to-air missiles sited on top of residential blocks) during the Olympics.

What do you'all think about that?