Thursday, July 23, 2015

Free Planet - KILL YOUR GODS - words from The Union

I had another nice long jog today, and a second back-and-forth session with The Union. I received a message, sure. But it was a dire message for mankind. It went something like this.

Short and straight to the point. That was The Union's stark response to the simple question, "What shall be done to the Human Race to save Free Planet from ultimate rot and ruin?"

I was aghast, and I'm sure The Union understood that I had no power to 'kill them all' as they had prescribed. But what did they mean by 'kill them all', who is the THEM in this context? The People of this planet? The People of the West or the People of the East? And how would one kill 7-8,000,000,000 people in one fell swoop? Nuclear War? Bio War? Asteroid? Or were The Union referring to a longer drawn out War of Attrition?

I have no control over any of this, nor do I want it.

Suddenly, after intellectually pondering the insane repercussions of this statement for the final couple of miles of my jog, I realised what they were asking me, it was so simple. What is the thing that makes man do what he does? What is the driver of so much pain and sorrow on this Corporate Hell Hole? What is the thing we fund with our loyalty to the fantasy and the payment of our hard work. Hierarchy, or those who consider themselves better than you. Those who enslave you with their promises of Nirvana or Heaven or Paradise. I suddenly realised that you must take control from these ephemeral higher beings, you must...

Yes, what ever denomination of 'your god' you've been trained to worship, fat is you have a crippling financial relationship with S3 or the System that Supports Such, and once you stop feeding that habit that hold over your life loses all its power. It's a win/win for You The People of Free Planet.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

War World - the all-consuming self - Consumerism is your living Hell

Francisco Goya understood the concept of the ACS or All Consuming Self, aptly illustrated by his 1820's image SATURN DEVOURING HIS SON. In corporate-war-godma terms we can take this to mean, "That which funds our enterprise will be our Free Lunch," on the Day of Reckoning.

A modern illustration of what Dali called Auto-Cannibalism can be seen in the following video presentation c/o some brave soul on You Tube. I personally  love these AHRs or Alternative Historical Reimaginings or glimpses into the market-driven and mind-manipulated Machiavellia of Modern Man.

We should see more of them on our 'after-work programming screens' were we living in a 'free society' -- Philip K Dick would be so proud of this Retelling of Realities.

this video is one of a thirteen part playlist...

Saturday, July 18, 2015

the role of God in Free Planet?


I've discussed the role of God in Free Planet with both Muslims and Christians on many occassions (that's what I do, I talk with people about the world they live in, sorry) and the sheer cynicism of the Religious+State issue is tax-deductively mind-numbing. Sure, there 'might be a god or great universal creative force' or it 'might just be us, that's You The People and I'. We just don't know, either way, nor can we prove it. Agnostic Planet would be a more appropriate self-declaration than 'atheist planet', so where does this leave us?


Too strong? Absolutely not. Religion and the Tax-funding of the GM or Godma Machine is the key enslaving instrument of modern society: fact. And it's been a long slog through many Inquisitions or Fascisms of State. We think (because we're taught to) that because we believe AON or Any Old Nonsense, it's real. When you compare 'belief in fire-side fantasies' to the ABSOLUTE REALITY OF LIVING AND BREATHING here on a finite resource world like any planet in any star system, nothing BigOR or Organised Religion tells us is provably real. It's a story. It's a mind-control mechanism. It's a way to earn money for State+God.


You are being (daily)  financially ripped off by Your God, at least by the GFO or Golden Financial Organisation calling itself The Church or The Mosque or any other OWV or Organised Worshipping Venue as locations in a MMS or Massive Money Scam. The arbitrary (horse has bolted) laws and amendments to those arbitrary laws that govern who you are as a race/religion and what you do as a human being in the context of this Corporate Prison known as Modern Life are just a way for the State to make money (from you) in God's name.


We need to START AT HOME, and Earth (or Free Planet) is our Real Home with Real Issues and Real Potential to Be. You want your beliefs... sure you do. But, "Believe that Free Planet is greater than all the cynical inventions of Man," first and then work from there.

Monday, July 13, 2015

THE TRILLION-DOLLAR CONSPIRACY - 9/11 Explosive Evidence - Architects and Engineers for 911 truth

don't even let this hot potato cool
don't ever let the cinders of 911 be brushed under any corporate rug
don't forget  how much PROFIT some folk make off the events of the day

"Oh, wait, nobody's listening!"

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Dark passionate explorations of natural forms - the art of Lissa Bockrath

Lissa Bockrath creates large format abstract-expressionistic nature-inspired mood-pieces that just make the jaw drop. Here's what she says about the how and when and why or her art...

