Thursday, April 27, 2017

Alien Covenant - massive global message - What Is Real analysis

okay, here's THE REAL SHIT about the Alien: Covenant message, and it's a message on a global scale... and it involved our once-sun Saturn and all the Cassini's final plummet into the Saturnian atmosphere. Expect sparks and brighter-than-usual impact characteristics. Real Saturnalia...

Note: oh, is that Shaw drinking from the Holy Grail? Tee hee.... oh, and spoilers ahoy warning, as ever.

MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING: in case you're thinking of going to the cinema to see Prometheus 2 i.e. Alien Covenant, in a few weeks' time and don't want to witness ANY spoilers, please don't click on any of the The Crossing (Passover?) footage from Fox's recent Alien Day event.

LOYAL READER BONUS MATERIAL: and here's another of What Is Real's Alien Covenant analyses, I'm about to go read a lot more of this guy's work. He's properly in touch with the Esoteric or Occult i.e. hidden, realities of the Great Holy Wood wood-chucker.

Remember, thinkers: FOOD associates directly with KNOWLEDGE as with the Jesus feeding the 'five thousand' with two (Pisces) fishes and five loaves of bread story. Just one more taste of that forbidden black goo...

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Free Planet - Diversity locations - Diversity languages

it's a question of diplomatic importance in a Free Planet - politeness.

Politeness is the basis of Language.

In a Free Planet, there'll be no such thing as global-speak and global-think, it will be a world of however many billions of re-wilded people living in tribelike roaming Diversities.

The only thing that will stop wars between these groups is Politeness, as conveyed via Language.

In a Free Planet everyone should know how to say Hello, Goodbye, Yes, No, Please, Thank you in as many languages as it takes to retain the Peace. There's nothing wrong with 'seeing how the others live' or 'walking in another man's moccasins'. It's important to UNDERSTAND how those other Diversities see the world.

Politeness is the only way forward, for a re-wilded Humanity.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

jogging news - first real push - 2017 seven miles...

wow, that was hard, and what with 150,000+ steps already on my legs from last week's family walking holiday in Minehead... and it's a new record.

FIFTY THREE MINUTES, for my usual seven miles course around west Oxford's rolling hills. Warmed up with half an hour's yoga. Weather was perfect, sun breaking through light cloud. No wind.  No food since yesterday evening. One cup of coffee for upper's sake. Glass of water.


art - Jeff Faust - floating bowls

another day, another artist, and yes I realise it's not the bowls that are floating...

delicious (and iconic) imagery from classy Californian artist, Jeff Faust:

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

art - Troy Brooks - femme fataliste

yeah, that's me indulging in blatant public Franglais, so what e-fascist-istas...

I suspect Canadian figurative artist Troy Brooks knows what I mean when I (try to) invent phrases like femme fataliste... to describe his astonishing and fascinating and haunting oils on canvas.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter - Roman Empire Jesus - Egyptian Old Testament Moses

the following video explores the Flavian Christ AD 72 i.e. just after the crushing of the Jewish Rebellion in Jerusalem.

Key to the story, and missing from the following video, see following link, "Who was it whom Titus Flavius Josephus, 1st century Roman chronicler born Joseph ben Matityahu, had taken down from the crucifixion cross post-AD 72 Jerusalem-rebellion?" could it really have been King Izas Manu of Edessa? Vatican, open the doors of the (borrowed) Library of Alexandria and show your true Egypto-christian heritage.

Forty more years, or forty more days and nights, until the paying world awakens to the warrior game, the corporate fakery, the godmatic lie?

ADDITIONAL MATERIAL: and here's a scholarly examination of the Roman scribe Flavius Josephus...

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ancient Time Lines - the Dark Ages - did we just lose 1,000 years of Human History?

2-wit 2-who

I don't know, it's just that 'they keep talking about the paucity of written documentation during the period of the 5th to the 15th century AD', and it got me thinking...


"Poppy cock," you're probably spitting out your Sunday morning cornflakes.

But think about it, and it's not like it hasn't happened before:
a) recent recalculations i.e. missing periods, in the Ancient Egyptian timeline where whole dynasties have been placed in the wrong order or removed completely because of some blasé historical agenda.

b) recent recalculations i.e. missing periods, in the Jesus timeline where the ages of the relevant events appear 32 years earlier than they should because of some blasé historical agenda.
c) recent recalculations i.e. missing periods, in the period of history we call The Dark Ages because of some blasé historical agenda.

Now, this isn't a new idea. There's something called the Phantom Time Hypothesis which concerns itself almost specifically with the 5th to the 15th century AD.

Remember, "History is Written by the Victors," but let's not be overly naive about this, history is rarely written in real-time. Take the Jesus story itself... the Gospels weren't written at the time of the Man's Crusade. There are no written logs glowing, "Went to a Jesus gig today, man that preacher rocked, I wonder if he'll be remembered as the best prophet in times to come," etc. Contemporary reviews of the actions of the man don't exist in the Historical Records either. Jesus, like the Dark Ages, wasn't chronicled. Didn't actually exist.

