Friday, September 28, 2012

film review - Michael Fassbender - CENTURION


Never forget that.

The crimes that are committed in the name of Empire, of Conquest, of Glory are never the real crimes, just a nice cover story concocted by co-conspirators. It's why we'll never really know why Dr David Kelly, why Gareth Hughes, why Jean Charles de Menezes, why 7/7, why 9/11. It's not our job to SHARE THAT TRUTH.

It's our job to be part of the Great Global Empire, part of the lie (in fact).

And this little British film from 2010 does exactly that, it shows the lie in all conquest. It shows a Britain raped and pillaged and enslaved by amoral gameplayers who were 'only doing their job' in a lawless outpost of the Roman Empire.

But it does something beautiful; it shows, it actually shows, how History is manipulated by the governors we elect, by the generals they appoint; all of you, you're all complicit in whatever prison planet hellhole we are made to endure.

I was watching the film, thinking, "How come I'm being made to root for the seven Roman Soldiers against the Picts here?" it's a British film, ffs. How come their editorial remit is geared towards the relationship between the seven invaders? How come Pictish is used (subtitled) in the film, so that our parents from way back when look like foreigners.

Fear not, it's only a vision of reality. The narrative and script are well worth your attention. The wonderful events leading up to the end of the film are EXACTLY how it had to end. I kinda love it, in a gore-splattery, northern humoury, actually quite touching kinda way. Don't think this is a romantic movie for softies or a Conan-style exercise in cynical bravado. Well, it sorta is, but it definitely is not its intent.

Guys wanna get home; regret being part of the Invasion Force - but do it anyway. Isn't that always the worth of our salt? To do, rather than to be?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Free Planet - END MY GAME - you can do better!

I had a very interesting talk with Sanri, in the Oxfork Cafe on Magdalene Road, Oxford, today. We talked about Agenda 21. We talked about chemtrails. We talked about the Apoclaypse Vision shown to the majority of so-called alien abductees. We talked about hauntings and spiritual events. We talked about History being rewritten by the Conquerors. We talked and we talked and we talked. And it dawned on me...

I can't tell you what FREE PLANET is.

Woah, why the aggressive/dismissive attitude with us, your loyal readers, Philbs?

It's neither necessarily aggressive nor dismissive. It's just a FACT. I can shoot my mouth off all I want, on this blog or on alternative radio/podcasts. I can say whatever I want in a supposed Free World. I can say that the more of US there are, the less FLORA and FAUNA there'll be, the less Trees there'll, the less Diversity this planet'll suffer, i.e. this planet will die. And it's not like it'll even matter. The planet gets to the point where it can't support us. We all die. Then the earth gets better (once it rids itself of THE CANCER OF EMPIRE) once it's ready to rejuvenate afresh.

But I can no longer tell you these things.

In fact, I never had any right to tell you these things. It was never 'my responsibility'. It should never be ONE PERSON's right to 'set any standards' or 'formalise any agendas'.  That's how despots are created; this is how Adolf Hitler came about - and all the other tyrants. Free Planet was always there for YOU THE PEOPLE, you the seven billion sovereign individuals, to discover. Just wake up, and smell the coffee. See what you've been missing all these decades, all these centuries; as a race of (supposedly intelligent) Human Beings.

So, I'm asking YOU THE PEOPLE to take this idea of a Free Planet and IGNORE EVERYTHING I'VE SUGGESTED about it. Take FREE PLANET and make it work for you, with all your millions of different cultures and beliefs and needs. The time has come for all of you out there in do-nothing-yet world to put your arms round this delicate homeworld and protect it from subjugation by THE GAME.

What game?

Any game. Any hierarchy. Any social order. Any 'system' that allows for normally-moral folk to act INSANELY IMMORALLY and do things they'd never allow to be done to members of their own families, to their own pets! Even Free Planet is a GAME, my invented game with its own set of arbitrary rules; an idea (possibly poisoned) where I believe one thing and throw it in your face like some bucket of turds.

END MY GAME, and free your planet from ROT and RUINATION - seriously, step up to the plate (get educated on what's really the point of being alive). Go on. Forget me. It's dead easy. Do it now. For your children's children's sake, if nothing else.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RSA Films - Lady Gaga - Fame perfume commercial

yeah, this five minutes short film (or advertisement (or commercial)) for Lady Gaga's new perfume FAME was done by Steven Klein of Ridley Scott's company RSA Films.

I hadn't seen it on terrestrial TV, but it's a corker - that means, "I like it a lot."

Thursday, September 20, 2012

sci-fi-cafe press reissue THREE Hertzan Chimera novels in Kindle format

sci-fi-cafe press (who, in 2009, produced the excellent audiobook version of my "A Most Heinous Crime" short story) has secured the right to release my back catalogue of THREE full-length Hertzan Chimera novels in Kindle format. These novels hark back to a 'more innocent' creative period prior to September 11th 2001, a time when the whole world (and my psycho-realist or sex-horror fiction in general) was less polluted by the fallout of Conglomerate Dogma.

The technicians at the Fountains Institute for Molecular Research thought they knew what they were doing when they wrote her program, they had written and rewritten her so many times why should this time be any different?

Well, this time made ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Our heroine, “Jane”, goes AWOL during a routine secret service mission and, through a series of furtive relationships, starts to unravel who, or what, she might be.

A crippled young man undergoes psychotherapy at the Fountains Institute – he tells of a small town where 'medical experiments' are helping to save the universe from civil war.

But is this a case of the dream inventing the dreamer? Or vice versa?

One world is transforming, softly, insidiously, into some sort of mechanoid society, while the other world is under the ruthless dictatorship of the ACGT Nomadix. But there's one person who seems to exist in both worlds and she is key to saving the universe.

If the walls of reality started to crack, would you be brave enough to push through? What would a technologically advanced race like the SZMOHNFU want with a back-waters planet like Earth?