I start each painting without a preconceived idea of what the final image or end result will be and instead my process becomes a stream of consciousness. Working with the inherent natural elements in the process of painting is what I relish most. The “spontaneous” reactions of the medium inspire me. When I trust my instincts and work intuitively, the images produced are more believable and powerful than anything I could have worked to consciously produce. [source BOCKRATH]

Check out these recent copyrighted images from Lissa's collection:

Friday, July 10, 2015

It's a Free Planet, not a Corporate Empire

damn right!
Look up into the sky, what do you see?


That's the probably going to be the majority view, "We look up into the sky, beyond the clouds, out into the infinity of open space. We see the workings of the divine. We see a hand of creation. We see spirituality manifest."

How, and why? You're looking too far into the misty-eyed godma-sewer. Your minds have been shattered and your belief system corrupted by those much cleverer and manipulative than you. If it weren't for godma, and other forms of fascist brain washing to make you comply, there'd be no wars, there'd be no famine, there'd be no lies.

Productivity (or the Industry of making shit to sell to Customers) would end, and this is not a bad thing. Think of a revitalised, replenished, rewilded world WITHOUT ALL THAT CRAP to buy and invest in and ruin others for. We'd be free of 'someone else's trend'. Wars would have no meaning. Sharing would be the new ownership. Economy would die. And this is where mankind needs to go. Towards. A. Broken. Lie. The lie that has been fabricated, so that You (The People) comply. And that (kinda) rhymes, so it must be true.

When you look up into the sky, the only thing you should notice (the only truth you should believe in) is a FREE PLANET.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Ken O'Keefe's 7/7 decanniversary issue - Bombings gets shit done - Horse has bolted legislation works

"Psychopath pathological liars in power?" wow, that Ken O'Keefe is just asking for trouble...

"Only our (full and unconditional) CONSENT can bring about a Free Planet," that is the only truth we deny ourselves.

NEXT DAY UPDATE: now, only now ten years after 7/7, are the mainstream media talking about 7/7 bomber-actor Mohammed Sidique Khan having made a trip to Israel. And with an implied editorial link to the Mike's Place i.e. Tel Aviv bombing in 2003. Why now? And in light of the Cameron 911 Israel-statement in the above video, what can it mean... 

E.G. Haroon Ashid Aswat reportage from back through the 7/7 claims and counter-claims...

Very convoluted mass media muddying games afoot. We being played, people. People? Oh, it's okay, no one's fucking listening, or gives a shit. Phew, that was close, Corporate War World nearly had the rug pulled from under it. ;)

Friday, July 03, 2015

ECONOMY - what is it good for - practically nothing.

"War, what is it good for?" we all know the damning answer to this age-old question, but what happens if we swap the word WAR out for the word ECONOMY? Where are we then?

We're in a world where worse casualties have to exist to fund the financial status quo. It's something (I bet) they never tell the gooey-eyed freshers of Economics 1.01 at the unis and colleges of Civilised Society, "Today we will teach you the basics of corporate-killing millions of beautiful innocent lives so that you can help us maintain the AEMG or Amoral Economics Money Game."

Colleges and Universities should be forced to tell you that your high-scores and hard-earned cleverness will mean the death of millions to support your so-called Career i.e. your role as a high class hooker for the CDM or Corporate Death Machine.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Free Planet - the global lending library - return it in as good a state as you borrowed it

this represents knowledge as cherished asset.
this is not about getting a book/DVD back before they start imposing fines, this is about those self-centred fucks who keep a book/DVD out for longer than their alloted time or never bring it back.

I'm talking about the for-profitists, the patent-protectists, the elite and their private armies of rampant global despotism.

Did I go too far?

Rare, I know, but I'll plod on, stoically... how can we help FREE PLANET replenish its seas, rewild its mountains, restock its plains so that there's a fair mix of grey vs yellow, a fair share of red vs blue, a joyous ensemble of black vs white in this altogether mushy drab-world of corporate profit/lossing?

We treat Free Planet as we would the valuable treasures in the most exclusive lending library in the Universe.
We cherish what we borrow from Free Planet, and we return it in as good a state as we borrowed it.
We keep doing this, and we make sure that everyone can experience the best of this world.

I'm talking about all the world's artworks, and all the world's technology, and all the world's bounty: each person should have the right to man's Creativity, Passion and Kinship in their chosen Diversity for a brief period of time. Why only 'a few game-players' should have access to the world's riches is beyond Free Planet's inclusive, leave it better than you found it, remit.

Share Free Planet with every living soul.