Until later, a long time later; when the stories started to appear: when the web of the legend spins. The Garden of Eden. The Ancient Greek Gods of War and Love. The Dinosaurs.

Yes, dinosaurs existed millions of years ago, right? If you can form a(n Electric Universe) mountain range in a few molten seconds... If you can increase a planet's gravity by decoupling it from one stellar host to another... If you can project backwards a timeline that never existed...

Then anything is possible, surely?

How old is this planet, and what role do we really have upon it?

Monday, April 03, 2017

Mike Philbin art - Introversions and Dichotomies 2017 - metallic paint gold and silver series

my gold/silver metallic paints eventually arrived direct from the paint manufacturer and, while the sun was out, I did some more pair paintings on stretched canvas.

The first one's a repaint with a lovely textured underpainting, as you can see...

2 x 100 cm by 30cm

The second one's a new paint on virgin canvas...

2 x 50 cm by 50 cm

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Pen art - Helena Hauss - Paris, France

yes, there are more-photorealist ball point pen artists out there, I've seen a lot of them, but this one really caught my attention.

witness the AMAZING penmanship of biro artist Helena Hauss from Paris, France.

I mean, just stunning work.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ridley Scott - Covenant poster - Aliens vs Engineers

"You want aliens, I'll give you aliens," that's what Ridley Scott said in response to the dearth of Giger material in his so-called prequel to his classic Alien (1979) i.e. Prometheus (2012).

And boy has he given us aliens (vs engineers) in this new poster for Alien:Covenant.

WEEK LATER UPDATE: recently shown secret footage at CinemaCon by Fox of Alien:Covenant suggests that this above image might actually be how one of the crucial scenes of the film might look... and that makes me VERY EXCITABLE.

Empire magazine just dropped an enormous A:C bombshell in the form of several images allegedly taken from the aforementioned CinemaCon footage... and it's chocks away old chap. Or rather, "Urns away!"

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Scarlett Johannsen - Ghost in the Shell - first five minutes clip

MovieLad crop'd
I'm not sure if this is chronologically the 'first five minutes' of the new live-action Scar-Jo vehicle i.e. Ghost in the Shell, but I still want to see this movie for myself ... I want to make up my own mind about a celluloid/digital creation or re-creation/re-imagining of a classic slice of Manga-land ... and not listen to a load of politically-motivated whitewash-naysayers just because-Oblama because-Shillery because-Trumpage...

One day, they'll remake my favourite-of-all manga "Akira" in this physical-enhance-man'd manner... and this'll be one uber-happy northern lad who never grew old. :)

Electric Universe - The Big Gravity Problem - dinosaurs too heavy for today's gravity value

...well, that's torn it.

Electric Universe proponents have finally come out and made it public, "Dinosaur muscles and dinosaur bones, and cartilege and sinew, can not support the immense weight of these ancient giants in today's gravity," this means that (maybe more recently than we care to admit now) dinosaurs lived on a version of Earth that had a much lower gravity value.

EU's evidence suggests that there was recently a time in Earth's history when it existed inside the life-giving plasma sheath of a brown dwarf star (they choose the Solar System-invader Saturn based on its prevalence in mythic written/carved history) and would therefore have had less gravity either due to physical size which then had catastrophic amounts of matter added to it in a proto-Saturnian flare up or due to extra electro-magnetic effect on Earth's atomic-gravity conditions within proto-Saturn's plasma sheath.

Either way, "Let the debate begin," again ... we have to know if Electric Universe is the Great Awakening all the spiritually-minded prophets have been waiting for?

WEEKS LATER UPDATE: oh, okay, so here's the official follow-up to the above youtube... and (if the gravity of the Earth increased recently due to its electric decoupling from the proto-Saturnian red-dwarf intrusion into Sol-space) then maybe the dinosaurs were Gravity Killed recently too.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Gordon Keirle-Smith - Genesis Antarctica - The Secret Origins of Humanity

In 1974-5, artist and copywriter Gordon Keirle-Smith wrote a treatment for a trinity of novels called Genesis Antarctica: The Secret Origins of Humanity and submitted it (unsuccessfully) to a publisher.

In 1962 a cache of ancient urns was discovered in Antarctica dating back tens of thousands of years. They contained writings proving our ancestral myths and lore are actually rooted in the history and culture of a pre-glacial utopian civilization... [source AMAZON]

Forty years later, the Trinity is finally published in all its 777 page glory and it's prevalent to all kinds of Antarctic (pyramid, texts, lifeforms, technology) revelations that are coming to light in recent months via various disclosure routes.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Michael Steinbacher - mountains don't slowly fold - mountains ACCUMULATE very rapidly

"... and the dolomite sits ON TOP OF the underlying limestone and shale."

The only way this can happen is a catastrophic layerings of welded tuff that is molten rock-dust laid downwind forming ridges and steep canyon walls.