There's a serial killer on the loose – he's killing anyone whose name is an anagram of Judas Iscariot – and what seems like an arbitrary list of deaths soon amounts to a galactic conspiracy against mankind itself.

The dolphins know about it. And so does 'legendary crap elvis' heavy metal star James Doray!

Click any cover to purchase the relevant title.

Star 'child' is an ADULT - AMMACH Lloyd Pye update

sketch of adult STARCHILD based on x-rays of its skull
AMMACH project interviewed 'starchild researcher' Lloyd Pye (author of Human Origins: Intervention Theory) in front of a small audience at StarChild Sponsor Belinda McKenzie's Highgate residence in UK and got the latest updates from his investigation into the amazing skull found in 1930s and dating back to about 1100 AD.

Revelations in this update:

1) though from a very short 'humanoid', THIS IS THE SKULL OF AN ADULT.

2) the thin-boned tough-boned i.e. fibre-reinforced tooth-enamel-like skull of this 'starchild' has a capacity of 1600cc, that's 200cc MORE than a full-grown human adult.

3) it's looking like the 'eye' of this thing is a FIXED EYE and the 'outer lens' we associate with The Grays, the black almond-shaped eye is actually some sort of lens giving 180 degree vision.

Yes, Lloyd Pye is stating that the STARCHILD SKULL is actually 'the skull of a Gray' in this most recent interview with the AMMACH chaps -- the plot (certainly) thickens.

I like Belinda McKenzie's comment, interviewed in the latter part of this video, "The Science, as it was..." and her comments that 'we might need help' from these people-from-space, I suspect they've already BEEN HELPING US by delivering messages such as Free Planet's ethos of Creativity, Passion and Kinship to those who care to listen ancouraging us to PUT TO SLEEP the prison of profit the warring/inter-marrying Landlords have imposed upon mankind.

Genetic Analysis Summary:  from analysis of the mitochondrial DNA, the woman's skull found with the 'starchild' was Meso American type A, the skull of the starchild was Meso American type C. This means, human mother for the female skull AND the starchild skull.

1) the woman found with the starchild WAS NOT IT'S MOTHER.
2) the further DNA test on nuclear DNA revealed the woman skull to be human, meso american type A, whereas the primer system of DNA analysis didn't work with the starchild skull.

IT DIDN'T WORK. Problem is, the FATHER ISN'T HUMAN...  geddit?

And if we're thinking of a Virgin Birth, you know the Mary's womb was used to bear the fertilised hybrid egg of the 'visiting angel', was it conceivable that JESUS WAS PUG-UGLY like the starchild is?  Should all those portraits of a westernised beardy Messiah be amended to something like this? 

does this mean Jesus is a space alien?

Space Jesus would have that sinus-free weird little voice like a cricket. He'd certainly would have something of an 'allure' to his pysical demeanor if he had this sorta look; especially if he had 'telepathic powers' for communication, he could PROJECT anything into the audience's mind. Right? Or just yet more internet tom-foolery? Time will tell, and DNA.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Raja Yoga - astral projection - Michael Paul Peter

did a very strange thing last night that I've not done for a decade or more ... astrally projected to a few dozens of light years away.

It was something the Raja Yoga teacher in Bournemouth (1986-87) taught me, I forget his name but that's not important for this blogpost - he'll know who he is.

It's this place you can ascend to that's filled with GOLDEN SHAPES. It exists just outside what we know as Local Space. It's there, like Heaven, in many ways, but there's no religious connotation, no personality-deity figure to relate to or chat with. It's a totally abstracted shape-space that sits all around you, pushes through you, is part of you.

I got there last night, meditating as I once used to, concentrating only on my breathing, slowly pulling out of my body, out of my county, out of my country, continent, planet, lunar orbit, solar system ... I was high as I've ever been, astronomically, looking down on the stars from a couple light years away. My breathing was very relaxed, almost like mercury. As I breathed out ever so softly, the spiral galaxy shifted away very smoothly below me. As I breathed in, I altered my perspective upwards so that I could see the golden zone that was coming more and more into resolution.

I just concentrated on the shapes, and how they moved, felt, sounded, interacted, shifted from idea to idea. And it's not like a mesage came through, it's not like I was asking a specific thing: I was just THERE. When I opened my eyes, I KNEW. I knew that the first writing name I'd ever used back in 1985 was Michael Paul Peter. A writing name I'd used twenty five years ago. A name under which my first novel was published.

I've just gone in and changed the prospective cover sketch of my forthcoming FREE PLANET novel to reflect this realisation, illustrate this moment of dawning, this pointer in the ether.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dreams - Parallel Annex Universe Prison Planet

as all of you know, I'm not a necessarily religious person. In fact, I'm a staunchly anti-organised religion person because the historical evidence shows that it's 'been ruined by too many good intentions', it throws a vicious net of compliance across the Creativity, Passion and Kinship ethos of the whole FREE PLANET ideal this blog promotes.

But, after a dozen nights of 'no worthwhile content', I finally had The Dream. The one that really tells me what this place is. The one that tells me why we're all here. And it's not pretty (or expected); ready?

This is our Prison Planet.

Alex Jones of Infowars was right, in a way, but wrong about who the Real Masters are. In the Alex Jones them vs us version of 'prison planet', a shadowy cabal of corporate criminals organises who owns what and doles out pittance to the slave majority, Law of the Jungle style. Alex believes that he can liberate all of us by having us go up against the ruthless might of the Military Industrial Complex with our twigs and phlegm. Alex Jones has us winning and fulfilling The American Dream of prosperity for all, and growth of the human ideal.

Not only is he wrong, but no revolution will ever give mankind what he really needs: FREEDOM.

It's like the F-word of the universe, FREEDOM, and I think it's why we're here. Why we'll always be here. But where is 'here' and what are we doing with our alloted time?

"I don't even think we're human," yeah, you heard me. I suspect all living things, with a brain and the ability to dream are THREE LIFEFORMS, and I have expressed this before. Two lifeforms control each hemisphere, each side of our brain. One lifeform sits in the middle, negotiating spacetime between the two. No, not spacetime, realisation. Some times, a whistleblowing crime is committed by our third hand and we get a new one.

