Thursday, January 10, 2013

Corbett Report - Rings Within Rings - How Secret Societies Direct World Politics


In the coming series of our EyeOpener reports, James Corbett will examine some of the lesser known groups that constitute part of this system of “rings within rings:” the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, Common Purpose UK.

by James Corbett
January 8, 2013

The idea that global politics is directed by a small group of well-connected elite has long been decried as “conspiracy theory” by the establishment and their media outlets. As listeners to the most recent Corbett Report podcast will know, however, this idea is now openly discussed and acknowledged by those very figures that once sought to deride it (see here and here and here).

In fact, while these types of admissions may be new in our current sociopolitical context, they have been well-known, well understood and widely promulgated by respected statesmen and scholars for centuries.

In a letter to George Snyder on October 24, 1798, first U.S. President George Washington warned that “the doctrines of the Illuminati” had “spread in the United States,” adding that the notion that members of secret societies were trying to separate the American people from their government “is too evident to be questioned.”
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"Children play soldier, grown men die." anon

PROFIT is the root of all evil.
NEED TO KNOW intelligence agencies protect profits.
EVERYONE is a slave to this game.

For example, and you'll undoubtedly find evidence to counter this: "Special Liaison Officers" Group Captain F. W. Winterbotham in his 1974 book THE ULTRA SECRET claims Sir Winston Churchill (the second world war prime minister) SACRIFICED Coventry (potentially endangering the lives of 238,000 people) to Nazi bombing raids so that the Germans wouldn't know that UK had broken the Enigma code.

See, you're all just (treated as) pawns in a game, it's not right.

The only way I (personally) see this world encouraging the profit-makers, the global strategists, the petty asset-grabbing war-mongers to play a more Free Planet-friendly (Custodian) game is by taking their weapons away from them. And by this, I don't mean their pistols, their rifles, their missiles, their battleships and bombers;

I mean their INTEL.



"During the investigation of the 1998 bombings, there is a walk in source who's a Sudanese militant who was with Bin Laden in the early nineties, who is taken in by the American Government as a key prosecuation witness. And given a huge amount of American Tax-payers' money. The picture the Americans want of Al Qaeda is one that will FIT THE EXISTING LAWS so that the 'head of the organisation' i.e. Osama Bin Laden, can be targeted."  James Burke, author "Al Qaeda".

As of 1 January 2008 (2008 -01-01), the film has yet to be aired in the United States, "Something extraordinary has happened to American TV since September 11. A head of the leading networks who had better remain nameless said to me that there was no way they could show it. He said, 'Who are you to say this?' and then he added, 'We would get slaughtered if we put this out.' When I was in New York I took a DVD to the head of documentaries at HBO. I still haven't heard from him." Adam Curtis, writer and producer of The Power of Nightmares, a BBC documentary film series.

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