This is not your comfortable fluffy millions-of-years of cosy sedimentary rock formation (and oil from dinosaur fossils) this is CAT-ASTRO-PHY from only a few thousand years ago... the sky boiling with black clouds of falling oil... due to some planetary interaction that caused swirling windy Birkeland currents that tore from the interactee (Venus or some massive cometary interaction) to the interacted i.e. our Earth.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Mike Philbin art - Introversions and Dichotomies 2017 - metallic paint gold and silver series

My abstract paintings, for the last 12 months have been exclusively (unvarnished (or ungel'd)) emulsion on canvas.
"Mike, why emulsion," why not gloss them up or add a gel'y covering to make them pop...

I don't want them to 'pop', "Art should remain in the background," art should be understated, mute, know its fucking place.

Until this last week or so, when I just tried it out, I bought these pots of metallic paint, larger than I normally choose, and was able to explore three paintings with the new medium. Silver and gold. I think (by the last image of three) I'm just about getting to sense what the material is capable of.

Glad I glam'd....

2 x 50cm by 50cm, metallic on canvas

50cm by 40cm, metallic on canvas
50cm by 50cm, metallic on canvas

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Thomas Sheridan - Occultic Dublin - Tales From the Black Pool

Thomas Sheridan takes the viewer on a personal journey around his hometown in the Irish capital, and shows us some of the many esoteric sites and psycho-geographic occult landscapes of this old and sometimes mysterious European metropolis.


I just can't get it out of my head, there's nothing to our existence but 'being'... and it seems so obvious.

Everything else, everything except 'being', is just made up and false.

Your gods are false.
Your money is false.
Your freedom is false.

You (and me, even though at least I see it) are expendable slaves to some arbitrary invented non-reality, from which escape is a Gaming Theory design issue.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Piers Corbyn - Timo Niroma - New Ice Age by 2031-35

the above apocalyptigraph was snatched from the following video presentation given by Piers Corbyn (Jeremy's older brother) at an Electric Universe conference in 2014.

And do you know what, I don't even care if you don't read Spanish, "You don't need to..." just understand that Corbyn's presentation below is all about repeating patterns through Recorded Weather History and the above apocalyptigraph is just a simple observation of the 221 year gap between similar Historical Solar-Weather Cycles i.e. recorded sunspot activity. It looks like the years 2031-35 might be THE COLDEST ON RECORD since the turn of the last century. I'm off to start my woolly coat and wolly mittens and woolly underwear manufacturing plant; stitchers and fleacers apply here, accepting orders early, stock market options afloat as we speak...

Okay, I confess, I'm aping brother Corbyn's Martini-dry humour but his own SLAT model has made many accurate Sun-Moon-Weather predictions to date... enjoy the CIA or Coming Ice Age.

POST SCRIPTUM: reinforcing the statements made about about the next 20 years of solar activity, the sun is going to sleep - via Suspicious Observers...

9/11 - Sydney White - Studies in Propaganda i.e. nothing just happens

in her 'seventeenth year' delivering such material to her captive audience, investigative journalist Sydney White talks 9/11 Studies in Propaganda @ Truth Decay.

Quite the historical eye-opener...

GAGE AND A&E 911: and have this, for jollies...

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Ancient Stone Monuments - cuts from the future - supertechnologically sliced and drilled

Prepare yourselves,

a) this is obviously a Russian investigation into ancient high-technology stone-cutting tools that someone has over-dubbed in English at their own leisure, so give it some slack because it contains excellent world-wide examples of stone cut in ways that are not-achievable today.

b) like a magical chrome wand, the hand-held ancient stone tool seems to have been drawn dowon vertically through a wall of SOLID ROSE GRANITE at Karnak Temple like it was warm butter to a thickness of less than a tenth of a millimeter at its tip...

Monday, March 06, 2017

Wal Thornhill - Electric Universe - Global Warming Not Man Made

Finally, notwithstanding the sterling contributions from Thunderbolts Project regulars Bishop Nicholas Sykes and Eugene Bagashov, Wal Thornhill is back (yay) with a new discussion about SPACE WEATHER and how it relates (directly) to what used to be called Global Warming.

And it ain't nuthin' to do with no 'nukular sun' nor human exhalationsss...

Saturday, March 04, 2017

2017 the Search for Answers to more Questions.

this year, one should like to see 'some form of resolution to' a number of issues, listed below:

a re-painted image from early 2016
1) thirty-year anniversary-exhibition of my 2016-onwards abstract paintings.
My first one man show of thirty-two life-size psycho-figurative oil paintings was at St Helens Museum & Art Gallery in 1987. NB: while I didn't like the painting above (it was too early in the slow progressive phase of the 2016-paintings, too radical a development of both colour and form) I still believe this painting holds many of the keys to the forthcoming 2017-paintings in this abstract series. It's loss will be my art-gain. All in good time.

2) Free Planet becomes a worldwide phenomena.
War World (your current corporate horror world) must be allowed to crumble, organically... what happens then is up to You The People of all nations, a global agreement for our children's children.

3) Wilson/Blackett's Kings Arthurs I and II and so-called British History.
While I still have my doubts, I want closure on this very-intriguing concept that Arthur I and Arthur II really did protect the nation from many phases of invasion. Maybe also that they were wiped out by a massive meteorite in 562 AD allowing Anglo-Saxon spread into desolated lands of central England.