This might happen EVERY NIGHT...

...our dreams are certainly not our property, not our re-ordering of the day's data. Our dreams are something we do. It's our skill, for someone else(!) It's probably part of our penance, if I was to use Catholic terminology at you, our punishement. Our ability to dream like this, in infinite detail, is our greatest strength and our most dangerous asset. Our weapon, if you like. It's a trait of all living creatures with a brain and the ability to dream. As those who put us here on this Land Of Insects in our billions know all too well.

This is the reason all life exists on Parallel Annex Universe Prison Planet in a sequestered off section of Big Picture; this is why we CAN'T SEE, why we CAN'T KNOW. Maybe even the basic traits that reflect our nascent Humanity; our social needs, our unique perspectives, our invention. All these things that comprise our so-called Free Spirit are exactly those attributes that got us where we are today, through history; worshipping false gods, protecting our name and wondering where our legacy lies.

Our legacy does not lie in space, communing with alien races and corporately funding our viral spread throughout that gaping blackness. Have Voyager one and two actually broken through the extremity of the Solar Disc yet? Will there be anything beyond our solar system but wraparounds and complexity? And it won't even matter, WE'RE NOT EVEN HERE.

We're not even part of the universe.

We, the captive population of Parallel Annex Universe Prison Planet, are in the safest place for our Creative Kind. Elsewhere - safe from the harm we can do to the universe.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Jewish World War III - will Dr Steve Pieczenik make it to Tuesday?

on Sunday 16th September 2012, Dr Steve Pieczenik (a CIA agent for twenty years who was allegedly the inspiration for Tom Clancy's 'Jack Ryan') talked with Alex Jones about i) president Jimmy Carter kicking out 4,000 operatives from the CIA, ii) Wolfowitz, Abrams and Chertoff all hiding behind Mitt Romney and gearing up for Jewish World War Three and iii) "Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu will be the death of the Jews," stating that he was part of 9/11 etc.

"Well, wow, there you go. We'll talk to you Tuesday," Alex closes this opening salvo of the Dr Steve Pieczenik immolation show.

One wonders if Pieczenik will answer questions raised by Webster Griffin Tarpley (on the same day) about the Neocons/Romney globalist warring faction ... more on Wednesday once the second part of this Pieczenic interview is online...  that is, if Dr Steve Pieczenik is allowed on the show by his Controllers.

SHOCKING TUESDAY NEWS FROM PIECZENIK: "Okay, no Alex Jones today! Just got a call from info wars, canceling my interview. I think Alex was intimidated by the very people and organizations that we were talking about. Stay tuned, more to come." from Dr Steve Pieczenik's Official Blog.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Richard Swander - SOTT - 8 Shocking Truths the 'War on Terror' and the 'Global Financial War' Have in Common

Richard Swander has served as Department Head of international schools in the Middle East and South East Asia, where he taught business, economics and the impact of technology on society. Rich works collaboratively with the editorial team on Sott Focus articles, covers developments in technology, surveillance and the steady creep towards a Big Brother society.

Here, he examines the 8 Shocking Truths the 'War on Terror' and the 'Global Financial War' Have in Common under the sub-headings:


Whilst seemingly unrelated on the surface, with a little digging there is a surprising similarity in impacts between 'The War on Terror' and 'The Global Financial War'. Not just in terms of the overwhelming number of casualties but the corruption of politics, complicity of media-spun lies, power-seeking officials and corporations fighting for total control, shattering social effects, suicides, migrations, diminishing freedoms and civil liberties, destruction of nations and suffering on a mass scale.

NB: For a comprehensive analysis of the global financial crisis of 2008, I thoroughly recommend the film that couldn't be more appropriately entitled for this article: "Inside Job".
[source SOTT]

Sounds to Free Planet like POLITICIANS, POLICE and PRESS have the GAME sewn up; you'll be their torture bitch FOREVER, slave.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Evidence of Early Man - SUPPRESSED - 250,000 years ago in Mexico

Cynthia Irwin-Allen in the 1960's
Through the 1960s, discoveries were made in Central Mexico, which were the handiwork of early man. Exquisitely carved animal bones and advanced spear points caused much excitement, including a Life Magazine article, until the dates came in.

5 mutually exclusive geological tests revealed they were over 250,000 years old. In spite of the geochronology, archaeologists insisted the dates were too ridiculously old. This world-class archaeological region became off-limits for official research, a "professional forbidden zone."

Cynthia Irwin-Allen's discovery seems to be pointing towards a Cyano-Mongol-Siberian invasion of The Americas, from the west, way before any previous evidence of Early Man in America. And when you think about the Eskimo-like faces of both the Aztecs AND the indigenous indians in North America, this is NO SURPRISE.

Actually, does this evidence show that Early Man moved from Asia to America BEFORE our supposed ancestor Mitochodrial Eve was staggering northwards out of Africa? Were there Asian/African Wars 250,000 years ago? Asian/African trading? Reminiscent of the Romeo & Juliette story, did Asians mate with Africans on the edge of Europe to CREATE western man, tall like the Africans but whiter like the Asians? Or was it more about territory-sequestration?

Religious Hatred is being used against You The People

THE ONION - no on murdered because of this image

yesterday, the American Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was killed by an angry mob, which might just be militants - allegedly because some bad film was made with bad taste.

It's desperate that we DON'T FALL FOR THE POLITICAL GAME that's being played with the 'death of this man'.

Don't allow a generated race war (that started with the heinous 9/11 and 7/7 propaganda) to be THE END OF THIS WORLD.

We must understand that ALL HOLY BOOKS (of any flavour, from about 3000-2000 years ago) are nothing more than Oral Tradition (i.e. mostly myths and fireside stories passed down by the equivalent of Chinese Whispers) that were scribbled onto the page.

Believing in (and actually living by this radical stuff) in this day and age is a fucking joke.