4) Thornhill/Talbott's Electric Universe, Electric Sun and proto-Saturn.
Electric sun, why not.
Electric universe, makes sense.
But proto-Saturn as the STARaround which the dinosaurs and (ultimately) modern man evolved... the jury needs more time to consider its verdict.

5) Ancient Stone-cutting (laser or sound) Cutting:
and then there's this, a massive stone open box cut from a lump of (7/10 on the Mohs-scale) rose granite in 2,000 BC that's impressive enough in itself, but then there's the back of the thing and potential evidence of stone-slicing technology that's the equivalent of 'a hot knife through butter'...

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Jay Dyer - Sunday Wire - Covert COINTEL Deception

it's been a while since Free Planet was openly (or knowingly) Political, but this two-hour discussion of cynical global trans-atlantic corporate-gov cointel-pro activities is well worth your time and effort.

In the first hour we’re joined by special guest and 21WIRE contributor, Jay Dyer, author of the new book, Esoteric Hollywood, to discuss the ‘Social Justice Warrior’ propaganda in Hollywood’s new Star Trek blockbuster release, and a deeper look at Tragedy and Hope, as well as the history and present-day manifestations of COINTEL PRO and controlled opposition in both US and European politics and deep state geopolitics. [c/o 21WIRE]

Get learned up, ffs.

Monday, February 27, 2017

dreams - goat-human hybrid - talking child

from about 3 a.m. until about 5-6 a.m., four intense and visually/narratively memorable dreams.

In the fourth (on a walk) I happened upon the goat-human hybrid child munching away on grass at the front of a residential property by the roadside.

The front door of the cottage was open - that imagery again.

I spoke to the woman about her lovely young animal grazing happily. It started to nuzzle me and I realised something about it. It was a hybrid. It had the look of a goat, the four legs and the fur. But it had aspects of a human face, especially the hybrid nostrils. Then it talked to me. As if I were the first stranger it had ever bonded with to reveal such about itself...

It was a strangely emotional meeting/introduction, and I knew it. This was a hybrid child and I told the woman it had to go on television so all the world should know that these things exist. I know I have to keep my eye out for anything strange today that might allow that 'goat-human' to get his story onto TV.

The Previous Three Dreams: well, details withheld, the third dream was a retelling of the first dream to a character who was central to the first dream. I remember telling the same person that I'd just dreamed about them, in the earlier dream. Also, I was offered a metal coin (in the first dream) which I had to sign MIKE with a corrosive pen. In the third dream, I showed the person my corroded fingertips.

Both 1b and 37 Elizabeth Road, Haydock, where I've lived as a child, featured. As did a dead relative and her dog.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Electric Universe - Kongpop U-yen - Space Weather Forecasting

"Stick with it," that's what I'm's well worth it.

KongPop U-yen isn't the most self-confident of presenters but his post-storm earthquake-prediction space weather theory are second to none. Could be the best Electric Universe presentation the Thunderbolts Project have ever uploaded to their youtube channel.

Free Planet Summary: while this is all well and good, "We still don't have a global solution to catastrophism," and by this I mean that we're still building 'solid structures on solid ground' be that roads or tunnels or homes or businesses. And history is proving 'time and again' that this so-called solid ground is actually a highly unstable third-harmonic resonant system based on the sunspot whim of our current parent star, the Sun.

Only when we are QUAKE-proof and FLOOD-proof and PLASMA-proof (and SLAVERY-proof) can we state that we are truly inihabitants of a Free Planet. And this means bringing down all borders so that we have a truly mobile populace able to relocate itself at a moment's notive to 'allow a devastated area to re-plenish organically' should the need arise, following some massive global/local disaster.

Societies don't need 'empire countries'.
Societies don't need 'capitalist infrastructures'.
Societies need people... full stop.

We need to be a Prepared Race of People: a planetary species ready (and able) to help our neighbours all round the world. At any given time. No debate. No discussion. No deals or favours traded.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

David Talbott - Discourses on an Alien Sky - the recording of prehistoric man

best part from the 26-part catastrophy-catharsis Discourses on an Alien Sky by David Talbott.

Is this REALLY how our skies used to look to our ancient ancestors? Wild...

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Christopher Bollyn - the legacy of 9-11 - business as usual @ W.H.

I have a dream...

so, you're (probably) wondering, "Mike, why are you still droning on about 9-11?" and here's why... nothing will ever change, the Machine! of War! will always Profit!

Until we the people stop funding these amoral gameplayers with our TIME on this Free Planet.

Mike Philbin art - Introversions and Dichotomies - new 2017 art/concept

so, after spending most of January 2017 re-painting some 2016 paintings I wasn't too happy with, I finally got down to making some new art for 2017 on a theme of tandem squares.

Five abstract pieces 60 cm by 30 cm, emulsion on canvas.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Brien Foerster - new Nazca organic finds - small alien skull and long three-fingered hand

a three fingered (six bones per finger!) alien hand and a small alien skull, once again Brien Foerster delivers the most discussion-worthy material from his continuing insistence that the Viracocha might have been some alien race not-necessarily-from some other planet or realm or dimension. Is this material from the Children of this elongated-skull Viracocha or another 'alien' species entirely? Or maybe just another type of nocturnal animal?

Very strange and alluring evidence, pity Brien didn't include X-rays of the head as he did with the hand.

OTHER INTERESTING MATERIAL: vitrification of stone in ancient Inca sites... laser carving from the (technologically advanced) people Foerster illustrates above? As the 'vitrification' didn't come from one direction as if and asteroid air-burst had caused them. The stones (and carvings) are vitrified in all directions, or rather the vitrification is engineered rather than accidental.

Vitrified stone went out of fashion when rock-building and brick-building came along. Or did it die out when 'Foerster's aliens' left this world? Wierder and wierder.... and wierder.

ADDITIONAL GEO-POLYMERIC STONE CONSTRUCTION: inspired by a comment (below) by Anna, here's another video tidbit I was going to add but decided against it, originally. The following video is all good grist for the technological lost human civilisation mill, if slightly off the original post's 'alien findings' agenda. Or is it? Did us and them somehow trade? Goods? Gods? Genes?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Dreams - Today - electric door opens...

if you live at 86 Ashurst Drive, Blackbrook, fear not: it's not haunted, only my dreams of it are.

It's a house where my (German-born) gran used to live, a house I visited every weekend as a child. It's the place where (last night) a poltergeist entity pushed me off the couch in what used to be the front living room. A door was pulled open by this unseen entity and I followed it into the hallway and right into the back living room where a TV was off.

The TV was off but a voice was coming out of it, I tried to turn off the buttons but no button stopped the voice inside the TV.

MORNING GLORY UPDATE: so, I'm lying there in my bed, the day after yesterday's door-opening dream. And it's like half an hour before I normally get up. And I've been awake, on an off, since sunrise. That chatter from the dream-TV still hasn't died down. And I have no mechanism to shut it off. I suspect this relates to an issue I discovered in the day, yesterday. Something that's needed to be done for ages, and the consequences are spectacular...

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Free Planet - how does my vision - differ from yours?

I am Mike Philbin, and Free Planet is my original idea.

Am I sure that Free Planet is my original idea? 

Of course, I am, as all ideas are 'original ideas' ... ya know, is anything (really) original? Aren't we all components of the same living machine? Reflections of the shattered hologram? I realise I'm going to have to put together an updated youtube video along Free Planet lines, but for now it's a text thing. Let's see what happens in this (our) world...

How is my idea of Free Planet any different from your idea of Free Planet?
This place you're living in now. It's not a Free Planet. Don't be taken in by the hype. Any world-society that puts Profit and Patent and Corporate Secrecy ahead of the whole of mankind's unique condition is NOT A FREE PLANET.

It is a Prison Planet, worse it is a War World. A place that benefits from the crazy plans of crazy people. All rulers must stop. All borders must come down. All cities must be left to rot. All people should understand that they're only ONE SMALL PART of the biological variety of this world.

It is not a Human Planet, it is a Free Planet - a place for all living things.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Free Planet - Technology - Stealth Living

Leave No Human Footprint upon this Earth...

...should be the mantra of all who (claim to) engage in the Free Planet ethos. Mankind is currently too-foreground a living organism upon this Earth. It's time for Mankind to learn some Humility and realise that this Free Planet is ours (all the living lifeforms of our delicate homeworld) to benefit from, to nurture and to protect.

But protect from what? PROFIT. PATENT. The best way to say this is NO MORE LIES... we gotta start sharing the technological wealth and realise our real place in the Natural Order.

Mankind already has valid technological solutions for Energy, Waste, Water and Well-being. We don't need to 'leave our mess' all over this wonderful world. We're clever enough to just have a limited i.e. virtually 'no presence', impact upon this Earth if only we put our mind to it (abandon PROFIT and PATENT and SECRECY of all types) and try to DO RIGHT BY the Free Planet ethos of, "Leaving a place better than you found it."

Mankind can effectively limit its impact upon this Earth by not trying to roll the concrete carpet of Empire all over Nature. That way, the planet gets BREATHING SPACE i.e. it is given a chance to replenish and rejuvenate after decades of literal slaughter in the name of profit (or political/empire gain). If we want to? If we allow ourselves? If our Earth deserves it. And it does. Look, it's not even difficult. It's all so basic and simple.

We have the 'technology', let's do this thaaang.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Black African Super Race - Out of Africa - The Africans Who Never Fled

okay, we hear all the time of 'the mother of mankind' or Mitochondrial Eve i.e. the woman whose genetic origin formed the foundation of the House of Modern Man.

Now, I'm not a super-huge fan of this, because 'life doesn't start in one place' like that. Life is many tentacled, many limbed, many origin'd.

Another thing, this Out of Africa model has ONE RACE pouring out of Africa 120,000 years ago to populate the whole of the world, via genetic mutation and inter-breeding and cross-breeding. And in several waves, separated by thousands of years, one might add. And this might have happened...

But that's not the point of this post...
What of the RACES OF EARLY AFRICAN MAN who didn't explore the rest of their world, "Is this the unseen ADVANCED race," the one who STAYED IN AFRICA? Developing their science and culture for millennia before they ventured out? Into the world? In their ocean-going boats or flying vimanas?