"It's not the RELIGION (a means of reinforced belief) that's wrong because it's not THE TRUTH, it's the institutionalised propaganda use of the SOURCE that's the real crime."

This God-kowtowing upbringing is the REAL WEAPON that fuckers in the intelligence service and the churches use against You The People.

Believe what you want, fine: but don't IMPOSE that belief, it's not your right.

Get your heads out of your MIND CONTROL BOOKS and worship LIFE, ffs.

Worship the right of EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL to say, "Fuck you and your King's propaganda!"

Shuffle off that yoke of (corporate) control, stop listening to your imams and your priests, THINK FOR YOURSELVES, ffs.

AFTERNOON UPDATE - the real issue:
after we've had our little drama about why religion is a tool used against you, and while we're watching American Embassies under siege or being raided in countries such as Yemen, Egypt, Syria and Tunisia, how about we add to the debate and get on to the real issue of what's really being abused here i.e. DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY.

Basically, for as long as Embassies have existed in Foreign Countries, they've been used as infiltration bases from which to command operations within the foreign territory; with the surety that as long as Diplomatic Immunity or Safehouse Territory can be relied upon, no loss no gain.


Maybe it's time to say, "Hey, if you're a tourist/businessman in a foreign country, it's time you tried to adhere to the LAWS OF THAT LAND," you know, instead of trying to 'legally' export a small section of your countries legal jurisdiction into every foreign country you're (potentially) plotting to overthrow for territorial, asset or political gain i.e. PROFIT.

Maybe it's time to CLOSE ALL EMBASSIES in foreign countries, and just get on with our own lives; using our own Creativity, Passion and Kinship on our own interests?

And while we're there, in the Think Tank, digging deep into the Military Industrial Complex's dirty laundering, isn't it also time we considered closing down all those American Bases in foreign countries where the American presence is no longer (was it ever?) required or needed?

MAY 2013 UPDATE: I've been looking for a place to mention this amazing video ... it's quite scary how religion i.e. The Crusades, is the new worst enemy. Don't bite this bait, it's what they're after. Remember Arab Spring, don't be drawn into another righteous God-war. Free Planet means freedom from all such 'religious' dogma. No God, just You The People and I.

Why are the UK Muslims in this video speaking like they are only governed by 'sharia' and not the Laws of this Land in which they've chosen to live - do Muslims have DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY? Seems like they 'think' they do.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Illuminati: Origins of Secret (Shadow) Government - Aaron Dykes

Aaron Dykes visits the birthplace of the world's most notorious secret society, the Illuminati, in the heart of Bavaria, Germany.

Professor Adam Weishaupt began his pursuit of world government by deception at the University of Ingolstadt on May 1, 1776, while preserved historical documents make clear that the Illuminati is not a myth but proven fact. Moreover, their 18th Century model for covert conquest continues today in new forms, under different names, in pursuit of a New World Order.

We see this PROMISE/THREAT of compartmentalised covert criminals within the global governance mandate via infiltration/subversion in such events as 9/11, 7/7 and Arab Spring/Summer.

You can ELECT anyone you want into government, but as long as this SHADOW government is pulling the strings, you're a discardable slave.

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION ABOUT 9/11: you gotta drink more fluoridated water, eat more saturated fatty fast foods and just SHUT THE FUCK UP about 9/11 and other 'shadow' government activity - just GO BACK TO SLEEP.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th 2001 - eleventh anniversary - celebrate freedom

no, 9/11 will not go away, and this is the ELEVENTH YEAR THAT NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE to the real perpetrators of the Patriot Act-instigating corporate cyber event, intended navy coup and mainstream media money-shot demolition horror job.

Show: Coast to Coast AM
Host: John B. Wells
Guests: Robert Gleason, Philip Marshall

Philip Marshall (author of THE BIG BAMBOOZLE) asks, "Was Osama Bin Laden GIVING ORDERS to the Saudi Government?" and here's a link to Senator Bob Graham's 'spy thriller' KEYS TO THE KINGDOM where he discusses information that was heavily redacted from the Congressional Report on 9/11.

celebate freedom - because you are free to do what you are told to do, free to buy what you are told to buy, free to like what you are told to like.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Gwenyth Todd - Neocons plotted US war on Iran - Richard Clarke a 9/11 person of interest

Gwenyth Todd: Neocons plotted US war on Iran; Richard Clarke a 9/11 person of interest,

that's the title of The Kevin Barrett Show September 4th 2012 edition.

In this special 90-minute interview, Gwenyth tells the first half of the story about how she stopped the neocon false-flag plans for war on Iran. (Stay tuned for the follow-up Sept. 18th!) She also reveals the real story about how uber-stalker Monica Lewinsky got access to Clinton – she was there!

Surprisingly, she suggests that the prime 9/11 suspects are not necessarily the best-known PNAC neocons (Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsfeld, Libby, etc.) Having worked with Richard Clarke from the time he was busted for spying for Israel and immediately promoted to Clinton’s National Security Council, Gwenyth pointedly does not disagree with Webster Tarpley’s and Gordon Duff’s suggestion that the prime suspect for hands-on designer and operational manager of the 9/11 attacks is none other than “Terror Czar” and out-in-the-open Israeli spy Dick Clarke himself. She says Clarke is one of the “untouchables” and that he…well, you’ll just have to listen to this amazing interview!
[source NO LIES RADIO]

"You know what we're going to do in Iraq and we need like-minded people in the Pentagon to make it happen," Richard Perle talking to Gwenyth Todd in January 2001.

ADDITIONAL AUDIO INTERVIEW: here's the September 18th 2012 follow-up interview with Gwenyth Todd (and Susan Lindauer), advertised in the original September 4th 2012 NO LIES RADIO link (above).