Africa is mineral rich, the Chinese know this, and look how far we've come in the last 2,000 years -- what wonders might these early scientists have created or have been lost to whatever cataclysm appears to have visited mankind many times in its brief soujourn upon this dangerous world. Did this Black African Super-Race explore/colonise the southern hemisphere of our world (Maya, Australia, India) using the trade winds before venturing north into the icier pagan territory of Europe via the Mediterranean? 


Sunday, February 05, 2017

Dreams - Today - Collapsed Earth

image copyright Dreamstime (ironically)

"Today, the Earth will collapse," like a popped balloon.

Guess we'd better prepare ourselves (globally, or personally) for a radical event some time today. Not tomorrow. Today.

NB: often (when humans are 'abducted by aliens') they are showed such apocalyptic renditions of Earth's fate, but popped like a deflated balloon? What's all that about? I realise this could be 'my world will collapse' but don't know how or why. Dreams are silly, you know.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Democracy makes it impossible to vote for Democracy

The other MOST OBVIOUS issue with 'such a contemporary democracy' is that it's a Tacit Production Factory where you-slave-worker can never really know WHY you're doing the specialised job you do.

Such a gruesome definition of 'democracy' becomes a heinous case of banker-driven 'national security issue' being more important than the supposed-democracy it's espousing i.e. ethically worse than the ancient Religion+State issue.

Democracy+Patent is probably illegal if any of those pussy lawyers would DO THEIR REAL JOB.

Free Planet is better than this.... surely.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Electric Universe - connected universe - forgotten plasma energy


and I'm not even sure you want to hear this...

we were only recently (in the last 10,000 years) more intimately connected i.e. electrically connected, through our proto-Saturnian brown-dwarf star MORE CONNECTED TO THE UNIVERSE than we are today.

When I meditate, I realise that I am only a single leaf on a single branch of a single tree... maybe in the past, because of our more-electrical connectivity to the Electrical Plasma Grid of the Electric Uni verse, we were more aware of this than we are today. Maybe there was more of an opportunity to lift ourselves from our so-called fixed position on this 'tree' and move around from leaf to leaf, from branch to branch. Maybe, out there in the universe are many new trees to discover...

Maybe... in a different time, man was a star traveller.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Lucy Wyatt - the Civilisers of the Indo Europeans - Druid Cities and The Lost Tribe

this presentation Alchemy, Shamen & the Secrets of Pharaohs (filmed at WCCSG Circles of Knowledge Conference, August 2011, Wiltshire, by Hugh Newman & Jonathan Adams of the Megalithomania UK website) given by Lucy Wyatt seems to parallel a number of the LOST ATLANTEAN CIVILISATION theories extolled by alternative researchers like Graham Hancock et al.

"Food is medicine," my favourite quote from the following video...

Regular readers of this blog will remember that these tall-headed Civilisers a.k.a. homo capensis, eventually made their way to the western edge of South America where their elongated skulls are the only remains that have been found of them, other than the legends of them arriving by sea in boats that glided like ghosts.

DISCONNECTED NOTES: it's looking like 'some form of high energy Tunguska-like air burst' was responsible for the ancient story of Soddom & Gomorrah. Additionally, a similar event seems to have been responsible for the end of the last ice age aka The Younger Dryas 12,000 years or so ago. All this lends weight to Alan Hassel's (evidence substantiated) claim that a similar cometal or asteroidal airburst in 562AD was responsible for allowing the repopulation of the UK from the east i.e. the Anglo-Saxon/pre-Vikings incursions into central Britain. Our country was ruined and uninhabitable for seven years after this event, if we're to believe the chroniclers of the Dark Ages.

We are living in a dangerous solar system and as soon as we start to understand that and prepare for it we can survive these events by adopting Free Planet survivalist techniques and Home Building, the more prepared we'll all be.

Mike Philbin art - 2017 re-paintings - An Art Exorcism

90 cm x 60 cm, emulsion on canvas

The thing that surprised me the most was that I had all this grungy, dark, ugly inside of me. The quality of the photos is suitably grim, too. It's like I couldn't convince the camera to focus on them properly.

90 cm x 60 cm, emulsion on canvas

I kinda like how the frenetic fingerings of the first (red) painting reduces as the red is systematically removed through the purple painting to the final blue one, which is 'almost' calm.

90 cm x 60 cm, emulsion on canvas

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Free Planet - re-wilding in progress - re-align your allegiances

2017's new year Free Planet cover has been up for a few days and already people are mailing me asking, "What the hell is RE-WILDING, Mike?"

Like I'm gonna tell you...

You gotta re-discover RE-WILDING for yourselves, people. If you don't, I turn 'free planet' into an intellectual dictatorship. Which I don't want. Which I will not do.

But I'll give you a clue, "Your homeworld is not for Corporate Civilising," there's nothing worth raping for Profit here. Nothing worth enforcing a Patent for. Nothing...

You homeworld is supposed to be RESPLENDENT WITH LIFE, nothing else. You'll come back and you'll say, "There are seven-point-seven or so billions of us, isn't that enough life?"

Not enough Diversity these days... i.e. this is not (designed as) a Human Planet

This is a free planet that we owe all our splendid lives to. It's a place that we're allowed to inhabit, for free. It's not ours, WE ARE ITS. Without true organic real and worthwhile diversity in the Natural Genepool i.e. birds, frogs, lions, cheetahs, hippo, snakes, whales, bugs, then the fragile eco-system will fracture, then break open, then kill us. What we (ironically) call Man-kind is doomed. Soylent Green will be 'the only place we can go' and the vegans ain't gonna like that.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ancient pre-Inca temples - vitrified stonework - moulded rock walls... how how how?

Literally, "How do you sufficiently heat a rock such that it gains a molecularly-altered shiny patina without making the rest of the rock crack under the intense heat needed?"

Is this technique of moulded architectural details or bricks, tight internal angles and external skin vitrification evidence of some amazing lost art of the stone-mason?

Seriously, it's hard to work out whether these 'seemingly carved' globally-found stone items were moulded then vitrified or simply carved out of the native rock/marble with LASERS.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Star Citizen - 2017 content/rethink - commercialise hyperspace now!

yeah, this is how good the game looks, in realtime

Star Citizen, the most ambitious KickStarter project ever, looks amazing; it looks gorgeous, it looks beautiful. Star Engine (aka CryEngine (aka LumberYard)) is a really gorgeous realtime renderer for such a concept. Not much of a netcode engine thus far, that's for sure given various ping-time server-threads, but that's on its way. That'll be fixed... or the game's got no future.

It's obvious that the various 'game modes' like Racer, Marine and Arena etc... while advertised as helpful player-training grounds and 'fun play areas' are just ways for 'code' to test their current iteration of future-P.U. (or Persistent Universe) coding.

So, what is Star Citizen? What is it promising? Does it even realise it's already holding the Genie Bottle?

The 'genie bottle' is HYPERSPACE: and how is that going to help finish the 'game' whatever it eventually boils down to? Whether you claim it's because of the Quantum Drive Engine or some natural rupture in space, RSI already use hyperspace to jump ships from planet to planet, and eventually from system to system. The tech is already there. Except they don't really use it.

Hyperspace* is a(n infinite) storage-rental opportunity for the RSI overlords who run the world you're playing. Private Hangars and Landing Pads and other clunky 80's interface Centralisation Zones (even Cargo Carriers) become OBSOLETE once 'hyperspace' is commercially opened up for the player... you could dial up any stored items from your itinerary, new dashboards for ships, new suits, new skins, new everything you can afford at that time. Plug in, pull out. Imagine a scenario later in your exploration of the (sandbox) game where PERSONAL QUANTUM TRAVEL is an affordable fashion item. RSI would control who was sold access to which level of QSC or Quantum Storage Control, like the game-government, but they could offer Weekly Galactic Lottery 'trips of a lifetime' to any luxurious leisure location of one's choosing, for example.

When RSI realise this (vast, unused gaming) resource, then the REAL ADVENTURE can begin for the million and a half subscribers already funding Star Citizen. While this sounds a radical rewrite of what's already been promised from RSI, I'd be willing to come to L.A. or Texas to share more of my P.U.-unifying thoughts with the RSI team on either a consultancy or employee basis... contact details in the blaaargher profile.

ANOTHER VALID OPINION:  here's a video from way back in October from a Star Citizen youtuber who suspects that the one-player variant (called Squadron 42) will be dropped and RSI'll concentrate their efforts on the P.U. and I hope he's right.

Star Citizen should focus all its clever peeps on the essential, CRACKING THE P.U., making that work.

* it's important to understand how the T.H.E.Y. work, hiding all useful utilisation of known technology from you so that you stay in your slave jobs funding the crime syndicate we call G3 or the Galactic Governmental Gangbang.

Friday, January 20, 2017

so, I looked, and there's nothing there...

is this what it means, "Achieving Nirvana?"

If it is, I not sure if I like it.

I'm not even sure if Nirvana is supposed to be liked, only achieved.

Like some great big cosmic joke upon the awakening self, by the deadened self. Maybe we're deadened creatures (by design) because the truth of the UTTER VOID is too demanding for most of us to grasp or cope with. Not only space is empty, but self is also. Now, I realise that this is a (bit of a) misnomer, this emptiness of space. Space is full... of electricity. That's why the stars shine. And is the emptiness of Man's Multidimensionality similarly filled with this electricity? Is this all our creative ideas are, a series of electric jolts as our self passes causally through a structured universe?

I'm there. 

I can do all the visualisation techniques. I can do all the astral travelling. I can do the denial of everything trick. I'm good at all of it. But then I'm left with the Gaping Void. I can't even place MY-SELF within this vast nothingness. I don't know where ANY of my so-called ideas come from, so what (or who) am I? And while it's nice to know that we're here to do as we like among our fellow man, it's not comforting or otherwise inspiring to realise that 'there's nothing out there' and 'we're the only deity there'll ever be'.