First hour: Gwenyth Todd, a high-level adviser in the Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush 2 administrations, stopped TWO plots to stage false-flag events designed to trigger a US war on Iran for Israel. Her reward for her patriotism: Apparent attempts to kill her, harassment by the FBI and legal system, and even the murder of a close associate. In this interview, Gwenyth picks up where she left off two weeks ago, after fingering Richard “your government failed you” Clarke as an Israeli spy and 9/11 suspect, and telling the amazing story of how she stopped the 2007 neocon-Zionist war on Iran. She’ll finish that story today!

Second hour: Former CIA asset Susan Lindauer may be the most dangerous whistleblower in America. Lindauer has gone on record about the CIA’s detailed foreknowledge of 9/11, which she repeatedly discussed with her CIA handler Richard Fuisz during the spring and summer of 2001. (After 9/11, Fuisz was handed 13 million dollars in hush money, which he used to build a mansion in Virginia.)

MAY 2013 VIDEO UPADATE: on the subject of inciting 'war with iran', Todd says, "These people don't mess around ... they wanted war, and they want war now."

THE PROGRAM - William Binney - NSA whistleblower on Domestic Spying

The filmmaker Laura Poitras profiles William Binney, a 32-year veteran of the National Security Agency who helped design a top-secret program (for use against the Russians, during the Cold War)that he says is broadly collecting Americans' personal data - code-named STELLAR WIND.

"It was simply a different input; instead of Foreign, it was Domestic," states Binney in a matter of fact style that permeates his on-camera testimony to the Telegraph.

This is why something like FACEBOOK is so very important to the N.S.A.  -- LIFE MAPPING.

On the question of his bravery for whistleblowing this Digital Police State, Binney replies, "I'm too old to be afraid."

Friday, September 07, 2012

Battleships film review - Peter Berg director - 9/11 tenth anniversary

this gormlessly macho testosterone fuelled madness lost LOADSAMONEY for its film studio, was ripped to shreds by the reviewers, was uber-patriotic to the point of Corporate War Ludicrosity and I f-uc'kn loved it.

Yeah, shameless, I know. But it's a great little film, based on a dead simple premise. WIN THE GAME or die.

The film's director Peter Berg even had the gall to show how the World Trade Center Building One or Two 'should have' toppled over, top heavily - when the bits of alien spaceship hit Hong Kong and spliced through the top of that skyscraper - you know, toppled over, top heavily, falling down onto the streets of Manhattan, rather than top-down exploding itself to smithereens in ten seconds flat. In fact, when you think of what happened on that day, September 11th 2001, wasn't the one thing the 'enemy' got right was to infiltrate communications relating to the Global Guardian WAR GAME such that redteam/blueteam air traffic controllers were asking the same question, "Is this part of the drill?" And weren't there also THREE PLANES like there were three enemy spaceships? And wasn't the ONI or Office of NAVY INTELLIGENCE the target at the Pentagon? You know, while you're launching GRANIT missiles from off the east coast?

Ah, we all love a good game of global RISK, right? for money? for PROFIT?

But the HUMOUR of the film was the one shining watermark, it KNEW it was a stupid film, it understood the audience of these sorts of products, and it did it with HONOUR and PRIDE in a job well done. It didn't take itself too seriously, in fact it was as hard on itself as the bravado-bantering troops. This was a proper clever film about, '"How we really do need a massive Global Army, Navy and Airforce paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of seven billions slave workers living in slave cities that are crumbling around their slave ears) just in case the aliens aren't totally kumbaya kissy huggy hippy weed smoking aliens."

I was fished in so competently, the entertainment hook embedded so deeply, I almost forgot (almost forgot) the gratuitous irony of Hollywood's cynical Military Industrial collusive mind control Complex.

According to wikipedia, "the film was originally planned to be released in 2011," gosh, would that have made it September 2011, i.e. a TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY event?

Cynical, maybe - horrific all the same.

Boston Dynamics - CHEETAH - robot faster than Usain Bolt

I've featured Boston Dynamics' BIG DOG robot on Free Planet before; looking at it you think, "Capable but ponderous robotic pack mule," fine for carrying equipment to/from soldiers in the field but nothing more.

You could mount a gun turret on it, but it'd be an easy target for any return fire.

CHEETAH, however, the latest superspeed robot from Boston Dynamics is another league of beast entirely, having a current top speed of close to 30 mph:

Can't work out why Boston Dynamics' latest sprinter can only run backwards (watch the treadmill direction) but you know what it made me think of?

TRANSFORMERS: revenge of the fallen's RAVAGE.

Dr Young-hae Chi - the environmental or socio-political aspect of the Alien Abduction phenomenon

very interesting couple of hours spent today with Dr Young-hae Chi.

I'd seen Dr Chi on a recent UndergroundUK video of an A.M.M.A.C.H. (anomalous mind management abuctee contactee helpline) meetup at Bodenham Manor. I'm generally good with faces, and Dr Chi's face looked familiar. In fact, he lives just round the corner from me. I contacted him and arranged to meet up with him.


Dr Chi has been researching so-called alien abduction for a number of years and has at least fifty case studies under his belt. He has developed a refreshingly holistic view of the abduction experience that incorporates both the environmental aspects of a ruined planet and the global socio-political aspects of not being able to do enough to avert the coming storm.

I share David Jacobs’s view that at the heart of alien abduction is the production of alien-human hybrids, and yet I do not accept his conclusion that the hybrid project is aimed at colonising human civilisation. Here I suggest an alternative scenario. Aliens have been producing hybrids as a way to respond to the rapidly deteriorating environmental condition of the earth and the possible extinction of human species. [source AMMACH]

He has concentrated his research, therefore, on this aspect of the phenomenon, based on the vivid (and consistent) testimony from the abductees he's interviewed, that the Earth is soon (could be the next few years or few tens of years until we reach a point of no return in terms of global warming, YHC) about to enter into a VERY DARK PERIOD where what we take for granted might no longer exist, total and utter desolation; abomination.

APOCALYPSE - it's something most of the people he's talked to say they've been SHOWN by their abductors: deeply intense and harrowing visions of a world being razed to the ground, (left covered in some ash-like substance with no breathable fresh air, YHC), devoid of life; extinct.

It's something Whitley Strieber also noted, that whatever this abduction phenomenon might be (aliens in space ships, extra-dimensional parallel worlders, or just our mythical heritage made flesh) the SHOWING THE PEOPLE their doom seems a sinister i.e. cruel, pre-occupation. Question, "If this destruction is inevitable, why show us? Why not just let us alone in our ignorance, wallowing in our denial of the damage we're doing?"  The implication being that You The People can do something about this, en masse, if we decide?

We discussed many other things including 'parallel planetary resonances' and how this could possibly be making the abductee's experience not only physical i.e. bodily paralysis but also mind i.e. brain paralysis. All too soon, three hours had passsed and our time was up... more to come.

MAY 2013 UPDATE: a two-hour follow-up meeting with Dr Young-Hae Chi took place in St Anthony's College cafeteria and then the common room. Instead of going over the same ground, we decided to explore what this 'regression evidence' might mean. Obviously, the aliens are looking to use humanity as a symbiotic partner. Obviously, by the way these humans are being 'observed' during abduction, there might be an element of Chess in the way that any planned symbiosis is to be implemented. But more than that, are other alien races looking to use Cats and Owls and Earthworms as symbiotic partners?

As there are growing tales of Human Abduction & Experimentation, so are there tales of Animal Abduction & Experimentation. I've not looked at the literature to corroborate this thought, but I bet people's pets are somehow involved in these abductions to some degree. There have been massive die-backs of animal species in recent 'global warming' times. Can we assume there is a race of alien per species, working to ? Is there a Whale Alien, a Cheetah Alien, a Jellyfish Alien?

A former military adviser for South Korea, Dr Chi wasn't keen on my (naive) insistence that the Alien Abduction phenomena and UFOs in general was a for-PROFIT Military Operation and everything that happens to Mankind is designed to INCREASE THE TURNOVER OF MASSIVE GLOBAL CORPORATE (or Conglomerate) ORGANISATIONS. That seemed a little too far fetched...

Thursday, September 06, 2012

1908 NBC report on contrail'd skies - Gov wants more 'hub'

CONTRAILED SKIES, that's what I'm calling this blogpost in honour of the Oxford sky situation this morning that was PRIMARILY congested-to-fuck with these persistent contrails some have called CHEMTRAILS. They started round about 6 a.m. and got worse until the WHOLE SKY over Oxford was WHITE. Overcast. Sun-blocking.

This NBC news report on how contrails create cloud cover, which has an effect on the weather, aired on 12/30/1980

Government and FAA already know that these skylong contrails reduce the direct sunlight this planet gets, promoting cloud cover, resulting in you and I producing less vitamin D) in our blood. Why would these agencies be looking to INCREASE the hub potential of this tin island i.e. MORE RUNWAYS FOR MORE SKY POLLUTING JETS if not to make us MORE ILL and further increase market share for the absolutely massive Big Pharma industry?

I suspect this so-called (carbon taxed) GLOBAL WARMING (scam) will end up being SOLELY based on our totally inefficient and unhealthy generation and use of Electricity, it's the only real big thing we've been doing since the turn of the last century.

TECHNOLOGY (such as the monitor you're reading this cancer off) could be the death of humanity, literally.

803 years of global inflation - why you're still a slave.

Chart Of The Day: 803 Years Of Global Inflation

Spot the point in this 803 year timeline of world inflation, when the Fed was created.

The chart above comes courtesy of Jim Reid's fantastic "Journey into the Unknown" which we will dissect in much more detail shortly. For now we wanted to bring our readers attention to what is arguably the most important aspect of modern monetary times: the advent of persistent inflation, and the disappearance of deflation. [source ZERO HEDGE]

Prior to the twentieth century years of deflation were almost as common as years of inflation.

FORGET THAT NOW, they own you, you're their bitch.

DECEMBER 2012 SUPPLEMENTAL: So long as you don't want an education, and you use a bicycle for that day to day commute to work and home again, and are in perfect health (with no med insurance) inflation is under control. It's just whose control is it under.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Feather Men by Sir Ranulph Fiennes - the Killer Elite film.

as a kid I used to love The Professionals, Bodey and Doyle going about their CI5 police business in a less than ethical manner.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the trans-global explorer, wrote an SAS novel called The Feather Men, re-issued as Killer Elite to coincide with the cinematic adaptation.

I loved Sir Ranulph's book, especially the last couple of chapters. The story was superb; gritty, involving, authentic. I enjoyed the film adaptation; they didn't fuck it up by trying to 'modernise' it, they remained properly faithful to the original 1980's material.

"You can't run away from who you are, Danny," his controller tells him.

7/7 Seeds of Deconstruction - a corporate history lesson of economic espionage

you might think TWO AND A HALF HOURS is a long time for an Independent Documentary to rattle on about the 7th July 2005 London Bombings, and you'd be right. 7/7 is an open and shut case (just like the deaths of John Charles de Menezes, Dr David Kelly, Gareth Williams, among others); it was open'd, and now it's been shut. End of...

Cynical film series like the JAMES BOND franchise have romanticised (or totally propagandised) the Intelligence Services' supposed good vs evil mantra, when clearly most Covert Operations are done in the calculated cold blood of Corporate Profit for Wealthy Owners of Corporations that are part of the Global Conglomerate leading towards a more efficient Gulag Planet of Total Financial Slavery.

What "SEEDS OF DECONSTRUCTION by Tom Secker" succeeds in doing is loading the evidence for the defense (i.e. that 7/7 was some sort of profit-based Military Industrial Complex inside job), illustrating how MI6, CIA, NATO, the Nazis, the East India Company, in fact all Empires, have a detailed History of False Flag or Terrorist attacks against You The People to retain not only Power but also increase Market Share, Penetration and Saturation of the Consumer's Tiny Mind.

Forget any ideological excuse, it's all a big money game to these bastards.