"Is that all there is?" as Peggy Lee asked... and furthermore ~

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Gobekli Tepe - older than we think - covered by Nature?

Is it plausible that (the many times repaired/reinforced with rock walls by the locals) Gobekli Tepe multi-stone-ring Geometric-rock carved site in Turkey, said to be 10,000 years old, was many thousands of years older? Like so many archaic sites in the world, maybe they were discovered i.e. not made, by post-Younger Dryas modern man.

It's only deposits in the fill that date the site to 10,000 years...

And about that fill, is it also plausible that the fill that covers the Gobekli Tepe site was Natural i.e. from the sky?

One of Saturn's moons Titan is a) covered with a nitrogen-rich atmosphere, like Earth and b) covered with large rocks, like Mars. Many ancient rock carvings and tribal icons tend to suggest that Mars was seen as the God of War as the brown-dwarf star proto-Saturn entered the Sun-system and had its planets (including the heavily plasma-bombarded Mars) stripped from it under electrical war with the sun, a great part of that, is the generation of large amounts of matter, both soil and rocks and water.

Hence, and therefore, this post...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Free Planet - Timings of a New Millennium - Moon weeks and lunar cycles return

Understand the historical argument for calendar change, and the potential for such a change to empower and transform humanity, restore our relationship with Nature and each other, and usher in a new level of creative collaboration planet-wide.

that's the logo/splashline of the Lunar Month website Calendar Truth.

And this resonates perfectly with my idea of a godma/dogma-stripped Free Planet where REALITY (big R) trumps RELIGION (big corporate-empire taxation machine of mind control and utter (soulless) slavery and (rampant) dog-eat-dog anti-now cash-porn).

Women all over the world still follow this ancient pagan cycle.

You've forgotten your ancient heritage.
You no longer follow the natural patterns of the Sun-Earth-Moon-Universe cycles of electric reality.

The moon has been recognised by Farming Calendars such as Stonehenge and other stellar watch towers for MILLENNIA. The Moon revolves around Earth 13 times during the time Earth revolves around the Sun once. Therefore, to have a lunar solar calendar, we need 13 months per year, not 12. And now (we are told) we've 'evolved' beyond these archaic or pagan belief systems and are a truly modern species.

What utter nonsense.

Reality always out-trumps any random law-set devised by a legal elite who want ultimate Profit from their scavenged Patents, from their Slave Workers. Pages and pages of this legal bullshit have littered the centuries since the Roman Empire first tried to 'unify the whole of Europe' under one corporate banner. Giving rise to the global banking cartels of today... Remember, these money-monsters of cash-crime even use YOUR TAX CONTRIBUTIONS to employ the covert and overt security services of the various name-countries to actively protect their fiat-dollar investment. You're screwed by both sides of the Calendrical Candle in this Modern Money Machine.

Sunday begins each of the 52 weeks of the year.

Sure, by returning the human psyche to the regular 13-calendar month cycle, we extend THE YEAR out to something that mankind hasn't experienced since pre-historic times. And places like Stonehenge, and others, already show us how to cope with this extended moon-year. This re-reckoning of The Now, gives us fresh insight and hopeful perspective upon our role within THIS LIFE, and what we really want to do with OUR TIME.

But (if 13 months x 28 days = 364 days) what do we do about the extra day?

However we use the extra day per year, a natural Lunar Cycle of 13 month year allows Free Planet to use the ORIGINAL AND BEST calender it's ever had. Mankind will share an accurate relationship with its living breathing waxing-waning tidal heritage. Soon, we will start to see our natural world in a totally different way, to the betterment of the Human Experience and the Re-Wilding of an almost-slaughtered Nature.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mike Philbin art - 2017 abstracts - new re-paintings

the first painting(s) of the new year have been done (3 x 40cm x 60cm) and they were quite the Nature Event.

First: I paint out on the back lawn in t-shirt and joggers, no shoes/socks - plasmatic reconnection to the Earth is a large part of what I do...

Second: it was about zero degrees to begin with, before the wind picked up...
Third: I'd just untaped the first series of three-canvas re-paintings from the card board when it started to spit with rain...

Only tiny dots, for sure, but I was out there anyway, and I thought I'm not rushing to get these back into the dry just for a few spots of rain ... let's see complete the second three-canvas re-paint and see what's happen'd when the two sets have dried later this afternoon, at which point I'll upload them.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: they turned out fine, and you can actually still see the tiny dots of rain on them. :)

SUNDAY UPDATE: here's the third (and final) one of the set.

You can see Mike Philbin's 2016 paintings here.

FOLLOWING SUNDAY UPDATE: I wasn't going to re-paint any more of the 2016 paintings, but then I found three perfect ones for re-painting only this morning. I'll do them Tuesday 24th January, weather permitting, when I'm off work. They're a different size than the above paintings. I'm using a different colour scheme for these three new-er re-paints.

As it's now Tuesday 24th January, here are the final (3 x 50cm x 50cm) re-paints... from today, it's a return to ONLY ORIGINAL i.e. new not re-painted, artworks in this abstract style for the remainder of 2017 and beyond...