If the_military or black_ops or covert_terror is used in this way to appease their BANKSTER LANDLORDS isn't this, without doubt, a breach of their defensive covenent as an elected government?

You need to BREAK A HORSE to have it accept a RIDER ON ITS BACK.

FURTHER THOUGHTS: this complicated 7/7 story has the Hallmarks of THE FOG OF WAR all through the following days' conflicting reports. The suggestion that more trains and more buses were involved, and disarming of other bombs, points (potentially) towards a CLEAN UP of those sites whose bombs DIDN'T GO OFF, right?

It's theoretical that Peter Power (Visor Consultants) COULD HAVE BEEN set up to be running a similar exercise on the morning of the bombing. He was part of the year-ealier BBC Exercise of False Terror. His company was COMMISSIONED after all by Reed Elsevier to do this job at 9 am on 7/7.

Come on, just give us the truth.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

art appreciation - Hiroshi Senju

the gorgeous interior of Hiroshi Senju Museum:
when you think of Japanese art, you don't initially think of GLOWING WATERFALLS ... but that's exactly what Japanese artist Hiroshi Senju thinks of, and paints.

In fact, there's an entire museum (in Karuizawa, pictured right) dedicated to this master moodist's work, called the Hiroshi Senju Museum:

Here are a few of my favourites from his work, mostly the wide-format waterfall paintings.

art appreciation - Audrey Kawasaki

Yeah, I know I'm (still) a bit behind the times with my 'discoveries' but (as always, IMHO) this one's a corker. She goes by the name of Audrey Kawasaki.

Kirsten and Celeste from Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle wrote a bio for her show there.

"The themes in Audrey Kawasaki's wildly popular art are contradictions within themselves. Her work is innocent and erotic. Each subject is attractive, yet disturbing. Audrey's precise yet fluid technical style is influenced by both Manga comics, and Art Nouveau at the same time. Her sharp graphic imagery is combined with the natural grain of the wood panels she paints on, bringing an unexpected warmth to enigmatic subject matter. The figures she paints are seductive and contain an air of melancholy, and exist in their own sensually esoteric realm, yet at the same time present a sense of accessibility that draws the observer to them. These mysterious and elusive young women captivate with the direct stare of their bedroom eyes."




Monday, September 03, 2012

High Priest of the Church of Free Planet?

"High Priest of the Church of Free Planet," is that any less spectacular an invented monicker than Dinosaur Cradler (God, I love this image)?

Imagine that, High Priest of the Church of Free Planet.

And why should one? Well, I've mentioned this before in the post Mike, is free planet your new religion? And while I'm still not sure I can answer the question, it's been plaguing me of late. I walk around the town of Oxford looking at the sheople, dashing from shift to shift in jobs they hate or maniacally touristing the town like their silly lives depended on it and this one question drills through my flesh, to the core of my being.

"What can you teach these people?"

I realise it's a lost cause, seriously, but I'll have to share my thoughts with you again.

For example, what does a priest do with his/her congregation? He passes on THE TRUTH (as he/she sees it) as it is 'ordained', I guess.

But what does it mean, Passing on the truth?

I was thinking the other day about the question, "Why do we teach our kids Sex Education at school?" I mean, what's the point of teaching them THAT? Why not teach them something more along the lines of, "There are too many of you, please stop rutting for a decade or so. Give the planet a breather from the never-ending onslaught of your number."


Are we teaching sex education to our kids so that we can have them finger pervert priests in a court of law for their paedo crimes? Rather than FIX THE PROBLEM by keeping priests away from altar boys and choirs, are we merely equiping these sex-educated children with the vobaulary and terminology to explain what 'the bad man' did to them? Don't think I'm being prejudiced either, here - I'll direct such social comment at Day Care Centre perverts, and Child Minder perverts and Junior School Teacher perverts who've also 'been caught with their hand in the cookie jar' of their innocent charges.

But it's more than that ... in this country, we GIVE council flats to young pregnant mothers. We ENCOURAGE the separation of THE FAMILY. But it's more than that, by encouraging (by ownership) the proliferation of OUR TRIBE, surely we're contributing to THE DEATH OF AN ENEMY TRIBE? Helping these young consumers spawn more and more of their kind, ensures that WAR WILL CONTINUE and we all know how profitable war is.

But remember the BASIC PRINCIPLE of the Free Planet idea, "Do right by free planet and free planet will do right by you." Why (with this in mind) would we educate our society in a DESTRUCTIVE GROWTH MODEL of human existence when, as sure as eggs is eggs, this small planet has limited resources that all those who are alive have to battle each other for? Can't we see that expansionism = invasion? Can't we not understand the phrase, "Moderation in all things?"

You realise the futility of my question, diatribe? You realise that 'in my world' there's no need for a God, right? You realise there's NOTHING BUT US, all of us, from every country in the world, no barriers, no borders, no laws, no prisons, no government, no factories, no slavery. You realise that there's just us and the planet, and no one will judge us but OUR ACTIONS and the way we bring this poisoned planet back from the brink. An we're there, right now, living in a crazy mindset that will permit our corporate planet of GROWTH and GREED to suffocate us and make our children's lives a slave existence to the Empire Game, call it commercialism, call it communism, call it capitalism. We gotta BREAK THE GAME, there is no ethos, only results.

Yes, my views are a little EXTREME or NOT THE EDUCATED NORM.

But that's the only way we're going to get our planet back. By acting as a global populace, we can allow this planet what it was designed to do, "TO feed and clothe us."

PROFIT (or the invented financial bowel from which profit can be termed 'the turd after the feast') is the major negative driving force on this corrupt and criminal planet. PROFIT is not only mankind's enemy but THE ENEMY OF THE PLANET. I mean, that's the reason why I started the FREE PLANET movement, to eradicate earnings and ownership and wars.

You see I like to pull every sprawling idea back to this basic premise, "Will it work?".

When I was working in the games industry (3D character art and animation) I was a pain in the ass, I was always asking management, "Will it work," and some of them would look at me blank-faced. I didn't last long with those people, I don't suffer fools gladly. I work better with people who'll listed and that way things (real creative things) get done. I was always helping other 3D artists with 'functionality', helping them find some sneaky way to do this or that. I even wrote a whole bespoke modelling platform in conjunction with the best coder I've ever met, Andrew Ostler. This helped our machines, back then, to deal with the polygonal overhead of the project we were bringing to market, Medievil.

I learn things in fine detail and am able to share this information with other human beings. I wondered whether I should be teaching. Teaching what though? How to use a ridiculously-expensive and environmentally-toxic slave machine to make too-much-profit for a (literally amoral) corporation? I think not.

So what is the Church of Free Planet? And why does it have to be a church? Why can't it just BE a Free Planet that WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE? Why can't Free Planet have no priests? Or is nanny-state hand-holding our foreseeable future, ladies and gentlemen of the internet?

The question quickly becomes, "What is worth teaching the people of a what is effectively a slave planet so that they'll fight with their lives to foster and promote a Free Planet?" and I don't really think you CAN teach these achievers, these consumers, anything. They're so used to being BOMBARDED by flashy advertisements and alluring billboards peddling unnecessary bullshit at them all day long that the majority of them don't know how to be critical any more. They're PHYSICALLY zombies of the mall or drones of the mainstream media message of GROWTH IS CLEVER, GREED IS WORTHY.

Can you go up to these brain-damaged-herding-animals and suggest that, "We need to protect our innocent delicate little planet from the continued ravages, the raping and pillaging, of corporate global governance?" I don't think they'd get it. I think they'd look at you with a blank expression and go, "Whuh?"

Or is there hope?

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Free Planet - kidnap mankind - banish him from the Earth?

it seems like a harsh thing to consider for discussion, but it needs discussing IF WE ARE TO TRULY UNDERSTAND OUR POPULATIONAL IMPACT ON FREE PLANET.


We ruined this once-gorgeous planet by building our roads and our factories and our cities and our sewage works and we think we did a good thing for mankind, we tamed him then sent him to fight in wars for profit.

But what good did Corporate War Living do for makind?

There are now close to SEVEN BILLION humans infesting this planet, yeah, like a dirty aka opportunistic virus: a greedy, voracious, insane virus with a potentially infinite belly size. Some slavering mega-beast intent on devouring all the goodness the Earth can supply all of life with.

Oh, don't think I 'hate' mankind, or what he has become.

I (merely) pity mankind's tacit compliance to invented dogmas and false realities: this included both Deities and Economies. I feel literally ashamed to be associated with such short-sighted small-minded bigots and jobsworths. I can't hate you all, it's too much effort. But I do wonder if the best possible response to 'what humanity became' (that pathetic PRISON FOOD PROTECTING slob who will kill to save his daily gruel, his pitiful property, his wage, his debt) would be to offer a better solution, so that the planet can heal from the damage we've done as a so-called civilised nee war-mongering race.

one night, like one of those Biblical Purges normal folk get such rod-ons for: just everybody gets abducted in the middle of the night, torn from their beds and placed into a floating living unit along with other genetically comparable fellows and taught the lessons they'll need for life in these Diversities. Taught how to live within an Arranged Marriage kinda lifestyle; having to get on, to survive. The bizarre thing about this 'crime against you' is that you'll be freer than you've ever been - able to go where ever you wish in the world without passport or ID.

with the betterment of the planet in mind, could we feasibly banish mankind to these wonderfully-utile floating living units for the 'foreseeable future'?  They'll have all you need: hydroponically-generated food and water, shelter, local solutions to energy and sewage. You just won't be allowed land of claim any part of this planet as your private property. I want mankind to know what it means to really love a place again. These crazy little fucks whose only fun in life is to shit on something good, poison it, graffiti it, ruin it, own it - they need a little Super Nannying, so that they'll really understand what they're missing.

Education, culture, romance, marriage, love, whatever your Diversity needs can still be sustained; but doing it this way, you'll learn the value of selective birth control and you'll (hopefully) learn to respect the land you're allowed to land on from time to time.

What do you reckon? Too harsh? Do you have any brighter, healthier, lovelier ideas?

Mary Croft - The Infliction of Commerce - The Uniform Commercial Code

"The cause of every single problem upon this planet ... is the INFLICTION OF COMMERCE by the banks onto the people," Mary Croft in 2008.

Since the 1930's all 'countries' have been operating in a bankruptcy - banks control the people of the world using INFLATION - laws are only there to serve the Corporations who invented them via their corporate entities i.e. you and I.

I love Mary's idea of tallying 'murder victims' against entries in the profit/loss account for that country, state or town.

“Law” does not apply to us, until we break the “law” which does not apply to us. Since the only ‘law’ is Criminal Breach of Trust –all other laws on the books are just dog and pony shows– (except for Criminal Breach of Contract - see above), we have to go where we were never intended to go, ought not to go, have no interest in going, don’t want to go, etc. How did this happen?!?! We have been severely deceived and I go completely wild when I hear, “we allowed them to do this” or “this is due to our apathy” or “we are guilty of the present state of affairs”. NONSENSE ! This was deliberate deception by the Crown and the Vatican. [source MARY CROFT'S BLOG]

You (and I) are all wage-slaves or loan-slaves or debt-slaves, to the RISK-game players, and you don't know - or refuse to listen. In fact, you've been duped by the bankers that 'this is what life is or should be'.

Your future 'earning potential' insurance defined under your Birth Certificated Signature as 'unlimited credit' to fund 'commercial corporations' has ALREADY PAID FOR anything you want to 'buy' in a shop or showroom.

"We were NEVER SUPPOSED TO earn our living," Mary Croft explains Creativity, Passion and Kinship or 'personal skill usage' for a Free Planet.

It's already a FREE PLANET, always has been; by design - the whole world is already PRE-PAID by our existence - we are the real financial system of this planet.